1st--Tropical Pirate (Shetler)16.207.804.60
Valentino Express (Myrick)29.6011.00
Accentflex L A (Merriman)2.20
Exacta (5-4) Paid 319.60. Trifecta (5-4-1) Paid 1,206.20.
2nd--Forever Friend (Wollam)11.404.602.80
Tamika Hall (Sugg)2.802.10
Hillcrestbutterfly (Shetler)2.80
Exacta (2-5) Paid 29.40. Trifecta (2-5-3) Paid 78.00. Daily Double (5/2) Paid 112.20.
3rd--Sir Royal Pride (Stahl)4.805.603.60
Csi Lucky In Love (Wengerd)5.803.00
Soldier (Merriman)2.20
Exacta (7-1) Paid 30.80. Trifecta (7-1-2) Paid 84.60.
4th--Murder Machine (Stahl)3.803.203.40
U R Sum Western (Jones)5.003.60
Jug Fever (Shetler)4.20
Exacta (5-2) Paid 20.20. Trifecta (5-2-4) Paid 114.80. Superfecta (5-2-4-1) Paid 425.40.
5th--Southwind Regen (Ross)7.405.004.20
Class Worker (Merriman)14.606.00
Goodbye Mr Yankee (Deaton)9.20
Exacta (5-6) Paid 142.40. Trifecta (5-6-8) Paid 1,949.60. Pick Three (Three of three 7/5/5) Paid 48.60.
6th--Electric Raa Raa (Shetler)5.402.102.10
New Age (Deaton)2.102.10
Rock N Man (Page)7.80
Exacta (4-1) Paid 8.40. Trifecta (4-1-9) Paid 59.60.
7th--Armbro Versaill (Stahl)29.809.405.80
Pocket Vance N (Noble)3.602.40
Barooga Bullet (Conrad)17.00
Exacta (8-6) Paid 93.00. Trifecta (8-6-9) Paid 1,570.80. Superfecta (8-6-9-4) Paid 4,293.60.
8th--Dreamon (Hershberger)4.002.802.40
Lease On Laughter (Schwartz)7.004.40
Plan On Attack (Jones)3.40
Exacta (2-3) Paid 24.60. Trifecta (2-3-1) Paid 87.80. Pick Three (4/8/2 Three of three) Paid 120.60.
9th--Yankee Surviv (Smith)4.603.202.40
Redzilla (Irvine)4.203.00
Mr Fenton (Mc Kirgan)3.00
Exacta (1-3) Paid 16.40. Trifecta (1-3-4) Paid 67.20.
10th--Big Head Hun (Shetler)27.609.205.20
Classical Lover (Noble)7.204.20
John Walters (Hershberger)2.40
Exacta (9-1) Paid 186.40. Trifecta (9-1-5) Paid 802.20. Superfecta (9-1-5-4) Paid 1,674.20.
11th--Village Catera (Noble)14.606.606.60
Free For All (Schwartz)20.6014.00
Dix's Jet (Deaton)7.20
Exacta (4-8) Paid 268.00. Trifecta (4-8-3) Paid 3,156.20. Pick Three (2/9/4 3 OF 3) Paid 820.20. Pick Four (5/2/9/4 4 OF 4) Paid 2,235.00.
12th--He's A Hi Ho (Angus)60.8020.406.60
Southern Promise (Shetler)9.605.80
Stonebridge Falcon (Noble)5.80
Exacta (1-9) Paid 314.80. Trifecta (1-9-3) Paid 2,394.80.
13th--Town Toots (Merriman)4.402.802.60
Sweetie Peetie (Thompson)4.402.80
Perfect Tea (Jones)2.60
Exacta (3-1) Paid 13.60. Trifecta (3-1-5) Paid 38.40.
14th--Dashing Killean (Fisher)5.803.002.80
H J Class (Merriman)3.403.00
Sultan Desbi (Hershberger)5.00
Exacta (9-5) Paid 19.40. Trifecta (9-5-4) Paid 109.20. Superfecta (9-5-4-1) Paid 378.60. Daily Double (3-9) Paid 14.20. Pick Three (1/2,3/7,9 3 OF 3) Paid 553.40.
FRIDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--TROT, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Miss-Elegant,D Noble; Stacy Renee,T Hall; Cee Cee Comer,E Deaton; C Js Criket,R Wilson; Interstate Kate,R Steck; Tarantella,C Smith Jr; Dont Ask Dont Tell,T Boring; Filigreed,C Page; I Like Claudette,A Merriman.
2nd--PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Don't Know Jack,E Deaton; Cambest Jill Dh,T Rose; Ohiosky,C Wyers; Katies Valentine,J Wengerd; Gypsy Doe,F Harris; Sunset Acres Grace,D Noble; Alot of Ideas,P Melloy Jr; Trish Helmswoman,C Page; Mystical Smile,D Guptill.
3rd--TROT, FMNW250PS, 2,500, 1 MI
Prize Parable,C Smith Jr; Sandy Chaser,R Steck; Nevele Chip,A Merriman; Miss Erica,T Jones; Eden Roc,M Headworth; Starlix,D Noble; Rsvp To Brooke,T Rose; Connie Corleone,D Mc Kirgan; Sweet Edith,J Wengerd.
4th--PACE, FM4000CL, 2,500, 1 MI
Hotrox Bluegrass,R Stahl; Sammy's Deere,R Angus; Johnnys Candy Girl,J Wengerd; Electric Valentine,J Dailey; Traditional Lease,A Shetler; Shebunnbunn,A Merriman; Princess Regal N,P Melloy Jr; Miss Mac Anvil N,R Fisher Jr; Explore,D Noble.
5th--PACE, FMNW400PS, 4,000, 1 MI
Dream Dragon,C Brown; Ab Ruff Stuff,E Deaton; Sporty Sally,P Melloy Jr; Peachfuzz,A Merriman; Tornado Island,C Page; Easy Sahbra,R Fisher Jr; Cincy Chi Lizzie,J Dailey; Sheer Sahbra,A Shetler; Martz Creek Danty,D Noble.
6th--PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Silly N Sassy,K Kash; Heart's In It,R Steck; Sharp Connection,D Noble; Fox Valley Jolee,R Fisher Jr; Jantinas Story,J Wengerd; Eenie Hanover,A Spencer; Prettylittleangel,J Cochran; Armbro Domain,R Stahl; Stormy Gray Sea,C Page.
7th--PACE, FMNW250PS, 2,500, 1 MI
Call Box,T Jones; Terminally Pretty,C Wyers; Southseas Hanover,T Hall; Rain Dance Jessica,A Merriman; I Am Samsational,D Noble; Village Catera,E Deaton; Game Hannah,R Stahl; Coluptuous,R Fisher Jr; Misty Monday,J Dailey.
8th--PACE, FMNW300PS, 3,000, 1 MI
Sharp Trap Shooter,T Boring; Imagine Freedom,A Merriman; Majestic Oak,R Stahl; Patty Jodine,A Shetler; Fire Me,E Deaton; Century Club,D Noble; Sand Calady,T Loy; Dilingers Rockette,R Angus; Bigaffairintown,C Smith Jr.
9th--TROT, FMNW300PS, 3,000, 1 MI
Jeaneology,T Jones; Hollys Diamond Lil,A Shetler; Cherry Pie,A Merriman; Miss Mac Miracle,R Stahl; Kipling Avenue,R Steck; Mary My King,D Noble; Tk's Lizziebeth,E Deaton; Jazzy Lass,R Fisher Jr; Proxie Promised,M Headworth.
10th--PACE, FMNW400PS, 4,000, 1 MI
Rare Filly,R Stahl; My Sweet Lorelei,E Deaton; Cinnamon Punch,A Shetler; Rustina,T Boring; Norma Rockwell,M Headworth; La Vita Buona,R Fisher Jr; Patty Style,A Merriman; Ashleys Big Affair,D Noble; She's Ruffstuff,J Wengerd.
11th--PACE, FMNW500PS, 5,000, 1 MI
In The Mist N,E Deaton; Janica,B Sturgeon; Tequila,A Merriman; Sharon's Future,R Fisher Jr; Neat Nicole,J Mapes; Devons Money,A Shetler; Midnight Jogger,D Noble; Tweedle D,M Headworth; Cams Bright Lite,R Stahl.
12th--PACE, FM OPN HCP, 9,000, 1 MI
Huntin For Trouble,C Conrad; K J Six,J Dailey; Mama Cash,A Shetler; Anita Rush,R Fisher Jr; Townline Rosanna,T Rose; Kick It In Kaylyn,M Headworth; M D Jewel,A Merriman; Look To Book,E Deaton; Polo Jenn,R Stahl.
13th--PACE, FMNW250PS, 2,500, 1 MI
Aurora's Hi Flyer,R Stahl; Rinestone Coddie,J Thompson; Beach Sandals,A Merriman; Savanna's Girl,D Noble; Sweet,A Shetler; Seasons Leader,R Wilson; Conviction,J Dailey; Lizzytish,K Koch; Imafirmbeliefer,F Harris.
14th--PACE, FM3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Dial For Dollars,T Rose; Borabora Jana,A Short; Josephine Lee,R Angus; Positivereaction N,A Shetler; Beach Girl,R Stahl; Matty Ironstone,R Wilson; High Performance,E Deaton; Bom Bay B B,A Merriman; Eda Finn,J Wengerd.

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