Scrappers end loss skid with 16-4 win

Mooney’s Jeff Hehr led Mahoning Valley’s rout of
Tri-City with five hits.

TROY, NY — The Mahoning Valley Scrappers ended their three game losing streak Monday afternoon with a 16-4 win over Tri City.

After the teams exchanged zeros over three innings, the Scrappers exploded for 16 runs in the next four innings. All but one starter had a hit and five players had multiple hits.

Mooney High graduate Jeff Hehr led the attack with a 5-for-6 day and four runs scored. Juan Valdes went 2-for-6 with four RBIs and Todd Martin went 1-for-5 with a homer and four RBIs. Mike Valadez was 3-for-5 and Adam White and Justin Jenkins both had two hits.

Joanniel Montero (3-1) pitched well in earning the win. He allowed one run on five scattered hits in his six innings. Bryan Hallberg (1-2) suffered the loss for the ValleyCats (8-18). He surrendered six runs and nine hits in four innings.

The Scrappers (13-14) open a six-game homestand Monday night at 7:05 p.m. Mike Eisenberg will start against the Staten Island Yankees at Eastwood Field.




White cf5220Sweet rf3100

Hehr 2b6452Corrado 3b5130

Valdes dh6324DeLome cf4000

Martin 1b5113Gamble dh5110

Brown rf4112Dixon 2b4121

Jenkins lf4123Everett ss2011

Petrucci 3b5110Cruz 1b4011

Valadez c5230Iacono c4000

Arnal ss4100Frye lf3000




E—Montero (1), Petrucci (8), Dixon 3 (8). DP—Scrappers 2. LOB—Scrappers 6, Tri-City 9. 2B—Brown (9), Jenkins (5), Valdes 2 (2). Dixon (4); HR—Martin (6). SB—Corrado (3). CS—White (2). SF—Martin, Brown.



Montero W, 3-1651111




Hallberg L, 1-2496503

Gil1 2-344410

Miller1 1-346321


WP—Hallberg, Miller. HBP—by Montero (DeLome) Umpires—Home, Tyler Wilson; Bases, Ben Karis. T—3:05. A—3,290.


Scrappers 4th — Hehr singles to left. Valdes reaches on fielding error by second baseman Dixon. Hehr to 2nd. Martin pops out to third. Brown doubles to right, Hehr scores. Valdes to 3rd. Jenkins doubles to right, Valdes scores, Brown scores. Petrucci pops out to first. Valadez hits infield single, Jenkins to 3rd. Arnal lines out to third. 3 runs,. 4 hits, 2 LOB.

Scrappers 5th — White singles to center. With Hehr batting, wild pitch by Bryan Hallberg, White to 2nd. Hehr singles to center, White scores. Juan Valdes doubles to right, Hehr scores. Pitcher Change: Danny Gil replaces Bryan Hallberg. Todd Martin homers to right field. Valdes scores. Brown flies out to center. Jenkins flies out to left. Petrucci pops out to second. 4 runs, 4 hits, 0 LOB.

Valleycats 5th — Dixon doubles to right. Everett grounds out to first, Dixon to 3rd. Cruz singles to center, Dixon scores. Iacono lines out to third. Frye walks, Cruz to 2nd. Sweet pops out to third. 1 run, 2 hits, 2 LOB.

Scrappers 6th — Valadez singles to center. Arnal pops out to first. White walks, Valadez to 2nd. Hehr singles to left, Valadez to 3rd, White to 2nd. Valdes doubles to right, Valadez scores, White scores, Hehr to 3rd. Martin out on a sacrifice fly to left, Hehr scores. Pitcher Change: David Miller replaces Danny Gil. Brown grounds out (4-3). 3 runs, 3 hits, 1 LOB.

Scrappers 7th — Jenkins walks. Petrucci singles to center, Jenkins to 2nd. With Valadez batting, wild pitch by Miller, Jenkins to 3rd, Petrucci to 2nd. Valadez singles to center, Jenkins scores, Petrucci to 3rd. Arnal walks, Valadez to 2nd. White strikes out swinging. Hehr singles to shortstop, Petrucci scores, Valadez to 3rd, Arnal to 2nd. Valdes reaches on fielding error at second, Valadez scores, Arnal to 3rd, Hehr to 2nd. Martin reaches on force attempt, throwing error by Dixon, Arnal scores, Hehr to 3rd, Valdes to 2nd. Brown out on a sacrifice fly to left, Hehr scores, Valdes to 3rd. Jenkins singles to left, Valdes scores, Martin to 2nd. Petrucci grounds into a force out, Martin out at 3rd. 6 runs, 4 hits, 1 LOB.

Valleycats 8th — Sweet walks. Corrado singles to right, Sweet to 2nd. DeLome pops out to short. Gamble singles to right, Sweet to 3rd, Corrado to 2nd. Dixon singles to right, Sweet scores, Corrado to 3rd, Gamble to 2nd. Everett walks, Corrado scores, Gamble to 3rd, Dixon to 2nd. Cruz flies out to right. Iacono reaches on fielding error at third, Gamble scores, Dixon to 3rd, Everett to 2nd. Frye grounds out (4-3). 3 runs, 3 hits, 3 LOB.

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