County to aid Baker St. in fighting flooding

A two-phase project is designed to take stormwater away faster.



AUSTINTOWN — Mahoning County will help with a project to curb flooding on a street where residents have long complained about inundated yards and basements.

Residents of Baker Street asked trustees several times last summer to help them stop the source of the flooding.

They believed inadequate drainage systems from Mahoning Avenue businesses were contributing to the flooding.

Last year, the county engineer recommended changing the direction of a catch basin pipe behind the Skate Zone on Mahoning so that the water flowed out faster, said township Administrator Mike Dockry. That was done.

But a bigger project to help take the water away faster from Baker Street will begin sometime in 2008, he said. Phase I of that project will involve bigger stormwater pipes and work on the drainage channel on Kimberly Avenue, where water from Baker Street flows.

A new retention pond at a culvert on Norquest Boulevard near state Route 11 will eventually collect that water. The retention pond should also help curb flooding of the kind that closed Norquest Boulevard twice last year, Dockry said.

The project will cost $105,000, with $73,000 of it coming as a grant from the county, Dockry said.

Phase Two

In the second phase of the project, which is unfunded at this time, larger stormwater pipes would be installed on Baker Street. Dockry said putting the bigger pipes in place on Kimberly and building the new retention pond are necessary first.

Harry Daff, a Baker Street resident who often spoke about the problem at township meetings, said he believes the work on Kimberly Avenue is a good start toward the solution. He said the bigger pipes on Baker should help.

Daff said that right now, water backs up out of the storm system and floods yards and basements.

He said the water comes up his driveway and gets into his garage and basement.

Dockry said that last year, unusually heavy rains overtaxed the storm system.

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