Warren to fund another study on revitalization of economy

Council has had past studies done on the matter.



WARREN — A divided city council voted to fund another study on how to revitalize the city’s economy.

Council split 5-5 on the measure, and it took a yes vote from Robert Marchese, council president, to break the deadlock.

The new study will cost the city $182,000. Poggemeyer Design Group of Bowling Green will do the study.

Councilwoman Helen Rucker, D-at large, said the city has done other, similar studies and nothing has come out of them. Rucker, a member of council’s strategic planning committee, voted against the study.

“I wanted the committee to review the past studies that we haven’t used and paid for,” she said. “If council is going to lead, then we need to be informed enough to lead.”

Voted for plan

Councilman Andrew Barkley, D-3rd, is chairman of the strategic planning committee.

“The objective of the comprehensive plan is to evaluate current, future and potential development patterns in the city,” he said. He voted for the plan.

Others voting against the plan were Susan Hartman, D-7th; Bob Dean, D-at large; Al Novak, D-2nd; and James Pugh, D-6th.

Voting in favor of the study were Fiore Dippolito, D-1st; Bob Holmes, D-4th; Vince Flask, D-5th; and Gary Fonce, D-at large.

One of the study phases includes community involvement. Barkley said Poggemeyer strongly advocates public participation, adding the city residents will have many opportunities to have a say in the planning process.

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