(Bethesda Softworks) for Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Strategy/Simulation
Rating: E
Grade: C
To heck with "live long and prosper" when the time is now to be beamed up to the final frontier and tap into your hidden Trekkie self.
The best aspect of "Legacy" is that it is exactly that, a legacy of the "Star Trek" shows and history from the past 40 years. You'll get to command every famous starship from the original NX-01 all the way through Voyager. This alone makes it everything a Trekkie would want in life, since you get to take the helm as not one, but all of the franchise's major commanders.
It makes sense to use the Borg as the narrative thread linking the story lines. The game takes some cues from the "Star Wars" games by LucasArts; it certainly does its best work when displaying massive interstellar battles.
One area gamers will find troubling is that the missions -- and their design -- are not exactly gamer friendly. Even if intense, the missions are long and drawn-out. Since there is no in-progress save option, once you start a mission you're in for the long haul until you finish it and can save before moving on.
If you can make it past that not-so-insignificant issue, you'll find "Legacy" an excellent space simulation combat game, whether you're wearing Vulcan ears or doing your best William Shatner impersonation. "Star Trek: Legacy" is a solid game for Xbox 360 owners.
(Konami) for Wii
Genre: Platformer
Rating: E
Grade: C
"Elebits" is an easy game to enjoy since it's all color and fun and involves shooting bizarre little creatures called elebits. The story is thin, but the whole point is to use the motion-sensored controller as a tractor beam to capture as many elebits as possible.
Visually, the game is nothing spectacular, but that is quickly remedied by the gameplay. With it, you can destroy just about everything around you in search of these little suckers. If nothing else, it adds a nice dose of humor -- this is really just an overblown game of hide-and-seek, with some laser tag aspects. There is some fun multiplayer action here, especially sharing your create-a-level experiments with friends online.
It's no surprise that Konami does well with this sort of game, as it often shows the ability to maximize the given platforms' abilities and adjust to both consoles and hand-helds.
"Elebits" is an excellent example of the cool gameplay the Wii can provide. At some point gamers are going to clamor loudly for more adult-oriented titles showcasing the Wii's technology, but for now this is another winner.
(Konami) for PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC, PSP, DS, Xbox
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: T
Grade: F
If you're a gambler (check), and you've played a fair share of movie-to-video game titles (check), would you lay money for or against a game based on a movie that lasted only a few weeks in the theaters?
You'd think a title featuring dragons would be a sure-fire hit in the gaming market, but they're just among the many disappointing factors that doom "Eragon."
The game fails terribly, mainly due to brief missions and an overall lack of clarity. There really appears to be no focus, as everything about this game seems to be recycled bits and pieces of previous "epic" action games.
To make matters worse, riding the dragons is awfully dull. Yes, using your magic skills once you learn them can be enjoyable, but the few times you do get to hop on board your scaly beast, there's little excitement at all. At least in "Superman Returns," they got the flying around part right.
It is obvious that many people skipped the movie, and there's nothing in the game that will change anyone's opinion. "Eragon" is part of a trilogy, but the signs are all there for this franchise to end before it ever really starts.
Chris Campbell, Scripps Howard

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