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Dew sentenced to 43-year term

Published: Tue, April 1, 2008 @ 12:04 a.m.

By Peter H. Milliken

Multiple crimes deserve multiple sentences, the judge said.

YOUNGSTOWN — Saying he doesn’t give “sentencing discounts” for multiple crimes, Judge R. Scott Krichbaum of Mahoning County Common Pleas Court imposed a 43-year prison term on Dr. Gregory S. Dew, the former Boardman chiropractor who was convicted last week of multiple sex crimes.

“Concurrent sentences don’t address each and every one of these wrongs, and each and every one of these wrongs has to be addressed,” the judge told Dr. Dew before sentencing him Monday.

The judge imposed maximum consecutive prison terms of 10 years each on four rape counts, plus consecutive 18-month prison terms on each of two gross sexual imposition counts. A jury convicted Dr. Dew, 46, of Kelly Park Road, Columbiana, of the charges Friday.

Dr. Dew received the lengthy prison term after he rejected an offer the prosecutor’s office made before the trial to recommend an eight-year prison term in exchange for his guilty plea.

Dr. Dew was convicted of sex crimes committed between 1990 and 1992 against two of his female gymnastics students, who were then between ages 15 and 17, before he became a chiropractor.

He also was convicted of sex crimes against two adult female patients in his chiropractic practice between 2005 and 2007.

Calling him a sexual predator, one of his former gymnastics students urged the judge to deny him access to any more victims. She said she has tried to recover from the abuse she received from Dr. Dew but has had a difficult time trusting men. “His sons will be better off without him as a prominent male in their life,” she added.

One of his former chiropractic patients said she trusted him to treat her back problems, but became “physically sick and emotionally distraught’’ after he abused her. Her ailments included anxiety, sleep disruption and ulcers, she said.

“Not only was this a crime against me, but also my family,” she said, adding that her children were awakened on several nights by her screams from her nightmares after she was abused.

Dr. Dew’s lawyer, Elizabeth Kelley, delivered to the judge an inch-thick stack of letters from her client’s family and friends asking for mercy. As Dr. Dew’s family and friends filled all but one courtroom spectator bench, Judge Krichbaum remarked that he didn’t recall ever before seeing so much support for a defendant in his courtroom.

Even the bishop of Dr. Dew’s church made a plea on his behalf, saying Dr. Dew’s four sons are at ages when they need their father the most.

“Dr. Dew has shown many his talents and his loving care,” said Bishop Steve Wright of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lisbon. He told of Dr. Dew’s leaping over a fence to administer lifesaving CPR to a 5-year-old boy whose mother had plucked him from the bottom of a swimming pool, where the boy nearly drowned at a church picnic last summer.

“It has never been my intention to hurt anybody,” Dr. Dew said, pleading for mercy. “I’ve done more good in my life than I’ve ever done bad.”

“I certainly do believe that you have touched many, many lives very positively, but you’ve also done some God-awful things,” the judge said, adding that Dr. Dew abused his position of trust and showed no remorse.

The doctor’s supporters said they will launch a Web site by the end of the week with updates on the appeal that will be filed on his behalf. The site will be freedrdew.com.



1RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Judge R. Scott Krichbaum was part of an act of public corruption in convicting an innocent man of alleged crimes that he did not commit.

During the sentencing procedures Judge Krichbaum compared Dr. Dew to a Nazi Death Camp Physician. His comments were not only inappropriate for a person of Judge Krichbaum's ethnic background, but completely ridiculous and preposterous. To try and associate Dr. Dew with Nazism and anti-semitism is more than "over the top" and is another demonstration of the prejudice of the trial court, prosecution, and law enforcement against Dr. Dew.

If you would like to know the truth... as recorded in the evidence of the prosecution, law enforcement and official dockets of the court go to http://www.FreeDrDew.com for the entire truth. The site is now under construction and should be nearly compete by Friday, April 4, 2008.

The site will make public evidence that was not presented during the trial to the jury because of the "politics" involved in the trial. The evidence will include recorded conversations between complainants and law enforcement officers, official court documents, signed affidavits by law enforcement officers, etc... Read and listen to ALL of the evidence and you will see that the outcome of the trial was manipulated and shaped by the trial court, the prosecution, and law enforcement.

You will see how public officials have abused the power of government, committed perjury, coerced witnesses, stacked the jury, and violated the Constitutional rights of Dr. Dew in order to get a conviction "at any cost". You will see and hear how the complainants, law enforcement, and the prosecution continuously changed their statements, introduced contradicting documents, withheld evidence from the defense to gain strategic advantage, modified the indictments on numerous occasions, including a major modification of the indictments on the morning of the first day of trial.

It is sad that Mahoning county has learned to accept corruption in government as a way of life.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." Prov. 29:2.

Ask yourselves why the Mahoning Valley is so corrupt the next time you go to the voting booth to re-elect the criminals now in office. We live in a republic. We can make a change for the better. We choose those who represent us with our vote. If you continue to support the criminals in office then you deserve the fruits of your own vote.

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2kenneth77d(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

All I know is that Dr.Dew is one of the few men that I would trust my life to.All of my life I have had back pain and he was the only one who could relieve that pain.In the three short years i have known him I have seen him heal a 3 yaer old boy,heard of him saving a 5 year old boy from drowning and going above and beyond his fear of his own life to help a friend.The Dr. Dew that I have heard spoken of is not the same one reported on the news or being acused in the courtroom.This man even took the insurance payment as payment in full when he knew patients could not afford the out of pocket expense.Something is diffinetly wrong here,the scale is on a tilt may the truth come out someday to find the innocent man I believe Dr.Dew is.

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3OhioPerson(76 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Kenneth are you actually saying that because Dr Dew did good things that it's ok that he was abusing women on the side?

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4no_justice_in_this_case(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Another case of reverse discrimination. Throw the book at the educated white man. If he had been an African American with a bag full of drugs for distribution he could have gotten 6 months non-reporting probation, or if he had tried to kill someone he could have received 6 years for attempted murder. These are just a couple cases that were in the paper today. Let's not forget the guy who the judge lowered the bail from $3,000,00 to $15,000 so he could get out and kill someone else in less than a year. Our legal system is a joke and these judges should be investigated.
I find it very strange that these alleged victims who were patients felt they were being abused and continued to keep going back, in some cases for years. They are either very stupid people, or there was no abuse and they are looking to make some money off all of this. One of them couldn't wait for the trial to be over before filing a civil suit. Give me a break.

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5kenneth77d(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I'm not saying he is guilty because I don't see enough evidence to prove otherwise.It's a clear case of he said she said.You can't have a case based on this kind of evidence. So what I'm saying is the evidence points to an innocent man to me!!!!

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6Edgar_Swift(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Vindy, how about some details on this case. I have been following the story from outside the local area and I can't find any details. Do some reporting. This guy doesn't seem like your typical rapist. What's the story? Was this guy really guilty or is this a Duke Lacrosse case Mahoning Valley style? Was 43 years justified? I want some details.

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7henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

this guy was not your typical rapist. he was basically a coward, who, when the opportunity to molest a vulnerable woman presented itself, he would use cunning and stealth to gratify himself. sometimes,(as in the case of the young girls), he would spend a tremendous amount of time "grooming" his victim, so as to not arouse suspicion from anyone.

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8no_justice_in_this_case(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Sounds like you don't know him at all. I've known him for over 20 years and he was in my wedding and he has always been a good, decent, respectable human being. I wonder if others would say the same for you if asked?

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9protectourchildren(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

As a parent and a mother of girls I am sooooo glad that these type of men are getting their just due. Men like this abuse many of our children(one out of four children in this country are sexually abused by the age of 16)!!! We NEED to punish these type of men severely. Sexual abuse happens more than you may like to think. It is very common and it is terrible. Pedophiles and sexual predators like Gregory Dew try to keep a good reputation. They try to make everyone like them and they become very involved in the community. Very often they are coaches, teachers, ect. This is how they become close to our children. People do not want to believe that sexual predators are close to home. OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Men like Gregory Dew are all around and you need to be careful! Hopefully by punishing Mr. Dew future sex abuse crimes will be prevented and detered. I am happy that those girls were able to come out and report their abuse. They are bringing the needed attention to this topic. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and report it. Although this chripractor got caught, this kind of stuff happens all the time. It is repulsive, disgusting, and morally unjust. Mr. Dew should have a life term in prison, 43 years is nowhere near enough time. The damage he caused those girls and women is unbelieveable! They are physically, emotionally, mentally, ect damaged for life. The amount of counseling and years of pain will take an ultimate toll on their life. The sexual abuse will interfere with everything in their future. It will get in the way of future relationships and will change their lives forever. Again I am so happy that the justice system was able to send this pedophile to prison!

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10mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I have known Greg for 28 years and he is a good and decent person. He is also a sex offender. He has a side to him that is absolutely wonderful, but he has had issues most of his life. The situation is so tragic because it could have been prevented if Greg had been allowed to just be a normal young man. He had far too much pressure put on him to be perfect and live up to everyone's expectations of him. If he weren't made to feel guilty about everything he did in his life, he wouldn't have developed into someone who had to resort to deviant behaviors. I know Greg, I support Greg, and I know he is a sexual predator. I don't judge him for that, just as he has never judged me for anything in my life. I do feel sorry for him because the tremendous pressure that was put on him to be perfect and attain godhood has completely destroyed such a talented life.

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11Hockey93(6 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

You people who judge Greg have no clue or any idea what he has gone through these past couple of years. Maybe you should look at the evidence that wasn't presented in the case before you judge someone. Fact- Greg has had over 30 thousand patients in his career, only 2 came forward with no shred of proof accept he said she said. Fact- The way it sounds to me, the women know the 2 girls who accused Greg also. Hmm, a little fishy dont you think? I've only known Greg for 6 years, I would trust my wifes life, childrens life (3 daughters) and my own life also in his hands. For mdjd, you have no fricken clue and you are a lier. I know him better than you and you are no better than the accuseres making up lies about him to get a rise from others. (Call it like I see it). Get a life people, you are no better than our crooked justice system out here in Mahoning County. To Protectourchildren, for the actual guilty people in this world who are sex offenders, I agree with you, but you obviously have no clue in this matter. This is a He said she said case. What evidence was there, a tape saying he did some things, well he did not say sex now did he? So does this now mean that us who are coaches, athletes, doctors, lawyers, we are not allowed to care about our friends, patients etc, hug them, shake there hands etc... Maybe you should take a look at your own life and wonder if you have issues about your own life in the past instead of searching for people to blacm in the present!! I truely believe that Greg is innocent!! I also believe that when he and his family appeal, and win, you should all take a look at yourselves and wonder why you are to judge so quickly, and look in your own neighborhoods, the police, Prosicutors, judges, and the judicial system and really think, is this really a safe place to live in...Hmm, now I wonder why so many people are leaving this great County they call mahoning.

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12mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


I understand that you have only seen the good side of Greg, and I understand how angry you must be because you believe in his innocence. However, there is so much about Greg and this case that you don't know. The judge did not allow any of that evidence because he was giving Greg a fair trial (despite comments that suggest otherwise). Nevertheless, there is much more evidence about Greg's crimes that most don't know. Roy Dew says that his website will have ALL the evidence, so I hope he will also print the additional evidence against his brother.

Don't forget that GREG KNOWS HE'S A SEX OFFENDER! He knows I know it, he knows the other girls know it, and HE KNOWS IT. He will not admit to anyone yet because he has not accepted that it's okay to fail, and that those who truly love you love you despite your mistakes. If he had known that growing up, this tragedy might have been prevented.

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13Hockey93(6 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


Are you serious? Can you actually be believing what you are really saying? I was recomended to Dr. Dew by a mutual friend who also knew him most of his life. After reading your comments I called him to see what her opinion was on your comments. She has known his family for years growing up. Nothing and I mean nothing comes even close to what you are even talking about when it comes to him Greg and his family! Lets get one thing clear, you are probably thinking I am a member of thechurch he belongs to right? Nope. ANd she isn't either. I would love to have a family like Gregs who cares so much that they will fight for the right cause. Second Mdjd, I would not be suprised that you are related or even friends with the Accusers in some way by all the untrue things you are saying. Now did Greg admit on things he shouldn't have done on tape, Yes. Have you done things that you have admitted that were wrong in your life? We all have!! You obviously don't have a clue. Maybe you should ask those 130 friends and family that were in that court room that day. Ask the other patients that he has been affiliated with. YOu obviously are being dishonest with your comments about Greg, because you know, we know the real truth about this man no matter if you want to admit it or not. Do us all a favor, go and ask the Accusers, look them in the eye, if you believe so much in this verdict, and I gurantee you you will then know what kind of evil they represent, and how a kind, gentle, and honestly the best Dr. I have ever been affiliated with has been wrongly prosecuted and I will say again, i hope when the appeal go through and Greg and his family wins this case, I hope this good man gets a little more angry and has no mercy on these people like they had no mercy on him!!!

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14mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


I have never met the victims in Greg's indictments. My comments are based on my personal experiences with him.

Greg has a wonderful family and supportive friends who are fighting for someone they love. We should all be so lucky to have such people in our lives.

However, the truth is the truth. Greg is a great doctor who does have an incredibly kind and gentle side to his personality. He also is a predator.

I supported Greg for a long time, despite my personal experiences with him. I believed that his past was his past and that he had changed. Quite frankly--and I'm ashamed of this now--I was not concerned with the grown women he had victimized because I felt that we can take care of ourselves.

Then I found out about the teenage patient he assaulted. I realized that teenagers were still an issue for him, and that can't be justified.

I have said repeatedly that I did not believe Greg should have a lengthy prison sentence. A prison sentence is necessary for his victims to attain some sort of closure, but I believed a shorter sentence with intense therapy was best. Unfortunately, Greg still feels that he cannot publicly admit the truth about himself, so therapy will not help him.

I don't expect to change your mind about Greg. You only know the good side of him, so you can't begin to comprehend the other facets of his personality. You are a good friend, and your loyalty is to be commended.

I do not have any ill-will towards Greg. I do not think that he is an awful person who should rot in prison. I am not judging him and will not ever judge him; rather, I am stating facts based upon my personal experiences with him.

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15Marie(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

This case is a very interesting case. I think that there are two extremes here. There are the women who are at one end that are saying he committed all these terrible crimes and how terrible it was, and then you have the Dew's who are saying he is completely innocent. I believe that somewhere in the middle is the truth. There are a few things that really bothers me the about this case. When I was 14 I was molested by a friend of the family. Someone mentioned "grooming" that man totally groomed me. I loved him and trusted him. He also was in a man in position. He was my brothers scout leader. I didn't tell anyone at the time because I thought no one would believe me. When I went to college I went on a date with a friend and I was date raped. That young man forced himself on me and "in" me, he physically hurt me while holding me down. My sister-in-law from the age of 12-18 was abused by her step father. That man did as Greg's judge said "God awful things" he would go into her room 3-4 times a week at night and he would abuse her in her bed, and make her perform terrible things to him. This went on for 6 years. To make matters worse her mother knew about it. Since then my sister-in-law and I both went to the authorities. Most importantly we both went to many sessions of counceling and therapy. We both have forgiven our offenders, however you do not ever forget something like that. If you know anything about this case, none of these women were ever held down and had "penile" penetration. I am not saying they did not feel violated. I know what it feels like to not be able to wash the filth off your body! However, what my sister-in-law and I went through went through just doesn't seem to be on the same level as what these women experienced. Greg being sent to prison for 43 years just does not seem justified here to me. I believe crimes such as these need to have prison time. However, locking someone up for years and years in my eyes only brings immediate satisfaction. Someone else said that things like this happen all the time, and it is closer than you think. I agree 100%! What we need to do is empower our children and encourage the communication skills with them. We need empower them to be able to tell the person to stop touching them. If our child has been abused we need to do have those communication skills already built strong, and self confidence strong, so they will come to us and know that we will believe them, and help them every way possible. I do believe what has happened in this case has been unjust. I do not believe that the truth has been told. The judical system did all of this very wrong. I do support the Dew family. I hope that they will include everything they can on the web site. I hope that these women can now seek counceling or continue it if they have had recieved it. I know that it is possible to move forward and forgive.

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16RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

How about a preview... Sharon Blake, one of the patients, has a long history of psychiatric problems. She was divorced by her husband for domestic violence against him and child abuse against her own children. She was under the care of her primary physician for mental issues and was being treated by 2 different mental health professionals, a psychologist and a psychiatrist, while seeing Dr. Dew. Mrs. Blake did not disclose this information on her health history form at the Rehabilitation Center previous to her being treated. This information was disclosed in a formal affidavit by her psychologist for the $ 100,000.00 civil suit that Mrs. Blake filed BEFORE Dr. Dew was charged of any crimes.

In short, Sharon Blake is a mental patient who has a history of physical abuse against men and making false sexual abuse allegations against men.

Anyone who heard her testimony and her statements at the sentencing saw and heard the obvious. Her statements will be published on the FreeDrDew website.

And just for the record... I know who mdjd is... and she is a crackpot. She is an attorney in Mahoning county and was very supportive of Greg's efforts in the beginning. She personally assured Greg's attorneys that Greg was incapable of the acts he was being accused of. She talked with my parents in the Mahoning county courthouse on numerous occasions concerning the case, always supportive of Greg. It may be interesting to the rest of you that her domestic partner is in law enforcement... interesting...

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17kenneth77d(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Again I will state some very interesting facts here!!Another good friend of mine was arrested over the week end on rape charges.This is a man I allowed to watch my own children when they were growing up.He is accused of doing this to his step-grand-daughter.The funny thing is this man can't walk without a cane so why didn't the girl run from my understanding she is 14.She has been known to make these allegations before and yet my friend is in jail till the 14th of this month because they won't releas3e him on bond.There is no justice here!!!All a woman has to do is holler rape or sexual molestation and the guy is in jail!!!we as males should be constantly alerted to the fact that we can't hug,compliment,or do anything out of the way to even look like we are interested in a woman in fear of going to prison.Woman now have the upperhand in society because of this faer!!!Never again will I get the door for a woman other than my wife in fear of being considered the scum of the earth.I was brought up differently but it looks like I can't be nice in fear of going to jail.When will the suing stop,when can we be considerate of others again?Only when lawyers and the authorities realize that we are not to be in a gastoppo atmosphere,that people should be Christ like and care about one another will we ever be free again!!!!

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18RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


If you do some research you will find that over 40% of the men who have been accused of sexual crimes against a woman by a woman are actually innocent. When it becomes a "he said" - "she said" issue the woman's word is always taken over the man's word, even when it can be shown that a woman with severe mental issues, a history of violence against men, and a history of making sexual allegations against other men can be shown... like Sharon Blake. See the above posting on Sharon Blake.


Please take notice of the section "Recovered Memories" in particular. When you see and hear the evidence on the charges brought by the gymnastics complainants against Greg you will be amazed.

Men now live in a world very similar to the world of the Salem witch trials. All a woman needs to do to get an execution is to point the finger. The courts and legislature have abandoned the need to provide any proof of rape. Any man can be convicted of rape by any woman just by merely making the allegation.

Ironically, woman who recant their allegations are rarely, if ever, punished. They can literally destroy the life of a man and his family with the false allegations, recant, and then walk away without fear of legal action against them. Can you think of a better way to get revenge if you were a woman?

Sadly, as in this case, it happens more often than we want to believe.

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19formergymnast(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I moved away from Ohio 11 years ago so I have only recently found out about what was happening with Greg. He was my coach for many years. I have been a victim of sexual harrasment by teachers and employers. I was also the victim of violent sexual assault. If I thought it was possible that Greg was a sexual predator, I would be the first to want him to face the consequences. That is just not the case.

I witnessed for years the gymnasts from my gym and from others throw themselves at Greg (he was quite attractive!) but he always responded professionally, or at the most treating these girls in a sisterly way.

He spent time with us girls at gymnastics camp, and my very hands-on, protetive parents had no problem trusting me in his care, with good reason.

Although I have not been in touch with him since my gymnastics career ended, I cannot imagine that a person can change at their core to become the monster the justice system is making him out to be.

To the gentleman who said he will no longer be nice to women other than his wife, I want to say what a shame that I think that is. Women falsely accuse men and men falsely accuse women of crimes everyday. That is the world we live in. If you let that turn you into a cold, uncaring person, that would make you no better than those falsely accusing Dr. Dew.

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20formergymnast(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


I did not see your last post before I submitted my comments. Why are you trying to make this man versus women? It is a case of justice. Again, men make false accusations as well. This is not a gender issue. Please refrain from making it one.

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21henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

on second thought, maybe what he did isn't so bad. i suppose not too many women would mind having her breasts rubbed by a man other than her husband, without consent. and i for 1 wouldn't be upset if a grown man was molesting my underage daughter, (whether or not she "came on to him"). or maybe digitally probing an unsuspecting womans' vagina was "just an accident". yes, on second thought, lets let him out of jail and forget any of this ever happened. that will make everything alright.

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22was_a_gymnast(3 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

You know, it's quite funny how quick we are to judge people and situations we know nothing about. I, as was "formergymnast" was coached by Greg for many years. I knew both of the gymnasts who claimed sexual misconduct and was on the same team as they were at the same time as the apparent crime took place. "Formergymnast" was very correct in saying how many girls, including both of these woman, would throw themselves at Greg in public view for all of us to see during practice. Parents commented on how inappropriate one of the girls behavior was, even going to her parents to advise them on their daughter's behavior. I never saw anything but professionalism from Greg. My question is IF this misconduct took place and was so detrimental to these victims, why did both continue with Greg as their coach after all of this "unwanted sexual contact" and why did they both wait nearly 20 years to "seek justice"? It just doesn't add up.

I later reconnected with Greg several years ago. Our careers crossed paths and he was the same Greg as always. Caring, compassionate, witty, and charming. I agree with "formergymnast" that most of us that were on team at that time had quite protective parents who were at most of the practices, meets, and camps. I would imagine that out of the hundreds of parents that closely observed all of the previous, one of them may have raised an eyebrow if his behavior was the least bit improper. Funny that it was quite the contrary. The only eyebrows that were being raised were from the behavior of a few of the girls who were acting inappropriate with Greg.

A 43 year prison term is unbelievably unjust. To Greg and his family, I'm sorry that the justice system has failed you. Our system is suppose to protect us... and to you and your family, it has failed. Mahoning County residents, please choose your elected officials more carefully...

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23mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


I'm assuming that you have received misinformation and that you are not blatantly lying.

I did support Greg when he was first charged with the crimes against the gymnastics students. I felt sorry for him because he was forced to defend himself regarding incidents that occurred nearly twenty years ago, and that seems incredibly unfair to me. I did speak to your parents on two occasions in the courthouse, I did say that you have a wonderful family, and I did wish Greg well concerning the original charges. However, I NEVER, EVER told ANYONE, including Greg's attorneys, that I thought Greg was not capable of committing the crimes with which he was charged. Because of my experiences with Greg, I ALWAYS believed the allegations against him--and I never stated otherwise-- but I did not think he should have to answer for them nearly two decades later. Further, the charges involving Greg's patients had not yet been filed, and I was completely unaware of the pervasiveness of Greg's misconduct. When that was revealed, I realized that Greg was not the victim and that he needed to take responsibility for the damage he has caused by his actions.

Incidentally, my husband is a law enforcement officer, but that is no more relevant to Greg's situation than your domestic partner's occupation.


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24bbzebras(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

If ANY of those women who were Greg's patients thought that Greg would get his jollies from touching any them they are delusional. Here is another point that doesn't make sense: a sexual predator (which Greg is not) would not go from molesting young athletic types to touching old, overweight, saggy, baggy women....Give me a break! What a railroad job.

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25RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


Have you ever seen Greg do any of the things that these girls are alleging? Look at all of the comments by the gymnasts that were on Greg's team above. Interesting that the unanimous comments of the parents and gymnasts, other than these 2 girls, all state that Greg was never inappropriate and that it was these gymnasts were the inappropriate ones.

There was a large number of Greg's gymnasts who wrote letters of leniency to the judge prior to the sentencing.

You will be able to see a lot of the letters and comments from many people... all supportive... all stating that Greg was one of the most decent and gentle men they knew. These letters are from other doctors, members of his staff, etc...

I have listened to your interview with the police concerning Greg. Interesting that you told them that you didn't know of any sexual activities of Greg with other young women... including you.

Was Greg flirtatious at times? Did Greg seem overly friendly at times? Did Greg act goofy at times? Yes to all of those questions. Being flirtatious, friendly, or goofy is a far cry from being a rapist.

You are an attorney. You understand hearsay versus first person. You cannot even provide any hearsay evidence that you have personally heard concerning Greg with other women. How can you say that you know Greg is a rapist or a sexual predator when you admit yourself that you have not even heard anyone claim to have had sexual relations with Greg in your police interview? Unless, of course, you are going to change your story like the police and the gymnasts have.

The fact that your husband is in law enforcement and it was law enforcement officials who perjured themselves during the trial in order to get a conviction makes a difference.

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26sdipiero(3 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I am very opposed to these blogs as they contain rantings and ravings of uninformed people and people who use it for vengence.

To mdjd: you seem a little obsessive about Greg and his situation. You spoke your mind, now let it go.

To the whole Dew family: Hang in there and never give up. If you need any help you know where to find me.

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27elizabeth6(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

This case is really tragic and I can not help but comment that the city attorney that is communicating on this website is very out of line, unprofessional and should know better the emotions that the family is experiencing right now. Your comments are extremely insensitive and out of line for someone in your profession regardless of how you feel. There is very little factual data in the vindicator articles so it is difficult to understand why the jury found Mr Dew guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, juries often come to conclusions not on facts, but on emotional testimony, their personal feelings of the plaintiff and defendants, attorney performance etc.

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28JBDew(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


You act like you know so much, but it is amazing how truly little you really know.

Were you around these girls at the gym? Do you know these girls? Did you see how they interacted with Greg? Did you attend any of their meets or practices? How about any of the dances they held at the Gymnastics Center, did you attend any of those?

I did, and guess what? What all of the former gymnasts above are saying is absolutely true. These girls were the agressors.

Stop commenting on things you know nothing about. Quit stirring the pot because you want some attention. Quit acting like you are an important part of the puzzle.

I hear sounds of perdition in your words: "I do feel sorry for him because the tremendous pressure that was put on him to be perfect and attain godhood has completely destroyed such a talented life."

Religion, God or Greg's striving for perfection didn't destroy his life...

But, individuals like yourself are trying to do a SHORT-LIVED job of it.


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29WJHilton(7 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I have read this entire blog, and read about the story myself. I often think upon the absolute brilliance of our founding fathers and how they had to have been led by the Spirit to produce such documents as The Constitution and others of its' same natureas they did. However, as one who has treated those who have been horribly wounded in combat fighting for the documents produced by these great men, I must confess I am vehemently disgusted in the results of this case. When did the motto of judicial freedom go from "innocent till proven guilty," to "guilty till proven innocent." I have never read of a more obvious intrusion of an American's rights as this particular case. Look above, the truth has been layed out by both of Greg's former gymnasts. Maybe some of you don't know, but in your own state there is a 48 year old "actual" rapist who is in a mental hospital getting a bachelors degree off of OUR tax dollars. The comparison of these two cases on the OBVIOUS innocence of Greg makes me wonder what the hell is going on in my precious country of "freedom and liberty." This case is a money grabbing farce by a few intellecually impotent females. My heart is fully broken for the Dew family. P.S. If you refute my comments, do me a favor and use your real name for your username. Have some integrity and personal courage(a.k.a. balls) to stand by your "views" with your actual name, and not some "pen name."

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30RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Go to http://www.FreeDrDew.com and get the facts. This was a clear case of the prosecutors, law enforcement, the accusers, and the trial court conspiring to convict an innocent man.

Keep coming back to the website. More details, including actual audio from the various interviews, will be made available to the public.

Once we have the trial transcripts in hand we will be able to post the numerous differences in the testimonies of Shannon Gallagher, Torey Votaw, and Detective Doug Flara, when compared to their original statements and testimonies.

We will also be posting the numerous discrepancies in their various testimonies and statements before the trial even began.

We will prove what we have been saying all along and will use the alleged victims and Detective Flara's own words and statements to do it.


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31Edgar_Swift(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I share some of the same feelings as WJHilton. I also have read everything I could find concerning this case (which in my opinion has been very poorly reported by the Youngstown media), and have talked with people I know who live in the Youngstown area. I have come to the sad conclusion that the legal system has once again failed to punish according to the truth.

The results of this case are not surprising since we do not live in a society where justice is sought after in our legal system. Most people who are accused of a crime do not understand that our judicial system in the United States is no longer a "Justice System"; it has been turned into an "Adversarial System." The goal is not to seek justice or truth. The goal is to win a conviction at all costs.

I agree 100% with WJHilton. When we are accused of a crime in this country we are no longer innocent until proven guilty, we are guilty until we prove our innocence, and you better have very deep pockets to prove your innocence. It all comes down to the almighty dollar. We are a country by the people, for the people, especially for the RICH people.

We as a society in this country need to wake up and understand that the legal system has become corrupted, and that the police, government lawyers, and judges are not our friends. When we are under investigation, we should not talk to the police and incriminate ourselves. We need to learn to keep our mouths shut, even if we are innocent. We need to retain and claim our rights. We have NO obligation to talk to the police and incriminate ourselves.

The last time I read the constitution it still contained the 5th amendment. If you think that you can explain what happened and everything will turn out just fine you are mistaken. In the end it is always our own words that convict us, whether we committed a crime or not. The police are very skilled at extracting information and twisting the truth.

I understand that there may be a few police officers who are trying to do good, but unfortunately they are part of a system that is corrupt. Prosecutors are a disgrace to our society, and public defenders aren’t any better. Prosecutors typically want to get as many convictions as they can to look good for the next election and keep their jobs or further their careers. The public defender's real job is to make sure that proper courtroom procedures are followed so when you are found guilty you will have no basis for an appeal. Most of the time the public defender will encourage the defendant to make a deal and plead guilty, not put up a defense. They are part of the system and the system has to keep moving. They don’t want to slow the system down by defending the truth. What a way to make a living.

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32Edgar_Swift(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

The majority of police, prosecutors, public defenders, and judges are enemies of the people. They hide behind the judicial system and are cowards who believe they are above the law. They take advantage of the people in this country who do not understand their rights. They need to be reminded that "We The People" have given them their power.

I’m not sure how much longer our society will put up with this corruption, but I hope not much longer. We should all remember this poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group: When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I wasn't a Jew. WHEN THEY CAME FOR ME, THERE WAS NO ONE LEFT TO SPEAK OUT.

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33mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Dew family and friends,

I understand that you are suffering and that you are desperate to blame anyone for the situation that Greg has caused. I know how difficult it is to accept that someone you love is capable of such reprehensible conduct.

I am certainly not an important piece of the puzzle and I have never believed that I am.

I do not know any of the victims and I know nothing of the activities at the gymnastics center. I do, however, know of my personal experiences with Greg. I never wanted Greg charged criminally with anything involving me, and I never pursued that avenue although it would have been very easy for me to do so. I did not know the full scope of Greg's behavior, and I only got involved in this when I read something that greatly concerned me. It caused me to ask the prosecutor a single question: "Are any of Greg Dew's victims still children?" When she answered in the affirmative, I told her about my experiences with Greg. She asked me to speak to the Boardman police and I did so. Several months later I received a subpoena to testify at Greg's trial. That is the complete, and very limited, extent of my involvement in this case.

I only began posting because the attitude that Greg is somehow the victim is incomprehensible to me.

Melissa Dinsio

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34RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


You don't know what you are talking about. You have to be crazy.

There are not any "children" who claim to be victims. Law enforcement did intimidate a mentally retarded girl who Greg was treating for free to make an incriminating statement. Child services did a thorough investigation. The girl admitted to lying about her statement to appease the police. Child services sent a very nice letter to Greg explaining what had happened and apologized on behalf of the girl. I have the letter from Child Services in my possession if you care to see it.

Interestingly, the prosecution wanted to introduce the girls original statement as evidence against Greg in the trial.

The prosecutor also wanted to introduce a statement from another patient from the Rehabilitation Center against Greg. This lady claims that Greg sexually molested her when she received treatment from Greg at the Rehabilitation Center. What is interesting about this patient is that she didn't start going to the Rehabilitation Center for treatment until mid-April 2007, 3 weeks after Greg was put on administrative leave. Greg was not even treating patients at the Rehabilitation Center when this woman allegedly received treatment there.

What honest person would attempt to perpetrate such garbage against another person when they KNOW it is wrong?

The prosecutor you must be referring to is Natasha Frenchko. The same Natasha Frenchko who told the jury in her closing arguments that Greg had forced Shannon Gallagher into having painful sexual intercourse with him against her will on 3 different occasions. Funny, I have read every piece of paper, viewed every video, and listened to every audio in evidence in this case at least 10 times. Shannon Gallagher NEVER said that she and Greg EVER had sexual intercourse. In fact, she stated on several occasions that sexual intercourse never took place.

The fact is that the prosecutors are so used to lying that they don't know what the truth is. They have reached the point that they believe their own lies.

You are not far behind them in believing fantasies.

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35henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

read your own words sir.
"I did, and guess what? What all of the former gymnasts above are saying is absolutely true. These girls were the agressors"
when one is entrusted with the position of "coach" of adolescents, it is inherent that the coach has the position of power in the coach/athlete relationship. to refrain from abusing that power when enticed takes a person of strong character. granted, the enticement used by aggressive teenagers must have been awfully strong to bring down a man such as you portray Greg.

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36RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Let me share another intresting event concerning Natasha Frenchko.

The Saturday after the after the trial ended my brother Steve and his wife Ann were at a Bar/Grill in Warren, Ohio. Within a couple of minutes of their arrival a group of three men came into the Bar. One of the men, the largest man, started hitting on my brothers wife, Ann. He kept saying things like, "I've had my eye on you, baby", and "Come on, just give me a hug or two". It became obvious that he was trying to provoke an incident with Steve for some reason. It didn't work. Ann blew him off and Steve was able to maintain his composure.

Within a couple of minutes of this confrontation, in walks Natasha Frenchko, who walks directly to the three men and starts visiting with them. Steve took the opportunity to approach Ms Frenchko and tell her that she had convicted an innocent man. There was no scene. Steve was calm and composed.

In the court room on Monday prior to the sentencing Natasha Frenchko walked up to Steve in the court room and pointed him out. She then made a comment in the court that a member of the Dew family had approached her concerning the case over the weekend.

Steve was taken out of the courtroom, harassed by police, and pushed around a bit. He was warned that they were going to do a background check on him and watch him closely.

Now ask yourself, what are the chances of 3 men who are friends of Natasha Frenchko hitting on Steve's wife in a bar in Trumbull county? What are the chances that Natasha Frenchko would just happen to show up at the same time?

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37RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


When a man is accused of a sexual crime by a woman and there is no evidence, it becomes "he said/she said". Who nearly always wins that battle of words? Your comments, and others with similar comments, provide the answer. The woman can never be wrong, right? They would never lie about something like that, right?

Wake up...

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38henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

quite to the contrary, i believe Greg was originally charged with 24 counts of various natures, correct? why then, was he only found guilty on 7? he was believed over the women, by the jury, 17 times.

your argument does not hold water

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39Edgar_Swift(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


Since you are a public defense lawyer, and I use the word "defense" loosely, tell us a bit about your experience as a lawyer with plea deals.

Here is my guess without even knowing you:

Settled Without a Trial: 97%
Trial: 3%

Am I close? Be honest with us. Are you a trial lawyer or a deal maker?
My bet is that you are a deal maker.

How often have you been ill-informed about your clients' cases and circumstances before advising them to take pleas offered by prosecutors at arraignment?

The system you are a part of is rotten. The Dew case is an example of a legal system gone bad. I can't say that he didn't do something immoral, but was he guilty of what he was sentenced for? 43 years without parole is a life sentence to a 46 year old man.

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40JBDew(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


When you talk of abusing power you are assuming that something happened, yes?

Greg denies all allegations of crime in these cases: it stands as "she said, he said." Read the stats from above.

First, you should know that power is not only relative to position.

Second, let me define a word that you may be having a hard time with: agressor. For many, this involves some kind of "hostile behavior." In this case, it means, "assertive, bold, and enterprising." Which is interesting, because when you dig a little bit further, enterprising can be defined as engaging in a profitable "systematic activity (all definitions: American Heritage College Dictionary, 3rd Ed.)." The key word being systematic, the approach these girls would take over and over and over again to try to get Greg to fall prey to their school girl antics and crushes.

Unfortunately, the only thing that happened is that these delusional girls have filled their heads with what they wanted to happen with Greg vs. what actually did happen.

Interesting fact: the girl who has claimed the most charges against Greg couldn't face him during the sentencing. She declined any comments towards her supposed abuser and couldn't stay in the court room to witness his sentence of 43 years.

Is it possible that she realized what she had been doing the entire time was a lie? That it had turned into a game that became serious? It was series of untruths that stretched the web so far it began to break? She realized that she will have to live the rest of her life knowing that she sent an innocent man to prison?

I think so!

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41mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


Lets start at the YGC. What made Greg want to be teaching gymnastics to begin with? Does he have gymnastics in his background? I think we both know the answer. I will let you tell the world though. Its odd though that you would be there as well. I makes me wonder if you were there to see Greg touching children or if you were there looking for a wife. Oh thats right....Greg is the one that found a wife there. With all your ranting about how great the former bishop Greg was, you fail to mention how he met his wife. Speaking of her...care to share how much younger she is than he? One more thing. How was your mission trip? I think we know the answer to that as well. You didn't have a mission trip because little bitty Justin couldnt handle what his male family member did to him. So, care to share who the family member was? Im guessing daddy but maybe Greg. If you are a true Dew I will expect you to have admitted it in your youth but now deny it as an adult, like your brother.

mdjd husband

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42ttm(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

mdjd husband,
You COWARD! How dare you attack his wife. She is not on trial. She has been nothing but a supportive wife and a strong, loving mother. I can understand you needing to defend your wife, but to do so by attacking another man's wife? Cheap shot! Why don't both of you keep your opinions to yourself. I think we are all done hearing them on this site. By the way, Greg's wife is only three years his junior. Have I missed something or is that only illegal in Youngstown?
To both of you: you obviously, do not know this couple as well as you profess,so.....get a life... and stay out of theirs!

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43mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


I never said that any children were Greg's victims. Because of something I had read, I was concerned about that issue. I asked the prosecutor (not Natasha) and she said there were child victims. That's the information I got.

I believe the allegations about Greg because they were all too similar to my experiences with him. I never said he raped me, and I never said I thought he would rape me. We never had sex when I was a teenager (I described exactly what the relationship was in my oral statement), and he never raped me when I was a patient. However, in both situations, Greg's behavior was at best inappropriate and, at worst, criminal. I did object when I was a patient and I just never went back to him. I could have gone to the police, but I didn't think Greg's life needed to be ruined over it. Aside from that, I thought our prior relationship might have caused Greg to get a little carried away with me. When I told my story to the prosecutor (because there was no way I was keeping quiet if children were involved), she said,"Melissa, you are telling the same story everyone else is telling." I didn't know any of them, Roy, so how could it be a coincidence? That doesn't make any sense.

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44cheryl8809(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Greg Dew is one of the finest men I have ever met. I have had the privilage of knowing him and his family. Greg is a very loving and devoting husband and father. I believe the accusations against Greg are completely unfounded and this sham of a trial has been a railroad job. Shame on the corruption of our so called legal system.

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45WJHilton(7 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

First, I want to applaud the complete ignorance, and blood thirsty comments of mdjd's "husband." Did someone mention earlier that he was a cop? Figures he would shoot below the hip, they don't always teach you to approach integrity facing forward do they buddy? My jaw drops at every piece of evidence Roy brings forward. You see mdjd, you and your cohorts are not seeing anything clearly as one would who is clear minded and sober of any offense towards their fellow man would. You have tread upon the one thing a true American should NEVER tread on - that is the Constitution of this precious land, and yes, I am talking to you too "mdjd's husband" (great title their scout, way to hide behind your wife.) Only a man with integrity and self respect lower than a pregnant ants belly would bring up another man's religion in such a case. It's proof of your lack of ability to produce anything accurately incriminating to this case. mdjd's husban, please spare us the death of our precious brain cells by reading your verbal diharrea. Roy, on the other hand, has produced nothing shy of perfect fact, and it will be a glorious day when that finally hits the net. Who then can deny truth? What then shall the liars say...when all is layed on the table to prove the innocence of a true man to his values. Roy and Justin, I commend your honorable tenacity to fight for your brother that falls within the realm of perfect love. If all families who spread this earth had this type of love as do the Dews, how wonderfully different would this darkening world be. Roy has facts, the rest of you, passion aside, have nothing. And many have heard the quote "It is absurd that something should come from nothing."

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46kenneth77d(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I don't know you but you seem to know alot about Greg in the last few years.Things that were not told to anyone as far as I know because Greg did't want them dragged into this.Greg didn't want innocent people or institutions brought into this because he is a decent human being!!! I must question however your decency and your husbands for bringing them into the limelight.Could it be that you have a personal vindata against Greg? Leave the man's wife and family out of this.If you can't then leave your comments behind and to yourself.I didn't know your relationship with Greg until now and it seems you have a problem with yourself not Greg.Grow-up!!!Greg and I had many a personal discussion about things happening in my life and let me tell you that he never privately nor in public ever said he was perfect but he did say things happen in life and one should not dwell on them but become a better person from them.Greg was always proffesional as I have stated before in his office while I was there and that's all I ever saw.If you felt uncomfortable I am sure it was wise for you to not to come back,but are you sure your feelings were not self inflicted and not caused by Greg?If you don't know something for a surety don't make statements here.Yes I only knew Greg for three years but I never wanted or had a better friend in Greg Dew!!!His advice to me and his manner was nothing less than Christ like although not a Saint he was the closest thing I have ever met.So if you have nothing better to do than to attack his family who are great people too leave your comments to yourself and don't come back here to display them please.Freedom of speach should not be carried over to his innocent family no matter what.Greg wouldn't want it and neither do the rest of us.Just for the record what's wrong with meeting your future wife where you work I did.Is there something wrong with me then?HMMM I bet alot of people meet their future spouses where they work.There is also more than a few years between myself and my wife is that wrong too? If so that most actors and other prominant people are as well.Age is just a number.Pick up your shovel and find some other dirt to play in please because this is just white sand here.

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47henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


a defintion for you:

denial, refusal to accept reality!

in Greg's own words and from his own mouth, came the words "oral contact, twice her on me, twice me on her" .

this doesn't sound like someone who has 'fallen prey', this sounds more like the words of a predator trying to justify his actions and maybe avoid prosecution.

your family seems to be very tight, all of you are in denial, and, it is apparent to the rest of us by the way you continue attempts at justification of Greg's actions.

all of you,(including Greg), need to accept the fact that he did some very bad things to these women and he is being punished for it.

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48Hockey93(6 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


Well, Here is how I hear it and see it, Idiotic comments posted from two complete idiots. You and you husband. To your husband, you call yourself a law enforcement officer, but you have the odasity to go so low to claim false accusation not only on Greg now, but Justin and his father? You are a freakin moron if you think anyone believes anything you or your wife say. You are no better than the common theief to say something like that on this post board. I see your wife hasnt answered the question of how many plea bargains she has been involved yet, hmm, andy you I guess sit on the side of the road with the radar gun in your hand, drinking coffee and eating donuts and calling yourself a real cop right?? I understand you have to support your other half, but to try and pull something over like that, man... thats pathetic. Oh and another thing, I thought Gregs wife is only 3 years younger than him?? Maybe you should get your facts straight before opening your mouth. Does that make everyone who has a younger wife, or even a younger husband a bad person?? We will see what you and your wife will have to say when the Dews post the evidence on the web site. Oh and also my brother who is a Law Enforcement officer in New York laughed at your comments and said you might as well go back to being security at an amusement park because a real COP would keep his mouth shut no matter what the cercumstances are! Oh and one mor thing, your wife should have her license revoked since she is so called a civil servant and also is supposed to keep her mouth shut in cases she was supposed envolved in.

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49Marie(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

There are some here that are turning this into a serious soap opera. I believe what has happened in this case is unjust. This man does not deserve 43 years/life sentence prison time. I am sure that there are people who have murdered serving less time than this. I want to encourage the Dew family to keep fighting. There are so many people that will help in any way possible just let it be known how to help.

My one thought is this... There are many in this case who stood and took an oath to tell the "truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." For anyone who believes in God knows that he is a fair and just God. I pray that Greg will not have to serve the 43 year sentence. However "if" he does as hard as it may seem, 43 years is but a small moment compared to eternity. All christians believe that everyone will stand before God the Eternal Father and be judged accordingly to our words and actions here on earth. I know that if I were someone in this trial who did not tell the "complete truth and nothing but the truth" I would be concerned. I am sure that God does not give "discounts" in Heaven. He knows us individually and know the desires of our hearts. If anyone has told something that was anything but the truth in this trial for a selfish personal gain will stand before his maker and answer the question "why?" To me that would be a hard question to answer.

I do not wish to offend anyone or seem like I am on my high horse. I sincerely believe this and I know many others do to. I pray that the "Whole truth and nothing but the truth" will prevail for everyone involved. I hope that one good thing that can come from this is, that we truly investigate who is on the ballot sheet as we go to vote. Don't just look at the name and say "I have heard of him/her" and then vote for them. Truly know who we are voting for and vote for who we seriously believe will act as we would want them to. We the people are the ones who give them the "power" to make the correct and just decisions.

This is my last entry and will not read or comment on this blog anymore.

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50formergymnast(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

One last comment to the moronic mjdj husband (by the way, you and your wife seem to make the perfect couple)...

You say that Greg had no gymnastics experience prior to YGC. Once again, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. He was my coach for YEARS prior to that at the Warren YWCA. Unfortunately, the team folded due to funding at which time he went to YGC.

That was really a shame because my teammates and our parents would have been happy to continue working with such an upstanding young man as Greg.

It's such a shame that a couple pathetic girls who felt the need to throw themselves at him have decided to now destroy his life based on their reprehensible previous behavior, which as the other former gymnast said, was visible to everyone! Do I think he was their "victim" at the time of the alleged relationship? No (just as they were not his victims). He certainly is their victim now.

I will continue to read this blog as I'm interested in supporting the Dew family. But I intend to skip every comment posted by "mjdj" and I would encourage others to do the same. They only want attention and to get people riled up. Much like an annoying child, if you ignore them, they will likely go away.

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51bbzebras(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


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52Devea(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

It's interesting how some posting on this thread are so offended by viewpoints different from their own, or by hearing information that they don't want to hear that they choose avoidance altogether, resort to childish name-calling, or suggest that the offender shut up. It's okay for Roy to exercise his right to free speech by calling opponents "crackpots" or "crazy," and those who feel/know differently than the righteous right are derided. There is much fear here.
What I fear most is self-righteousness, hypocrisy, and those who feel they must rise up and save the rest of us from ourselves.
Devea Altobaugh

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53henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

freedrdew.com , what a joke!

all through this, you people attempt to play charades with the fact that Greg is a rapist!


this is most definatley a case of rape whether or not you want to believe it.

pull your collective heads out of your asses and get over it. this is for the dew family and supporters.

why is it that you don't mention any of the charges brought forward by the women from his chiropractic practice???

he is a sick man and deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.

i hope that the bad tendencies that Greg allowed to show do not rear their ugly heads from any other family members in the future. you all seem like you are very much alike.

henryviii killed 3 in 1509

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54WJHilton(7 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Great job on the web page Roy. Henryviii1509, you mean to tell me, even if he was guilty of this, 43 years is justified, I mean come on, honestly, a bit over the top maybe?

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55bbzebras(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Wow....such meanness and venom from people who know so little about the case or what the truth is. This case has been a setup from the beginning....very sad.

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56mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Can someone tell me if the WJ in WJHilton stands for Warren Jeffs? That can be the only way someone with a twisted mind could think that anyone should ever walk the streets of society aftter being connvicted of crimes against children. By the way, I hear there are time shares newly available in Eldorado,Texas for those with that cult like thinking.

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57mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


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58mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago



I say the trip takers are Dew supporters...just a hunch.

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59mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

mdjd husband

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60was_a_gymnast(3 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I have been following this from Virginia, where I live and work. I am astonished that a public defender in your county is posting such volatile items as she has in this blog. I can't believe as tax paying citizens you all who are reading this who live in Mahoning County aren't trying to do something about her lack of professionalism and her behavior. As for her husband, I'm sure he trying to defend his wife's reprehensible behavior, but unfortunately for him, he is also in a position of power. I feel bad for both of the Dinsio's in that they have to air their dirty laundry for all to see in a public forum and are unable to keep their emotions under control.

As for Greg, I saw the aggression of the teenage females perusing Greg on a regular basis. We all went to Australia together as a traveling team. Again, nothing but professionalism on his part. Parents entrusted Greg with the care of their children on an international trip. I'm quite sure that if even one of them thought he was a child molester or rapist there wouldn't be one single female alone with him on that trip. As mentioned before, we have some very protective parents who are quite observant to what occurred at YGC.

Everyone will come to their own conclusions about this case. Not one of you who have written on this blog can truly say what happened in that gym with those girls. I spend hours and hours a week with all of them... together... before, during, and after practice. These people were like my family for many years. You spend so much more time with them then you do with your real family in a very intense environment. I will again restate that these girls perused him so hard it was sickening. I'm sorry that Greg gets the same life sentence a murder would get for "issues" that occurred nearly 20 years ago. I hope there is an appropriate appeal process that will take place for him in the near future.

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61henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

to was_a_gymnast.... does this also mean you_were_an_enabler?

to WJHilton....seems like you are beginning to come around. yes, i do think the sentence is justified. if only to protect other women from Greg in the future!

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62Hockey93(6 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

MdJd Husband,

You I see are just a Racist pig. Oh I mean cop. I'm not mormon. Neither is half of the supporters on this page. I probably sure the "N" word comes out of your mouth like reqular vocabulary for you too right? Stop trying to stir things up!! ANd so the next question for the people who believe Greg is really guilty, when the website ha all of the evidencs posted, from top to bottom, and it shows with clearity that the prosicution and Detectives lied and witheld evidence showing that Greg did not rape these women, will you admit it, or have you past judgement thatno matter what you hear, you will be just as nieve as the prosicution and the detectives in this case. Would you believe that the Detectives and the Prosicution shold be punished for lying? Here is how I see it again, and apologies if I am wrong with some people, the ones who think Greg is Guilty beyond a benefit of a doubt live or work in Mahoning county right?? Am I close?? Oh and by the way, the age of concent back in 1990 and 1991 whaen all of this accured was 15. And I believe if and when the evidence is placed on the internet, the victims said he did not force them and It was all concentual. We will see. For the victims in the practice, one procedure that Greg did was an actual procedure practiced in many states and a Expert Witness for the prosicution admitted to that on both ends. Once again, the prosicution tried to discredit it. The second victim, when Greg rubbed the side of her breast and tragicly ruined the rest of her life... there was a female witness in the room with him at that time.. And again the prosicution tried to discredit her because of her education.. What does education have anything to do with this matter.. Now Greg di admit to doing things wrong ona phone tape and in a interrogation. The judge said he had no remorse in this case, but Greg clearly said in these tapes he was sorry for what he did and he was wrong. The Girls Tori and Shannon want Greg and don't want anyone else to have him is what I see here. The patients well on another hand, why did one continue to return to his practice 11 more times until deciding on filing charges. Oh thats right, she filed them after she heard the accusations. That should of been thrown out immediatly. We will see what happens in the future and this will be my last post. To the Dew family and Friends, stay strong and keep fighting. To the unsupporters, get a life, spend time with your families and see what the evidence brings to you!! To Mdjd and Husband, you don't even deserve to be in the position of employment you are in. Go back to selling yourselves on a corner for money in your loveable county. A real cop and attorney would not publish such horrable things online without facts.

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63Hockey93(6 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


To henry, you are just a Jack@$$. To even accuse the rest of the family also, and you are any better?? GET A LIFE!!! I am tired of seeing people start blaming the family members also. You people and you know who I am talking about need to get an education in life!! A education in facts. HENRY blah, blah, blah, blah, pull your head out of your a#$, your mumbling. Me, as I said before, this will be my last post on this site. I am A dew Supporter a 100 % no matter what the outcome is!! I am now going to leave here, spend time with my girls, my wife and my friends, and no matter what, we as a family mo what the truth is. Oh by the way, my wife is 6 years younger than me, (I am such a horrible man)!! To everone else, SKIP THE COMMENTS OF HENRY AND MDJD, they are just trying to get a rise from everyone including me. We all know no matter what, good or bad, that injustice has accured, a man has been sentinced to pretty much life without his family, and there are still worse people out there walking our streets today? Watch our family and our own backs for we not no what will ever happen in this world!! SEMPER FI

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64WJHilton(7 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I have come to a new viable conclusion with the mdjd and her husband. It is quite obvious by his comments that, the real underlying crime is his vehement hate for the LDS religion. I have left that out up to this point, I have tried to focus on the facts that Roy has brought forward. I have visited FreeDrDew.com, and was impressed with the truth displayed. Looking back on my last couple blogs, I must admit I am slightly embarced for my own passion. I have a weakness for getting angry with our judicial system, especially after spending 15 months deployed to a country where the judicial system consists of rape, death squads, and religious suppression. I suppose passion is wonderful, until you have lost the bridal thereof. To answer a few questions previously asked ... No, I have never made a "pilgrimage to Utah, although I know Of more than 15,000,000 people who's religious history is laced with such a "pilgrimage." Yes, I have been to Utah to spend time with my grandfather, and see the places my father grew up in. To finish this subject of this blog ... I refuse to allow my passion to explode over the Warren Jeffs comment, for the record, it is William Joseph. I have no fear to post my name behind the views that I post from my mind and heart.
I do want to ask everyone a question ... in all honesty. If the legal age was 15, and it was consensual, and these girls were throwing themselves at Greg, as the "formergymnast" WHO SAW EVERYTHING says, and he stopped when they said to stop therefore clear of force ... what exactly was the crime committed. Now, before you slam out rape on your keyboard, ask yourself ... if they were abused, why did they continue to attend his gymnastics classes. And for the women who attended his chiropractic practice, why did they continue to go back to him time and time again. Someone is out to get this man, and this appears quite obvious to me. I have spent a lot of time on thinking about this case, in which I am not even involved in. I live in Arizona, and have met Greg twice in my whole life. I have no real personal real estate in this case, I just cringe at our judicial system. With all this evidence available to us due to the internet, I have read a lot. I just cannot get past the fact that he was sentenced to 43 years in prison for crimes with which yes are heinous, but only if actually committed. I can say as a third party observer that our judicial system failed this man and his family, and in so doing they failed this nation and should be removed from office if the appeal victory goes to Greg.

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65mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Maybe an angel with the sword told Greg to commit these crimes against teenagers just like this same angel told Joseph Smith to marry teenagers


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66was_a_gymnast(3 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Hi Henryvii1509. I was between the ages of 13-16 at the time the "crimes" were committed. How dare you accuse a child of being an enabler? Again, I am going to emphasize Henryvii1509, YOU WERE NOT THERE IN THAT GYM WITH US, so how dare you make such an inflammatory comment?

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67psw35(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I can't believe how many of you fail to acknowledge that real people were hurt in this case. This is not an episode of Law & Order. There are real live victims here. Regardless of what side you are on, please have compassion for those who are hurting. Their pain is not likely to come to an end any time soon. To the real victims, I wish you all the best. Please do not be ashamed to reach out for help.

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68RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I am updating the http://www.FreeDrDew.com website on a regular basis with new information and the supposed "evidence" of the prosecution.

I am going to be posting the most interesting "evidence" yet, the written and audio statements of the gymnasts themselves. You will see and hear in their own statements self-contradicting lies. It is really sad when you see and hear contradictions of "facts" within the same written documents and the same interview. It is even more sad that a jury would sentence a man to 43 years in prison on the basis of such contradicting "facts".

We will be also posting the statistics of the "randomly" selected "unbiased" jury pool... which consisted of 7 people directly related to officers in the YPD, one related to a trial court judge, one who was a school teacher of Shannon Gallagher, one who knew Natasha Frenchko (prosecutor), and one who had a criminal suit pending that was being prosecuted by Natasha Frenchko. What are the odds of that happening? Coincidental? (I've got some land in Florida to sell you if you believe it is coincidental!)

Melissa Dinsio, the public defender, and her husband, in law enforcement, would tell you that there is no conflict of interest in a jury composed of the previously listed jurors. After all, you don't think the fact that they are married would be a conflict of interest in Melissa's responsibility to defend a person accused by law enforcement of wrong doing, do you? Sleeping with the enemy? Melissa and her husband are representative of everything that is wrong with the court system in Mahoning county.

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69RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Oh, by the way... please ask Melissa Dinsio why she has such a distaste for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church)for me.

Ask her what her father has been doing for the past... say 10-20 years as well ;0). Actually, you can find out on your own from here:


and here:


Remember what Melissa says about her father... "she inherited her heart from her father."

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70WJHilton(7 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Wow, those websites are pretty staunch Roy, looks like we all have secrets. Melissa, I was told to ask why you had such a distaste for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...care to share that with me? No need for your hubbie to respond, his facts are pretty falty, unless I just missed the story of the angel with a sword, I know of the other angelic visitations, but none involving a sword. If you are going to slash our beliefs, at least touch on the actuality of the situation and circumstance. You got me laughing pretty good with the warren jeffs comment, but that one just sent me to the ground...a sword? -come on!

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71mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


Ok..for those of you that were thinking that WJH was at all credible with his knowledge of anything..please click the above link. My guess is that he will say that the Internet community is out to get Joseph Smith and that this was all made up and that we werent there with Joey Smith and we can't talk about it...oh know thats what he says about the Dewster.


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72mdjd(16 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Dear Roy,

I am stunned that you actually believe that I would ever be embarrassed about anything in my life, most particularly my family. Anyone who knows me at all knows that my life is an open book. There are no secrets with me. The truth is the truth, and you just have to accept it. The sooner you and your family realize that, the better off you will be emotionally.

My family's experiences with the judicial system are exactly why I empathize with you and your family. I understand that it is easier to believe in some grand conspiracy than to accept that your loved one's situation is a consequence of his own actions.

Further, I have absolutely no distaste for the church at all. (My husband may have entirely different feelings, to which he is entitled.) The church has been a source of love and support for me, and for that I always will be grateful. It is possible to criticize a Mormon without being anti-Mormon.

I do not intend to continue arguing with you about any of this. Your emotional state at this difficult time makes any attempt at rational discussion futile. I do wish you and your family the very best as you continue to deal with the pain in your lives.

Melissa Dinsio

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73WJHilton(7 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Wonderful, I was not aware of this occurence that accompanied Joseph's vision of plural marriages. I knew of his angelic visitations concerning the principle, but not the angel with the drawn sword. I stand fully corrected, and never have and never will stand against the truth of history, only a fool would claim otherwise. So I say again, I stand corrected, but do not deny by any stretch of the imagination that this principle was ordained of God as it was in Old Testament Times concerning Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon etc. All these men were some of the greatest prophets of God, who, if you'll go blow the dust off your bible and open it up, you will see it was done only upon the commandment of God. I do not normally discuss this so openly with people, because it is no longer practiced, but since this was the only spear you could possibly throw at our religion, I figured I'd defend it with a little truth. Just as I cannot deny the truth to what I just learned, can you melissa and husband deny the scriptures. I hope you two realize, that for every spear you feel to throw at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it will be refuted with biblical scriptue, I won't even refer to the Book of Mormon.
Real quick before I go, Melissa, you never answered my question about your distaste for the church. You say that your husband is entitled to his own opinion, and that you don't feel the same, then why would you allow him to post such vicious comments about an organization that has been "...a source of love and support." I do not deny at all that the church has done that for you, but for integrity and honors sake, TRY to control your husbands tongue. He is the ONLY one on this whole blog that has aired out personal dirty laundry from the past, others have insinuated but not said anything specific. Your husband has brought absolutely nothing to the blog that has any relevance to the case at all other than to force some people to defend themselves or their religion. I have a hard time believing as well you have no vendeta against Greg, especially after the blatant differences in your two testimonies. Again, for your own sake, do something to control your husbands tongue. I know...I know... Melissa's husband your refuting comment will be about mormonism. That's fine too, I have slayed bigger dragons than you while in uniform for my country. Say what you feel you need to say there little scout. I come home from school each day looking forward to a good laugh at your ignorant comments.
Roy your website, gets better everytime I see it, astounding evidence my friend. I pray the appeal goes well.

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74RoyDew(25 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago


I appreciate your interest in our family... even though it is misplaced.

You speak in terms of familiarity that you do not have. That is deceiving to those who read your words. You have visited with members of our family on less than 4 or 5 occasions over the past 20+ years... yet you pretend as if you have been life long friends of the Dew family.

Your self assumed "knowledge" of anything that went on between Greg and any other woman is also disturbing. I'm not quite sure why you would want to give anyone the impression that you know more than you do. I can only conclude from your statements that your intentions are malicious in nature.

As far as my emotional involvement with Greg's case... I have been numb from it for more than I would like to admit. The information that I am presenting on http://www.FreeDrDew.com is nothing more than the evidence collected by law enforcement and the prosecution. My intentions are to provide the public with more than a personal opinion concerning the case. Let the public see the evidence and make a decision for themselves.

In closing, I can say with surety that there is not a single person who is involved in this case that has spent more time and effort going through all of the evidence than I have, with the possible exception of Greg himself. Only a fool could believe that a jury would be able to review and understand the evidence in 5 days and come to a reasonable conclusion of fact. The truth is that the jury didn't even understand the laws and statutes involved in the charges... or they just ignored them.

As far as your husband is concerned... name calling and personal attacks are the product of a weak mind. The best indication that a person is losing a debate is their attempt to deflect the subject matter to something other than the topic of the debate. If you want to win the debate... stick to the topic.

As a closing question... why does Danny want to hide behind your skirt tails?

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75Hockey93(6 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I' not LDS like I said before, but I believe that website that LDHDH posted is a Anti LDS website. If you go on all the other Official websites like I searched for, there were no occurrences with that angel and a sword, and an angel did not threaten Joseph Smiths life. If you search for Anti Mormon literature, tha website comes up that LDHDH posted here. Interesting isn't it??

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76henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

it makes it neat and convenient to blame the jury for Greg's sentence, but it is not reality!

the reality is that Torey Votaw was 14 when she was groped by Greg in his house and Shannon was molested from the age of 13 thru 16. neither of these girls were old enough to "consent".

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77Edgar_Swift(5 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Here is another great example of stellar police work in the Mahoning Valley. You people who live in the Youngstown area should be so proud.


Judge Frees Murder Suspect

Youngstown police switched shell casings from another crime to build their case, prosecutors said.

Judge Patricia A. Cosgrove of Summit County Common Pleas Court granted Peacock’s request, calling the compromised evidence “a situation that strikes at the very heart of our democracy and our justice system.

“When we can no longer believe that the police, law enforcement, are being truthful, it’s a very sad day for the justice system,” Judge Cosgrove added.

Youngstown Police Chief Jimmy F. Hughes did not return detailed messages seeking comment on the case.

Of course Jimmy has no comment.

Judge Cosgrove's statements are profound.

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78Voltaire(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

If you are trying to win people over with your argument, you would reach a much bigger audience by posting in "Talk of the Valley" on the Vindy Discussion Boards.

Many more people visit there than follow these posts.

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79sdwhit5(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

to both of the former gymnasts.....please get in touch with Roy before the appeal, in my eyes, both of your testimonies would be very useful to Greg for righteousness to prevail. I just have one thing to say about the outcome of the trial and that is this: The judge jury advised the jury on how to decide a verdict for each indictment, and the thing that I heard repeated several times was that they had to find proof that there was INTENT on the defenDANTS part to commit these crimes and there was absolutely NO INTENT on Gregs part to inflict pain or commit a crime in any part of this. The only intent that Greg Dew has ever had in his entire life was and is to LOVE AND SERVE. The only thing Greg has ever intended on anyone in his life was to aid at helping someone to be the best that they could be in whatever success they were trying to achieve and to be the most helpful in relieveing pain to the best of his ability.

again, to the gymnasts who trained with Tory and Shannon, contact Roy. You will be ever so blessed for the help you have to offer.

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80WJHilton(7 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I would have to absolutely agree with sdwhit5. That was the first thing I thought of when I read your comments former gymnasts, was how wonderfully helpful you would truly be to this entire ordeal. It started as a he said she said case, and now it just baffles me how much evidence has come forth since his verdict. It's amazing how poor the justice system has become in our country, and how sad the law is now. Roy's website is not a plea for help or opinionated, it is pure fact, literary and (best of all), audio. I pray this appeal will go the way of righteousness, and Greg will be once again, joined with his family. What a tragic tragic moment in our country!

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81bbzebras(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Speaking for the Dew family this will be the last blog any of us will post on this site. We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our case. We apologize if anyone has taken offense at anything we have said. Our intent is not to cause anyone harm, but to bring out the truth of what went on. We love Greg and will continue to support him through this hard time in his life and the lives of his family.

I would like to also ask the gymnasts who have commented on this blog to contact my brother Roy. There is information on how to do that on freedrdew.com. Please contact us if you feel that you can.

Again, thank you to everyone for your interest in our case. May truth and justice prevail.

Greg's loving sister

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82sdipiero(3 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

mdjd and husband: I hope you put as much effort into your jobs to serve and protect as you have used to try and hurt Greg. Also the last I heard there is a freedom of religion in the USA and is one of the basic freedoms that this country was founded on. As servants of the people, I would think that both of you would never bring religion into any of your cases. I am a Presbyterian and I support Greg. His family never judged anyone for what they believed. Again you are both spending way too much time on this, you spoke your mind and I am quite sure that everyone knows how you feel.

to anyone who knew what happened (or didn't happen) with the gymnasts: Please go to the website and contact Roy. Also spread the word to others who may be able to help.

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83formergymnast(4 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I just wanted to ensure those of you who suggested that "was_a_gymnast" and I get involved, that I have. I sent a letter to the judge prior to sentencing and have also made it clear that I would be available for further information. It is evident that the "law enforcement" (and I use that term loosely) and his persecuter (I mean prosecuter) wife have no clue what they are talking about and are going only by the heresay of two disturbed women. They admitted to not knowing him prior to any of this. That is why I made it clear that I would be available for further questioning or as a character witness as someone who is actually KNOWLEDGEABLE about what happened during those years.

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84Gymnast83(3 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

I've been associated with YGC since it began in the early 70's - first as a gymnast (not coached by Greg however) and as a coach with Greg thru the early 90's. While I never personally witnessed Greg doing anything illegal with the girls I can attest to this - MANY team girls fought VALIANTLY for Greg's attention and affection. Also, to say that he didn't have any opportunity to do any of this ("there were 50-100 people in the gym all the time") is NOT true. Depending on the night, as coaches, we were the last ones to leave the gym. We all were there late and frequently, there were kids left waiting for their parents. Also, in about 88 or 89, tanning beds were introduced to the gym and as staff, we were allowed to use them. One evening, I put my bathing suit on, locked the door and got into the tanning bed. Soon, I was surprised when Greg came into the room and proceeded to grope me under my suit. I *immediately* pushed the top canopy of the bed up and shoved him out of the way, asking "what the HELL are you doing?" He left and as far as I know, never spoke of the incident to anyone. Nor have I until today. I had never done anything to encourage or give Greg the impression that I wanted this to happen. When this occurred, we were both adults, I believe he was engaged and I was married. It was an unwelcome invasion of my privacy, initiated by Greg. Unfortunately, I never told anyone about it NOR did I let it "ruin" me for life.
YGC was like my 2nd home. Although there have been a few bad apples associated with YGC, there have been THOUSANDS of us who have grown up to live productive, professional lives. Bottom line is - I feel for the victims in this case. I coached both the girls and have known Shannon since she was born. No one deserves to be violated and those who do it, deserve the consequences come as a result of their actions.

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85mustardseed(1 comment)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Ok lets be real. When I was a young, beautiful girl in High school I was 15 going on 30. The male teachers, I would say they were in there mid twenties at the time, pretty cool guys too. We pursued THEM, they were our bait not the other way around. Many of the girls in hi-school went out with the teachers (plural) I wouldn't call them sex predators or a child molestor, even as I am older and looking back at it all. It was a thrill to us and a challenge! IF the teacher were to have gotten in some sort of trouble because of it, TRUST ME it would be more our fault than there's. Were we minors?? Yes! But we did know what we were doing. Us females know how to seduce, and sorry but the truth is we are men's greatest weakness and we always will be. It goes back thru the hand of time and will continue thru time.

Just look at the young girls today, if you didn't know there age you would never guess them to be oh, 13! It wouldn't surprise me if something went on between a coach (in his twenties) with teenage girls. My best friend broke our History teachers heart, she was 15 to his 26? We are 40 now and would never judge him even now. We might of been young but we knew what we were doing and we were NOT THAT INNOCENT.

Now I see children being murdered and beatened by their parents, REAL young children raped, children living in repeated abuse and when their predators (usually parents) are prosecuted it is a slap on the wrist. SO COME ON HERE WHAT in the world is this?? I don't know the man but this sounds like something from some weird country. This can't be real!

The evidence, the so-called crime (if they were committed and even if THEY WERE committed) do not fit the punishment. THis is so sick! My prayers to the family and to those who claimed to have been the victim here well why so long to come forward? Too much with this doesn't make any sense. Wow 43 years? Incredibly sick! I pray to God he wins his appeal.

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86sdwhit5(2 comments)posted 8 years, 3 months ago

GO MUSTARDSEED!!! you took the words right out of my mouth!!! Me, being a teenager once, (I am now almost 34 and a mother of 4 boys) knows exactly how teenage girls think and behave! These girls are no different at all. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing and WANTED it to be happening....wanted even more to happen that SUPPOSSEDLY did...even Dr. Dew testified that the one gymnast, Shannon Gallagher, rushed him, jumped up on him and told him that she WANTED HIM TO BE HER FIRST TO HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH!!!!!! and he still had the professionalism to move her aside and tell her to leave him alone and go back down to the pool with her friends.

And I agree about all the terrible things that happen in the world today and people are literally GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER, but there is enough time to waste on deciding if "tickling my back" as one "VICTIM" stated could be considered RAPE!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers...I surely hope he wins his appeal too.

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87brown33(1 comment)posted 8 years, 2 months ago

Hi Roy, I have heard so much about you in the past, but never got to meet you. I used to work with Greg at Health First Medical Center, at one point he was my supervisor. I honestly can say that he never did any thing out of line to me or anyone there to my knowledge.
There were times that we were alone whether it was dealing with issues or concerns of the clinic or going to the funeral home to see our patient. I have read and followed this NIGHT MARE for a while now but never had time to sit an post a comment. I have read the website of freedrdew, doesn't take a einstein to figure that out, none of the statements that I read make sense or one would say accurate from the 2 victims. Sounds like a lot of he said, she said and were out to get him. I can't imagine how you and your family feel, however, it has bothered me some and I wish that I could have reached out and helped but I couldn't. Someone you work with daily, joked around with for 3years becomes your second family. How is he doing?? Please tell him that his former employee that ran the exercise room 5 years ago said hello and my thoughts and prayers are with him and your family in this tragic. If he has faith in God, he will be ok and it may take some time but he will win the appeal. Please respond so I know that you did talk or see your brother so I can be some what at ease. Thanks for your time.

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88lncgump(1 comment)posted 6 years, 7 months ago


I had only found about all of this a little while ago. I knew Dew for about 15 years. I remember all the positive things about him.

He was someone to look up to. He fixed a problem that I had had with a bad ankle. A problem that normal doctors could not.

At a low point in my life, I was addicted to drugs due to sexual crimes that were committed on me when I was a teenager. I was in desperate need of help. Dew took me right in, gave me the needed medical clearances and I was then able to receive proper care through rehab channels.

Around this time, I had nothing to hold onto.
I got out my my hole and started to see things clearly. I got into body building and now the medical profession. I would not have done this without the impressions that Dew left on me.

My molester was a female. I had years of hurt and shame, along with drug abuse. Is she serving time in prison? NO Instead she got promoted to another School District where she is in charge of the entire elementary program.

I have no opinion on the case except that 43 years is too long. I could go out and kill someone and serve half that time.

I will always look up to Dew, for in my heart he helped me out and I owe a lot of my hopes and dreams to him.

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