Brookfield teachers take a united stand in disputes with majority on board of education

Recently the superintendent and the "new" board of education of the Brookfield Local School District mailed a 10-page newsletter to the residents of Brookfield and Masury addressing a number of topics. While we do agree that there was some truth in the letter, much of it was based on opinion or, worse yet, defamations of character and lies. Some truth is dangerous; mixing truth with lies and distortions is unethical and immoral.
It is the intent of this letter to address one such false item. On page 6 of the letter, the author(s) referred to "a minority of teachers that work hard at finding things to complain about."
First, we are an organization that has 75 committed professionals doing the best we can under difficult circumstances to educate the children of this district. This letter was signed by all 75 members of the Brookfield Federation of Teachers; we are not a minority. The board should not underestimate our unity nor our resolve.
Second, it is not "hard work" finding something to complain about. We are all tired of the bullying, the threats, and the intimidation which are coming from the "new" board. We are all disgusted at the new mandates that come our way with no discussion, consideration or even forewarning and without any input from our professional members. It is not "hard work" to be angered by the treatment of employees who are singled-out unfairly.
Here is the truth. The troubles that we now face are not just economic. We do acknowledge that we are unhappy about the unilateral wage cuts imposed upon us this year by the board of education. Teaching is our livelihood. However, there are bigger issues here that relate to job security, disciplining employees, and the right to appeal the board's unfairness through grievances. This is now a critical time in the history of Brookfield, which will determine the future of our schools and our community.
We recently witnessed our students take a stand against the unfair treatment of a classmate by this same "new" board of education and superintendent. We could not have been prouder of their resolve and applaud their efforts. As teachers in the system, we will stand hand-in-hand with these students, their parents, and other concerned community members. Together, we will be the "vocal majority" who will restore our Warrior pride and reputation.
Brookfield Federation of Teachers
All 75 members of the organization signed this letter.

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