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Vindy reader:: Every day, we hear about tragedies with young adults involved and every day I count my blessings that I still have my two beautiful daughters with me. Everytime I hear things like what happened with these two young men, I think of how lucky I am and my heart goes out to the parents and families of the victims and could not begin to imagine how they must feel to lose their children.

DW:My condolences go out to the grieving families of the two bikers. I found motorcycle fatalities in Ohio have spiked 30 percent from 2002 to 2005. In 2005, there were 172 that died in motorcycle crashes. I’ve personally seen more aggressive riding and most of it is young kids on crotch rockets. On several occasions, I’ve seen kids on Route 11 and 680 screaming past me at over 100 miles an hour in traffic. ... I think the state government needs to re-evaluate who it’s issuing licenses to. I think these kids need to pass intensive safety tests to ride and I think they need to see what can happen, and I mean show them the graphics.

SAD: My brother is also a rider and friend of these two kids. I love my brother very much and would have been completely devastated if he had passed away. Brent, you were a wonderful person and I thank you for being such a great friend to my brother.

Matt’s cousin: Matt was one of the nicest guys I know. He was never in trouble, and he loved and respected his family very much. I was with his family last night. The hardest thing you can do is bury your child. It is like a piece of your heart is missing. Matt, you will be missed by all.

Shredder:These guys should be respected for doing what they loved to do, and doing it they way they wanted, without being told how to behave by some lawmaker who thinks he knows what is good for people. They knew the risks, made their own rules, and paid the consequences. True bikers in my mind.

Reason: My sympathies go out to the families. However, these two individuals were out looking for a rush and happened to go too far. This is no different than a drug addict looking for a rush and overdosing. Bad things happen to good people all the time when stupidity outweighs reason. Hopefully this will open some people’s eyes.

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