Smearing good people is waste of school board's time

Smearing good people is waste of school board's time
Speaking as a Brookfield taxpayer, I have to ask how much of the school district's paper and postage, not to mention secretarial time, was wasted on the "informative letter" recently sent out by three-fifths of the Brookfield Board of Education.
This 10-page letter, purporting to inform the taxpayers of the improvements made by the ruling triumvirate, is little more than a thinly disguised attempt to smear certain people. I personally know Mrs. Reiser and Mrs. Kudelko to be dedicated teachers, and Mr. Clark to be a good coach who really cares about his players. They, along with the other personnel discussed in this letter, surely do not deserve this kind of treatment. Now a student has been suspended for speaking his mind and defending his coach at a public meeting, on the grounds of "insubordination." I didn't realize that having a dissenting opinion is now insubordination.
The letter continually refers to "the silent majority of taxpayers, & quot; who presumably approve of the actions of this board. Well, this taxpayer doesn't approve, and I am sure I am not alone. This behavior by the board majority has to stop. Stop with the personal vendettas against anyone who dares to disagree with you, stop hiding behind the five-day notice rule, and answer the questions of the taxpayers who come to board meetings. Stop running up legal bills defending the board's bad acts, and most importantly, stop working against the best interests of the Brookfield School District and its students.
Improving the district and making it fiscally responsible is an admirable goal, but the tactics used by the board majority are questionable at best.
The only way that the Brookfield School District is going to improve is if all parties -- the board, the teachers and other staff -- work together cooperatively for the benefit of the students. Apparently, the majority of the current board is not willing to do this.
'Idol' minds are just nasty
I think the Youngstown's Fox channel 62 should pull the "American Idol" program from their broadcast schedule. At a time when parents, churches, teachers, schools, etc., are trying to teach kids to get along with one another and not make fun of another person, we have the judges on "American Idol" doing just the opposite: making fun of a person's physical appearance, and laughing about it. How cruel.
Don't they know that probably 99 percent of viewers aren't laughing at their disgusting comments? These, mostly kids, have the courage to go on the program and try to sing their way to Hollywood. If they don't sing well, tell them they don't have the voice, but cut the remarks about their physical appearance. Maybe if the Youngstown Fox station pulled the program, other Fox stations would follow, then "American Idol" judges would change their tune!
Look at the big picture
A recent letter bemoaning sex and violence on network TV got my attention. I'm not sure the absence of sex and violence would make network TV any better, or that its presence makes it any worse.
With or without sex and violence network TV is mostly pure trash and we'd all be better off if we quit watching it altogether and found something worthwhile to do with ourselves.
Instead, we continue to sit there and stare at it like mentally challenged zombies. Go figure.