McDonald board changes early retirement terms

The NHS donated $9,800 toward two new



McDONALD — The McDonald school board on Monday changed two requirements of the teachers early retirement incentive program it first approved May 21.

The program is in effect for this school year through the 2009-2010 school year.

Previous terms of the program that said that employees must tender their resignations by Dec. 31 has been changed to Jan. 31.

Retirement effectiveness dates have also been changed from the last day of the school year to no earlier than May 31 and no later than June 30.

Treasurer Thomas Radabaugh said there are employees who have to work past the end of school normally, such as guidance counselors, and the end of school date would penalize them.

Also, teachers who retire by May 31 can get their first retirement check June 1. Teachers who retire in June can’t get a retirement check for June.

Superintendent Michael Wasser also thanked the National Honor Society’s Building Fund for a donation of $9,800 toward two new scoreboards installed earlier this month in the school gym. The NHS has had the building fund since 1999 for projects at the high school. The board paid the remaining $13,200 for the $23,000 scoreboards.

The mother of a 12-year-old seventh-grade girl complained to the board that her daughter had been receiving life-threatening notes in her locker since the start of school. She said she was never advised of the problem until just three weeks ago, when an administrator told her that her daughter’s locker had been changed. Her daughter had not told her mother about the threats.

The woman said her daughter has also been the target of verbal harassment by another pupil who has spread rumors about her, and has been placed on anti-anxiety medication because of the situation.

The woman asked that the board enforce its rules for harassment and bullying, then abruptly left the meeting.

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