Hubbard mayor: We won't tolerate loud music from vehicles

HUBBARD — Robert Nicholson, 21, of Hillview Drive, likes to turn up the volume on the music in his 1993 Oldsmobile, but after city officials took away the car’s sound system for more than a week, he will likely think twice before turning up the sound again.

Mayor Arthur U. Magee said Robert Nicholson, 21, of Hillview Drive had been warned about the loud music coming from his car before being ordered into mayor’s court earlier this month.

Magee ordered Nicholson to hand the equipment over to police. Shortly after the mayor’s court proceedings July 9, Nicholson unhooked and handed over amplifiers, woofers and speakers valued at $700.

Officials informed Nicholson this week that he could pick up his stereo equipment from the police station last Friday. Nicholson said he discussed the matter with Magee and reached an understanding.

“[Magee] just wants me to keep [the volume] down in the city limits.”

Magee said the city does not see a lot of people driving with loud stereos, and most often those people who are reported have fled the area or turned down the sound by time officers arrived. Still, he said, the message has to be clear that such activity will not be tolerated in the city.

Magee said temporarily confiscating Nicholson’s equipment will send the message to Nicholson and all other lovers of loud sounds. More permanent measures may be taken in the future.

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