Noth vulnerable. West deals.

Noth vulnerable. West deals.
J 5 3 2
A Q J 6 2
A Q 10 8 3 4
10 9 6 A 8 7 4
K 4 8 6 5 3 2
K 10 3 7 5 4
J 9 7 6 5 2
10 9 7
9 8
The bidding:
1 Dbl Pass 1NT
Pass 3NT Pass Pass
Opening lead: Ace of
Would you rather play or defend three no trump on this deal? You can select your opening lead in a major.
South's one-no-trump response to his partner's takeout double is positive, showing some 7-10 points though it could be somewhat shaded when opener has bid spades. North invariably jumped to the no-trump game.
Where Zia Mahmood sat South, the opening lead was the ace of spades and, at trick two, West shifted to the 10 of hearts. East followed low, declarer won with the queen and most were tempted to take the club finesse. Even though the finesse succeeded and the suit broke 3-3, they usually could not come to nine tricks before the defenders collected five.
Zia elected to take the diamond finesse. When that held, he played clubs from the top. As the cards lie, he could not be stopped from scoring four club tricks, two hearts and either three diamonds or two diamonds and one spade to bring home the game.
Against Benito Garozzo, the opening lead was the 10 of hearts. East elected to rise with the ace and return a heart to declarer's king. Garozzo continued with the club finesse, cashed the jack of hearts and exited with the king of spades! No matter what West elected to do, declarer would come to nine tricks. It would seem if you have the ability of either of our declarers, you could come to nine tricks no matter how the defenders proceed.
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