Landfill seeks public input

The landfill imports about 2,800 tons of trash per day.



POLAND — Allied Waste representatives unveiled plans to township residents to expand the company’s South Stateline Road landfill.

The company hopes to win Ohio Environmental Protection Agency approval to begin dumping on 70 acres on the southern portion of their landfill, near Springfield Township, said Allied Waste official Mike Heher.

The acreage would boost an already approved expansion, increasing projected capacity from 34 million cubic yards to 47 million cubic yards, Heher added.

No further growth would be necessary for at least 50 years if the plan is approved, he said.

The OEPA had the meeting Thursday to consider public input as a portion of the approval process. Heher said he expects the process to take two to four years.

Residents complained of foul odors, increased and irritating truck traffic and declining property values near the site.

Some complaints

Merle Secrest, who lives on U.S. Route 224 in the township, said dump trucks traveling to and from the facility cause a mess on his property.

“Nobody realizes how many trucks go out there,” he said. “224’s nothing but mud.”

Ed Yasechko, 81, who lives near the landfill, said he doesn’t think the township is getting its fair share of the profits from the facility.

“I think you’ve destroyed a good section of our township,” he said. “I think Poland Township is getting the short end of the stick.”

Township Trustee Bob Lidle was more receptive to the proposition, however.

The township receives about $30,000 per month from Allied Waste in fees drawn from trash that is imported from faraway destinations.

The landfill brings in about 2,800 tons of trash per day — or almost half its daily intake — from sites more than 175 miles away, Heher said. Higher fees attached to the long-haul waste benefit local government agencies, he added.

Ohio receives about $350,000 per month and Mahoning County, $250,000 per month, Heher said.

“We’re able to do things for our residents that don’t require us to ask for more levy dollars” because of the landfill, Lidle said.

In addition to receiving 25 cents per ton for imported garbage, the township receives a free police car every year and other perks as part of its contract with Allied Waste, Heher said.

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