TODAY, 1:05 P.M.

2nd—Purse $6,200, Claiming $4,000, 3 yo's & up, Five Furlongs.

Heavenly Flash, K. Castillo, 123; Turn the Page, F. Munaylla, 123; Storm Gulch, A. Sanguinetti, 123; Camp China, L. Martinez, Jr., 123; Pleasant Success, E. Oro, 123; Another Elusive, C. Pilares, 123; Fast Flight, A. Dailey, 123.

4th—Purse $7,000, Claiming $4,000, 3 yo's & up, Six Furlongs.

Rentway, K. Castillo, 123; I Go Solo, C. Pilares, 123; Call Leader, V. Urieta-Moran, 123; Rickitte Tom, M. Polkey, 123; Foot On the Floor, L. Stokes, 123; Senor de Sol, A. Sanguinetti, 123.

6th—Purse $6,800, Claiming $4,000, 3 yo's & up, 1 Mile 70 Yards.

Major Mark, R. Feliciano, 118; Skeete's Bay, C. Pilares, 122; Allowable, S. Banda, 118; Truckin On, J. Skerrett, 122; Red I Am, L. Martinez, Jr., 120; Done Deal, J. Byrne, 120; Day Bue, E. Oro, 118.

8th—Purse $6,200, Claiming $4,000, 3 yo's & up, F & M, Five Furlongs.

Downtown Event, K. Castillo, 123; Luna Mundial (ARG), A. Sanguinetti, 123; Appealing Okie, S. Spieth, 123; Tuff Hint, M. Polkey, 123; Gemini's Revenge, W. Rini, 123; Shenny, E. Oro, 123; Shipin, R. Feliciano, 123; Artic Sonnet, C. Camaque, 123.

10th—Purse $6,200, Claiming $4,000, 3 yo's & up, Six Furlongs.

Pyrite Mac, R. Feliciano, 123; Rahy Pavo, A. Sanguinetti, 123; Marked Native, S. Spieth, 123; Lordlebo N Marylou, J. Skerrett, 123; Hillbilly Bandit, P. Mailhot, 123; Charioteer, L. Gonzalez, 123; Bull'o the Woods, L. Stokes, 123; Slew's Colony, J. Brown, 118.

12th—Purse $6,500, Maiden Claiming $4,000, 3 yo's & up, Six Furs.

Haskal's Prize, A. Sanguinetti, 123; Info Walk, M. Polkey, 123; Go Geta Job, L. Stokes, 123; Kluane, R. Feliciano, 121; Matachine, S. Deveaux, 123; The Player, W. Cloninger, Jr., 123; Binlookingforyou, E. Oro, 123; Slide Aside, J. Skerrett, 121; Ring the Butler, P. Mailhot, 123; Northern Cougar, S. Spieth, 123.

14th—Purse $7,900, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & up, F & M, Six Furs.

The Short Stuff, A. Dailey, 119; Devil's Girlfriend, A. Dailey, 119; Sun Spirit, L. Stokes, 117; Sammy R's Winner, F. Munaylla, 119; Mercers Booty, W. Cloninger, Jr., 119; Leah's Dolly, J. Magrell, 119; Espanola, E. Oro, 119; Surprise Witness, A. Sanguinetti, 119; Leah Grape, S. Spieth, 117; Mambos Dandee, W. Rini, 119; Kerry K, V. Urieta-Moran, 119; Penny Wise, M. Polkey, 119; Don'tskipthisone, L. Gonzalez, 119.



1st—TROT, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI

Isn't She Precious,F Harris; Beautiful Illusion,T Boring; Bonnie's Crown,M Purdy; Hylite Lavec,E Deaton; Call Me Your Baby,W Irvine; Sturdy Trouble,R Stahl; Carry The Light,D Miller; Warrawee Gem,M Kakaley; Mz Shenanigans,L Merriman.

2nd—PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI

Tell-Me-Patty,C Wyers; Beencaughtstealin,M Johnson; Rinestone Coddie,D Mc Vay; Zim and Torre,M Kakaley; Mizz Oak,R Stahl; Flaming Trick,T Boring; Bit O Ribs,W Irvine; Chocolate Fudge,E Deaton; Lady Astray,J Mapes.

3rd—PACE, FM OPN HCP, $7,000, 1 MI

Passing Lane Penny,R Angus; Cam U Stand It,M Kakaley; Martz Creek Danty,W Irvine; Polo Jenn,T Boring; Dynastar,R Stahl.

4th—PACE, FM6000 NW2, $2,200, 1 MI

Talk of The Party,E Deaton; Awberry Milk,W Irvine; Ever Berries,R Stahl; All Current,W Schwartz; Sweet Piggy Bank,R Angus; Star Town,T Root; Last Dream,T Jones; Belle Beckley,M Kakaley; Her Name Was Baker,J Thompson.

5th—TROT, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI

Baba S,J Conger; Sweet Sweep,M Robinson; Bad Situation,R Stahl; Mom's Prize,J Thompson; Shinin Pearl,T Boring; Acadia Sis,T Jones; Ts Bitoffcenter,D Miller; Little Beans,W Irvine; I Like Claudette,E Deaton.

6th—PACE, FM4000CL, $2,500, 1 MI

Banois Hanover,T Boring; High Performance,R Stahl; Unique Mazie,J Thompson; My Sweet Lorelei,E Deaton; Merely Mystical,T Jones; Expensive Di,M Kakaley; Jayci Honey,W Irvine; Snowdaze,K Sugg.

7th—PACE, FMNW250PS, $2,500, 1 MI

Gram of Gold,T Boring; Bad Vibrations,W Irvine; Jj's Lady Luck,E Deaton; Odessa Angus,M Kakaley; Ccashleydash,R Stahl; Matty Alou,J Green; Town Toots,L Merriman; Second Chance,T Jones; Fairground Lady,J Mapes.

8th—TROT, FMNW300PS, $3,000, 1 MI

Ima Cricket Also,M Kakaley; Cup O Tea,W Irvine; Sandy Chaser,T Boring; Sassy Jewel,K Sugg; Mysty Mountain Hop,F Harris; Connie Corleone,D Mc Kirgan; Mary My King,R Stahl; Kosher Winner,T Jones; Mrs Understood,E Deaton.

9th—PACE, FM3000CL, $2,200, 1 MI

Coor's Adios N,K Sugg; Eda Finn,R Stahl; Lucky Number Three,W Irvine; Borabora Jana,T Jones; El Diamonds,E Deaton; Cinnamon Snowball,R Angus; Spider Girl,T Boring; Village Catera,F Harris; Free For All,T Rose.

10th—PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI

Red Hott Alert,E Deaton; Lost Connections,W Popio; T C Shadow,R Stahl; Positivereaction N,K Sugg; My Mary,M Kakaley; Armbro Wonder,W Irvine; Masquerade's Model,J Mapes; Tickle-Me-Patty,T Boring; Mystical Worker,J Thompson.

11th—PACE, FMNW300PS, $3,000, 1 MI

Sporty Jayla,R Stahl; Alabama Co-Ed,W Irvine; Mans Diamond,E Deaton; Call Box,T Rose; Tequila,T Jones; Hawaii Connection,M Kakaley; Shebunnbunn,M Johnson; Desert Bunny,K Sugg.

12th—PACE, FMNW400PS, $4,000, 1 MI

Blue Creek Angie,E Deaton; I Am Samsational,W Irvine; Judge Sadie,R Stahl; M D Jewel,J Thompson; Iamgonnabeachyou,T Jones; April Fool Days,T Boring; Firstrobinofspring,L Merriman.

13th—PACE, FMNW250PS, $2,500, 1 MI

Heart's In It,T Boring; Sweetie Peetie,T Jones; Honeymoon Hudson,L Merriman; Schilling,R Stahl; Ramblin Kelly,E Deaton; Best Be Lucky,J Thompson; Eagle Creek Beauty,J Mapes; Johnnys Candy Girl,W Popio; Katies Valentine,M Kakaley.

14th—PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI

Katy's Finale,E Deaton; Lonehill Valvette,R Angus; Lonely Me,W Irvine; Iwasborninamudhole,T Jones; Coluptuous,R Stahl; Lizzytish,K Koch; Sheza Hoosier,T Rose; Jenna's On Jodi,T Boring; Game Nicole,P Vargo.

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