Both vulnerable. South deals.

Both vulnerable. South deals.
K J 4 2
K 9 3
10 8 7 5 3
9 7 6 10 3
A J 8 5 2
Q 9 2 K J 6 4
K 9 8 A Q 7 5 4 2
A Q 8 5
Q 10 7 6 4
J 10 3
The bidding:
1 Pass 1NT 2
Pass 3 3 4
4 Dbl Pass Pass
Opening lead: Eight of
There are still some club members who refuse to believe Trump Coup Tommy's remarkable ability to become a master declarer when trumps are breaking badly. They warn him with a double, and then they might as well just score up a doubled contract.
North's one-no-trump response is simply an attempt to keep Tommy from declaring a normal hand where his strange ability will not be of any use and he will have the opportunity to put another contract on the floor. A raise to two hearts was the clear-cut action. North breathed a sigh of relief when West doubled the final contract.
West led the eight of clubs. East rose with the ace and shifted to a diamond, taken by Tommy's ace. A club ruff on the table was followed by a diamond ruff in hand and another club ruff in dummy. Another diamond ruff stripped West of his minor-suit cards and Tommy ready to administer the coup de grace. He exited with a trump to dummy's now bare king.
West could do no better than win the ace and exit with a spade. Tommy ran the spades. West was forced to ruff and lead a trump away from the jack into South's Q 10 tenace 8 and Tommy entered another doubled contract on the score pad.
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