Accused stalker relased from jail

CAMPBELL — The woman accused of stalking a Campbell firefighter has been ordered to remain 500 feet from his house and the firestation.

Marina Tatarciuc, 46, of Van Buren Road, pleaded for leniency in Campbell Municipal Court today before being released from Mahoning County Jail on $30,000 bond.

She faces charges of menacing by stalking, breaking and entering, disrupting public service and criminal trespassing after she was allegedly observed in a restricted area of the fire department Saturday.

According to police reports, she had been warned about trespassing at the fire department before. She is also accused of using the department’s emergency line in attempts to contact the firefighter.

Tatarciuc tearfully told Judge Patrick Cunning that she is going through a divorce and had stopped using the city’s emergency line in an attempt contact the firefighter.

“I’m not a criminal,” she said.

But Prosecutor Theresa Tolson argued for the $30,000 bond saying Tatarciuc is a threat to the community.

“She’s tied up the [emergency] hotline making calls to the station,” she said. “She’s tied-up the police station. She’s been given an opportunity to cease and desist and she does not."

Judge Cunning told Tatarciuc that if she has any further contact with the victim, oral or written, the bond will be revoked.

She faces more than 3 years in prison, if convicted under the current charges. A preliminary hearing in her case is scheduled for July 10, the judge said.

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