East High School: Current enrollment 1,170

East High School: Current enrollment 1,170

Sept. 5: Disorderly conduct; girl, 17, disrupting class with cell phone, yelled and screamed at police.

Sept. 5: Disorderly conduct; fight between two girls, both 14, in cafeteria in front of several hundred students.

Sept. 12: Disorderly conduct; boy, 15, disturbance in cafeteria.

Sept. 17: Disorderly conduct; boy, 16, refused to give up cell phone, became loud and abusive, said he will do what he wants.

Sept. 17: Disorderly conduct; boy, 16, yelling and swearing and continued after being warned to stop.

Sept. 17: Disorderly conduct; boy; 14, threw a desk that struck another student, became loud and abusive and combative with police and teacher.

Sept. 18: Disorderly conduct; boy, 17, while being disciplined for swearing in hallways, became loud and belligerent and defiant and caused disturbance.

Sept. 19: Disorderly conduct; boy, 15, had been in the girls restroom and shouted obscenities and racial epithets at police during escort to office.

Sept. 20: Disorderly conduct; three girls, 15, 16, 16, described as out of control and loud and verbally abusive in locker commons area, refused to comply with directives from assistant principals, said they would move toward class when ready.

Sept. 24: Disorderly conduct; boy, 17, physical altercation in locker commons area, refused to cease and desist.

Sept. 25: Disorderly conduct; two girls, 15 and 14, fighting and had to be separated.

Sept. 25: Disorderly conduct; two girls, both 14, fighting, had to be pulled apart and restrained by two teachers.

Sept. 26: Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest; boy, 15, yelled obscenities at staff in cafeteria, told police to get out of his face and struggled to avoid being handcuffed.

Sept. 27: Abusive language toward teacher; boy, 16, belligerent, used obscenities and called female teacher derogatory names.

Sept. 28: Inciting violence; four boys, all 15, who were the most animated and vocal in a crowd that would not disperse, some were yelling “East Side!” and others chanting “South Side!” with accompanying gang hand gestures.

Sept. 28: Disorderly conduct; two boys, 15 and 16, had their shirts off and were fighting in a classroom, had to be pulled apart by staff.

Oct. 1: Criminal trespassing; boy, 14, had been suspended and was found walking the halls.

Oct. 2: Menacing and resisting arrest; boy, 15, had been escorted to office to avoid a fight and threatened a police officer, jumped out of a chair toward the officer; the officer trapped the boy’s head between his knees.

Chaney High School: Current enrollment 1,300

Sept. 11: Disorderly conduct; boy, 16, became irate with teacher in cafeteria and, while being escorted out, began yelling at teachers, principal and police and had to be taken to ground and handcuffed.

Oct. 1: Disorderly conduct; three boys, 16, 17 and 17, fighting in a timeout room; police used a burst of pepper spray on one combatant to gain control of him and then, due to a large crowd and continued fighting, used more spray to disperse the crowd. During the melee, the principal fell to the floor and lost a contact lens trying to break up the fight.

Oct. 1: Disorderly conduct; two boys, 15 and 14, fighting in cafeteria, knocking over chairs and food.

Odyssey School: Enrollment 100 (2006-07 figure)

Sept. 7: Pickup order from juvenile court for trafficking in drugs and assault; boy, 13.

Sept. 26: Assault, escape; same boy, now 14, attempted to break free during escort to timeout room and punched teacher in her forearm. When escorted to office, he ran out and was caught in woods.

Oct. 1: Assault on teacher; boy 15, removed from a classroom after an altercation with another student, pushed a teacher and was restrained in a timeout area.

Mahoning Valley School of Opportunity: Current enrollment 130

Sept. 12: Pickup for juvenile court parole violation; boy, 17. During search, a loaded gun (stolen in an Austintown burglary) was found in his pants pocket. New charges of carrying a concealed weapon, receiving stolen property and illegal conveyance of a deadly weapon on school property were added.

Source: Youngstown Police Department

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