Some catch: It was the catch that wasn’t, maybe the best grab Grady Sizemore never made.

Some catch: It was the catch that wasn’t, maybe the best grab Grady Sizemore never made. Overshadowed in Cleveland’s 11-10 comeback loss to the Chicago White Sox on Monday night was Sizemore’s leaping catch against the wall in left-center in the seventh inning, a snag that was ruled an out, but never happened. Sizemore actually trapped Paul Konerko’s shot, which caromed in the blink of any eye off the Plexiglas scoreboard and into the glove of the center fielder, who didn’t know what umpires were going to rule when he finally touched down on the warning track. “I just tried to just act like I caught it,” he said. “It was one of those things where it was hard to tell either way. I was even confused on how I caught it. I just tried to play it normal.” As Sizemore came down with the ball, left fielder Jason Michaels immediately began gesturing to the umpires that Sizemore had made the catch. “I was doing some good acting,” he said. “I heard it hit the wall and figured they were going to give him a hit.” Sizemore was jogging back to the Indians’ dugout when the Jacobs Field crowd began oohing and aahing at replays of his remarkable catch that were being shown on the ballpark’s giant scoreboard. “I didn’t want to look at it because I knew I didn’t catch it,” Sizemore said. “I don’t know why they were putting it on the board. I saw the umpires were looking at it too, and I was like, ’Are you guys going to turn it off or not? Because they’re going to change the call.”’ Konerko was confident his shot had hit the wall cleanly. “I could see right away he didn’t catch it, but I was running to first and said, ’Well, maybe I saw it wrong,”’ Konerko said in a quiet clubhouse afterward. “I got back to the bench and the guys said they heard it hit the wall. Then we saw the replay. I was right. I’m not happy, but we won the game so it’s over.”

Not looking marvelous: Fernando Cabrera’s problems have the Indians perplexed. The right-hander was tagged for four runs and five hits in one-third of an inning when the White Sox scored nine times in the sixth inning of their 11-10 win Monday night. Cabrera has shown signs of being a dependable reliever, but in his last eight games he has given up seven runs and 14 hits in 11 1/3 innings. He began the season by pitching 11 2/3 scoreless innings. “We’re trying to find a way to get to him and get him going,” said manager Eric Wedge, who met with Cabrera before Tuesday’s game. “He has an outing and you think he’s back on track with his delivery and you put him in a situation and he doesn’t get it done and then he doesn’t pitch for a while. “So it’s kind of a vicious cycle. We’re trying to work with him to be more consistent for us. We’ll continue to look for spots to find him work.” Wedge still believes in the 25-year-old, who had an inconsistent second half in 2006. The club had hoped he would become a key member of its bullpen this season, but that hasn’t happened yet. “We need him to string it together and establish some confidence and get himself going,” Wedge said. “We’ve got to be able to use every one of our guys.”

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