Nonteaching workers get raise


SALEM — The Salem Board of Education approved a wage increase for its nonteaching workers this week.

The Ohio Association of Public School Employees Local 215 was given another year on its contract that will end June 30, 2010.

Workers will get a 2 percent increase next month, in January 2009 and in July 2009.

Treasurer Jill Rowe said that duty aides, the lowest on the pay scale, will go from $7.14 an hour now to $7.28 per hour in the first step, to $7.42 with the second rate and $7.58 an hour in the third. The district has 12 classifications of nonteaching workers.

Employees pay a portion of their health benefits each month, ranging from $54 for a single person, $103 for two people and $149.50 for three people.

The pay and benefits of the package will cost the district a total of $175,000. Rowe said $102,000 is in the form of pay and the rest is for medical costs.

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