Zach confided to Kendall that Amelia, the woman in the photo, was his mother, and he was told at the time of her death, when he was 5 years old, that he accidentally threw her off balance, causing her fatal fall. Kendall later became furious with Ryan for wanting to safeguard Spike by having him stay at the penthouse with him and Annie. Bianca had problems dealing with Zarf, who arrived for their date dressed as a woman and using the name Zoe. When Erica found out about Sean and Colby's scheme, she refused to forgive Jack and kissed Jeff in front of him. Bob, Babe's bodyguard, under orders to report back to JR, witnessed a kiss between Babe and Josh.
After Emily told Tom about Craig's scheme to frame Dusty, Craig was arrested and surprised everyone by confessing, but warned Emily that he won't forget what she did to him. Dusty was finally freed. Paul had a vision and screamed to Meg that she was about to drink poison. An insecure Lily accepted diet pills from Jade. Simon was prepared to leave town before Carly got in any more trouble, but Jack arrested her for aiding and abetting Simon with his crimes. Gwen wanted nothing more to do with Iris after catching her mother in another lie.
Taylor was taken aback by Nick's kiss. When Nick refused to sign a contract selling back Forrester to the family, a fuming Stephanie intended to use the information she learned from Nick's therapy against Jackie. Despite Taylor's plea not to expose Jackie's past, Stephanie arranged to have Jerry Kramer walk out on the runway with Donna during the show stopper of Nick's big fashion event. Pandemonium ensued when Nick grabbed Kramer and Stephanie blurted to the crowd that Jerry had been Jackie's pimp and she is a prostitute!
Both unlucky in love, Nick and Billie drowned their sorrows in a bottle of wine, then gave in to passion, resulting in Nick's losing his virginity. With Patrick in jail, and tests being conducted on the skeleton Max and Mimi found in the church, a distraught Bonnie asked her younger son, Connor, to come home and help, but learned he had been arrested. Willow sabotaged Chelsea's attempt to land a waitressing job at Chez Rouge. Marlena was devastated to learn that John's brain will not recover from the shooting, and refused to accept the doctor's findings. Shawn and Belle were legally forced to surrender Claire to Beverly, all secretly arranged by Victor.
Alcazar had big plans under way, but Jason and Sonny hijacked his shipment. As Alcazar held Sonny at gunpoint, Carly interrupted their standoff, allowing Sonny the chance to gain the upper hand and shoot. Nikolas and Emily traced Colleen to Denver and ended up at the day-care center where she's working. Feeling guilty about hiding the truth about her baby from Jason, Elizabeth appeared ready to tell him the whole story. Ric was on the verge of discovering Alexis' marijuana use for her pain. Monica wanted to get Lulu out of Port Charles as she found new evidence in her investigation of Rick Webber's murder.
To get back at Jonathan, Lizzie pretended to be suffering from postpartum depression, only to have Tammy discover the ruse. Concerned about Reva's possibly being in danger from Alan, Josh saw Alan's car parked outside a church and went in, facing a shocking sight. Gus and Harley may have made things worse by giving in to their emotions at the custody hearing. Dinah was not happy to see the closeness between Marina and Mallet as she wanted a montage from "The Law." Coop intended to stay out of Ava's life.
Determined to make Spencer pay for his crimes, John only pretended to take his medicine, not caring whether he was jeopardizing his fragile health. Suffering from a heart infection, Blair almost died, but Todd's declaration of love brought her back from the brink. While Antonio grew more suspicious of Vincent, Vincent told Bo that either Nash or Cristian could be responsible for torching his building. In order to save Nash after they were trapped in a cave, Jessica gave him CPR, but Nash pulled her into a kiss, which Antonio, coming to rescue them, almost saw.
Despite Fox's attempt to keep him away from the wedding, Miguel burst in during the ceremony and stated that Kay cannot marry Fox, telling everyone that Fox is not dying. While Luis was at the wedding, Fancy was attacked again by the peeping tom. Ethan interrupted Jared's marriage proposal to Theresa, claiming that Jared is a murderer because his name was found among the late JT Cornell's possessions. Sensing Theresa's doubts about him, Jared said that he would leave Harmony for good. Chad wanted to take a lie detector test to prove himself to Whitney.
Noting Ashley's unhappiness at staying in Genoa City, Jack suggested that she move to Hong Kong to build up Jabot's Asian presence. Finally understanding the reason for her nightmares, Kay revealed to Jill that, acting out of jealousy, Kay switched Phillip III with another baby, and the real Phillip may be alive. Amber received a cryptic message from the adoption Web site she researched for Kay. After confronting Victor's detective who was following them, Brad and Victoria shared the whole truth about Ohio with Victor, who opted to join them in finding the reliquary. Colleen was caught in an emotional whirlwind regarding her future with JT.

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