FIREWORKS | Safety tips Make your Fourth of July a little safer by following these simple tips from the Boardman Township Bureau of Fire Prevention & Education:

Never purchase illegal or homemade fireworks. These can be unstable and cause massive injuries or death.

Always read and follow the instructions and safety recommendations.

Light only one firework at a time. Make sure all bystanders are out of range before lighting.

Sparklers, though considered to be safe, can burn at high temperatures. The sparks can ignite clothing or cause burns. Use with caution.

Keep unused fireworks away from the area where you are shooting them off.

Do not ignite fireworks in glass or metal containers.

Have a fire extinguisher and a bucket of water on hand for emergencies.

Never re-light a “dud.” Wait 15-20 minutes and then soak in it in a bucket of water.

Do not throw or point fireworks at anyone.

Do not carry fireworks in your pockets.

If clothing catches fire: Stop, drop and roll.

Do not mix alcohol with fireworks. Fireworks should only be used by competent, responsible adults.

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