Movie will be shown outdoors in company-housing courtyard

The organizer hopes the event improves perceptions of Campbell and Youngstown.



CAMPBELL — An outdoor movie night in Campbell?

It’s all part of the plan for Tim Sokoloff, the man leading the charge to revitalize the Campbell Works Company Houses.

Sokoloff’s newly incorporated Iron Soup Inc. is inviting the community to its first fundraiser, a movie night and rummage sale beginning at noon Saturday.

“We’re trying to enlighten the public and generate community spirit,” said Sokoloff, who said he originally hoped to hold the event on the 30th anniversary of Black Monday, today. However, the projector he’s borrowing from Poland Streetscape was not available on that date, he said.

At 8:30 p.m. the group will show “October Sky,” the story of a West Virginia coal miner's son who was inspired to take up rocketry. The movie will be broadcast on an outdoor screen in the development’s courtyard at the corner of Delmar and Andrews streets.

Sokoloff hopes the event will provide a positive diversion for neighborhood residents, reducing crime and vandalism.

Curbing vandalism is an increasingly important objective for Sokoloff as he and his crew make progress fixing up the 126 historic, row-house apartments. Sokoloff, his daughter and her fiancé live in the development, built to house workers of Youngstown Sheet and Tube between 1919 and 1920. The three and a small group of volunteers are mowing, painting and cleaning their way to restoring the neighborhood.

Admission will be free, but donations are encouraged. A renovated “Company House” will be open for tours, said Sokoloff.

Proceeds will help Iron Soup Inc. buy paint, gasoline and plywood, he said. For more information, visit, or call Sokoloff at (330) 550-7537.

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