Divorces asked

Robert Duffy, 2117 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, v. Michelle Duffy, 50487 Grimms Bridge Road, East Liverpool.

Cynthia Floyd, 248A E. Fifth St., Salem, v. Robert Floyd, 36341 state Route 172, Lisbon.

Kathleen Arthur, 100 Elm Ave., Salem, v. Kregg Coons, 348 Robertson Drive, Old Fort, N.C.

Brenda Heck, 827 Bradshaw Ave., East Liverpool, v. James Heck, East Liverpool.

Divorces granted

Yvonna McCulley v. Raymond McCulley.

Amanda McCarthy v. Phillip McCarthy.

Rachael Willis v. William Willis.

Elicia Dills v. Donald Dills.

Jennifer Reidy v. Darren Reidy.

Dissolutions asked

Mary Ramsey, 1173 Ridge Road, Salem, and Jordan Ramsey, of same.

Christine Tullis, 4 N. Cross St., Columbiana, and Carl Tullis, 38120 state Route 344, Leetonia.

Michael Copeland, 11118 Steubenville Pike Road, Lisbon, and Crystal Copeland, 210 N. Elm St., Columbiana.

Scott Gallo, 37737 Miller Road, Lisbon, and Jennifer Gallo, 518 W. Lincoln Way, Lisbon.

Teresa Groner, 2140 Monroe Ave., Salem, and John Groner, 134 Bittersweet Drive, Columbiana.

Dissolutions granted

Darlene Goist and Ralph Goist.

New complaints

United Dairy v. East Palestine Sparkle Market, money.

Unifund CCR v. Phillip Hoxworth Jr., money.

Ciena Capital Funding LLC v. Timberlanes, money.

Richard Putnam v. Paul Puckett, money.

American General Financial Service Inc. v. Billi Mayfield, money.

Lisa Waller v. Kathryn Larson, personal injury.


Marriage licenses

Robert D. Laury, 33, of 8619 83rd St. CT SW, Lakewood, Wash., and Dawn M. Lewis, 24, of 558 Churchill Road, Girard.

John B. Bates Jr., 26, of 690 Brookfield Ave., Masury, and Kristina M. Sharbutt, 21, of same.

Steven F. Hill, 44, of 824 Bane St. S.W., Warren, and Marsha K. Grimm, 42, of same.

Jerry C. Stetka III, 18, of 732 Laurelwood Drive S.E., Howland, and Samantha M. Kohut, 16, of same.

Justin A. Fadem, 28, of 120 N. Aspen Ct., Howland, and Brandi M. Stull, 27, of same.

John V. McCartney, 31, of 7078 Mahoning Ave., Warren, and Rebekah A. Farrell, 25, of same.

Traian Marginean, 38, of 16B Holly Dr., Girard, and Andreea D. Mecu, 33, of N. Balcesce 6, Romania.

Clifford J. Gregg, 24, of 774 S. State Line, Masury, and Amanda R. Sharbutt, 19, of same.

Jeremy A. Evans, 27, of 131 Delaware Dr., Coraopolis, Pa., and Jennifer A. Kendall, 24, of 1650 Collar Price Road, Hubbard.

Jesse L. Sieczkowski, 19, of 1635 North Park Ave., Warren, and Jessica A. Rathbun, 21, of 345 Washington N.E., Warren.

Josh D. Shelton, 28, of 3714 Dawley Road, Ravenna, and Morgan R. Susko, 23, of 576 Kenmore Ave S.E., Warren.

Edward T. Lightning, 24, of 1979 Draper St. S.E., Warren, and Tanisha Q. Redd, 29, of same.

Joseph A. Keller, 26, of 6007 Lakeview Drive, Hubbard, and Jessica L. Gaborko, 22, of same.

Michael D. Bisker Jr., 27, of 607 Clinton St., Niles, and Stacey A. LaPorte, 37, of same.

Steven D. Priddy, 29, of 8509 Carriage Hill Drive, Warren, and Rebecca J. Crawford, 26, of same.

David D. Dahman Jr., 23, of 6544 Orangeville Kinsman Road, Kinsman, and Megan L. Fox, 16, of 29 Brockway Ave., Greenville, Pa.

Phillip M. Hornikel, 28, of 2216 Garfield Ave., Niles, and Amy L. Witkoski, 23, of same.

Steven L. Hedgepeth, 25, of 3517 Thamesford Road, Fayetteville, N.C., and Allison K. Person, 26, of 2499 Tibbetts-Wick Road, Girard.

Norman T. Henninger III, 36, of 4409 Sunnybrook Drive S.E., Warren, and Cherie L. James, 26, of same.

Rodney F. Clemens Jr., 30, of 155 S. Cleveland Ave., Niles, and Stephanie M. Robison, 35, of same.


JP Morgan Chase Bank NA et al v. Donald L. Faith et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Robert Dikun et al, foreclosure.

Fifth Third Bank v. Theodore P. Falatic et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas as trustee v. Nicholas Macchione et al, foreclosure.

Midfirst Bank v. Beverly A. Friend et al, foreclosure.

Key Bank NA v. Patricia G. Williams et al, foreclosure.

Robert A. Williams v. Richard Kali et al, default.

R J Trucking Inc. et al v. Matthew A. Frontino et al, dismissed.

Jose L. Alappatt, trustee v. Michael C. Zydyk, dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Charles McCray et al, dismissed.

US Bank NA trustee v. Arthur E. Tilton Jr. et al, dismissed.

D’Nelle Seiple v. Ryan Rexford et al, dismissed.

Bank of America NA v. Lance K. Lucas et al, dismissed.

Sky Bank v. Timothy W. Hanna et al, dismissed.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Barbara T. Roth et al, dismissed.

Mortgage Electronic Regis. v. Rosetta Carter et al, dismissed.

Sheila Giles v. NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, dismissed.

North Star Capital Acquisition LLC v. Thomas J. Pattinson, dismissed.

Karen L. Clark v. Eugene E. Clark, dismissed.

Pamela M. Bacon v. Fahne M. Alexander, dismissed.

LHR Inc. v. Susan K. Slater et al, dismissed.

Atlantic Credit Finance Inc. v. Joseph R. Gould, dismissed.

Board of County Appropriation Commissioners v. Roy J. Caughey, dismissed.

Household Realty Corp. v. Thomas A. Stefan et al, dismissed.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Timothy P. Gatzy et al, dismissed.

Amer N. Jewell v. Sheldon A. Gathers, dismissed.

Kellie L. Stone v. Joseph Sinovec, dismissed.

Steven Henderson v. State, dismissed.

Sandra J. v. Michael S., dismissed.

Dissolutions granted

Gary E. Feller and Diane L. Feller.

Kristin Tedesco and Shawn Tedesco.

Molly G. Vish and Christopher J. Vish.

Tracy Schuyler and Steven Schuyler.

Frances L. Rock and David B. Rock.

Robert J. Greco and Ashley N. Greco.

Rebecca L. Baun and James P. Baun.

Richard L. Mackall Sr. and Adrienne R. Mackall.

Jason T. West and Jennifer M. West.

Divorces granted

Amber Brincko v. John Brincko.

James W. Miller v. Eleanor L. Bell-Miller.

Mark Williams v. Ronna M. Williams.

Stacey Fisher v. Michael S. Fisher.

Sandra Busico v. David M. Busico.

Scott J. Lucanski v. Nicole Lucanski.

Domestic cases dismissed

Sharmis Adams-Mollaie v. Faisal Mollaie.

Areto P. Damstoft v. Leif P. Damstoft.

Amy M. Grant v. Robert V. Grant.

New complaints

Huntington National Bank v. Hurricane Associates LLC et al, cognovit.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. John K. Brincko et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Jason Fowler et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Anthony Cargill Sr. et al, foreclosure.

Citimortgage Inc. v. Vicki L. Choban et al, foreclosure.

First Place Bank v. Clayton Duffey et al, foreclosure.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. David D. Dickey et al, foreclosure.

Crescent Bank and Trust assignee of Diane Sauer v. Tammy M. McCullough et al, foreclosure.

Citimortgage Inc. et al v. Jessie L. Bloom et al, foreclosure.

National City Bank v. Richard A. Ellis et al, foreclosure.

James Funeral Home Inc. v. Clyde E. Workman et al, foreclosure.

United States of America v. Charlotte Lesher et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA v. James Butts Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Asset Management West 5 LLC v. Daniel W. Seachrist et al, foreclosure.

William J. Henkel et al v. Christine Rinehart et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Darrell A. Neal et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Michelle L. Stevens et al, foreclosure.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Daron R. Barnard et al, foreclosure.

First Place Bank v. Michael Kassander et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. William C. Armistead et al, foreclosure.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Jeffrey T. Piper et al, foreclosure.

HSBC Bank USA v. Keith Cheatham et al, foreclosure.

Morgan Stanley Credit Corp. v. M. Louise May et al, foreclosure.

Green Tree Servicing LLC v. Randal Burke et al, foreclosure.

Leslie M. Ambrose v. Cynthia M. Ambrose, foreclosure.

Retail Recovery Service of NJ Inc. v. Richard B. Senne, other civil.

Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc. v. Tressa Haught, other civil.

John Soliday Financial Group LLC v. Cassondra L. Wilson, other civil.

Amanda K. Latell v. Ford Motor Company, other civil.

AIM Leasing v. Precast Trucking Inc. et al, other civil.

Robert F. Dietl et al v. Catherine A. Sipka, other civil.

Humility of Mary Health Partners Inc. v. Gulnara Tarpe Do, other civil.

Liberty Credit Services Inc. v. Richard Sigmund II, other civil.

State exrel City of Warren v. Lashawn Ziegler et al, other civil.

PSK Steel Corp. v. Element Aluminum LLC, other civil.

Gregory P. Doran v. D&J Crane Services Inc. et al, other civil.

Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc. v. Trudy M. Williams, other civil.

Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc. v. Dominic P. Camerlengo, other civil.

Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc. v. Beverly L. Wright, other civil.

Michael J. Barney v. Jerry D. Ladd Jr., other civil.

Duvera Financial v. Ronald R. Swiger, other civil.

Allstate Insurance et al v. Christina D. McMahon, other civil.

Colonial Manor Operating Company Inc. v. Little Forest Medical Center, other civil.

Thomas J. Bower v. Kimberly Romine et al, other civil.

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