Hubbard councilman wants the city to hire its own engineer

The fire district legislation
will go to a third reading
in two weeks.



HUBBARD — A councilman wants the city to hire its own engineer.

Councilman Patton Gilliland, during a meeting Monday, told council that the city spent more than $139,000 in 2006 contracting with MS Consultants of Youngstown for engineering work and more than $99,500 thus far in 2007.

Gilliland contends the city would be better off hiring an engineer to perform services needed by the city.

“We are spending a lot of money with [MS Consultants],” he said.

Gilliland said the city could likely hire a good engineer for about $60,000 a year plus benefits.

Councilman Justin Silvidi said the city should consult a contracting company to determine what type of engineer the city would have to hire. Gilliland said a civil engineer would be appropriate.

Gilliland said he plans to form a committee to study the idea and look into hiring an engineer at the start of next year.

Other business

Council, in other business, discussed the pending legislation that would create the Eagle Joint Fire District consisting of the city and the township.

Council gave the legislation a second reading and will vote on the third and final reading needed for it to become law at their meeting July 30.

Some members of council said they were still uncomfortable with wording in the legislation that states the city and township will contribute equal amounts to the creation of the district. The city has $50,000 less in its fire fund than does the township.

“I don’t know why the word ‘equal’ is bothering any of you because we can’t give equal amounts as the township, we don’t have the money,” said council President John Darko. “I don’t know what more questions anyone can have on this fire district.”

Council did, in the last month, add wording to the legislation stating that the difference between the city and township cash contribution can be made up in services such as utilities and building costs shouldered by the city for the current fire department.

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