YSU Capital Campaign

Jim and Ellen Tressel and Frank and Norma Watson gave a combined $1 million gift to Youngstown State University’s Centennial Capital Campaign on Monday, raising the campaign total thus far to $32 million toward a $43 million goal. The biggest contributors so far are:

Williamson family, $5 million

Lariccia family, $4 million

Maigetter Trust, $1 million

Sidney and Bert Rigelhaupt Trust,
$1 million

Gail Dennison Trust, $1 million

Jim and Ellen Tressel and Frank and Norma Watson, $1 million

Anonymous, $800,000

Beecher Foundation, $750,000

Resch Foundation, $750,000

William J. Fitzsimons estate, $650,000

Andrews Trust, $500,000

First Place Bank, $500,000

National City Bank, $300,000

Source: YSU

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