Toxic mold postpones court action

A McDonald company will clean up the mold in the
Cortland court.



CORTLAND — Trumbull County Central District Court has been forced to find temporary quarters while a toxic black mold problem is removed.

“We scrambled around today,” Judge Thomas Campbell said Monday as the court was moved from its permanent North Mecca Street location to the Trumbull County Agricultural Center, 520 W. Main St.

Meanwhile, the judge said, it will take about a week for Morocco Services Inc. of McDonald to remove the mold. Testing will then be done to assure the building is safe.

“We need to be functional,” the judge said.

Judge Campbell explained that rain damaged the basement a few weeks ago. The mold was later found behind a cabinet in the basement.

Tests were conducted by the Trumbull County Health Department and further testing was required.

The second round of tests discovered the presence of toxic black mold, Judge Campbell said.

Hearings canceled

Hearings scheduled for Monday were canceled, including that of Lance Peck, the owner of a dog who police say mauled a 6-year-old girl at Mosquito Lake Park.

Peck, 35, of Champion Township, is charged with failure to confine a dog resulting in injuries, a felony, and not having insurance on a vicious dog, failure to have a dog leashed at a state park and having a dog on the beach of a state park, all misdemeanors.

His case was postponed and another hearing date is not yet scheduled.

The North Mecca building that houses the court is owned by Tony Carson, former Trumbull County administrator. He is paid $4,500 per month by the county.

Judge Campbell said he expects Carson to pay for the mold remediation. He is unsure about the cost, but noted that Morocco was recommended to perform the work by Dr. James Enyart, county health commissioner, because Morocco could expedite the removal.

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