Marriage licenses

Kenneth D. Iser Jr., 28, of 1582 Seater Road, Warren, and Leslie A. Haught, 28, of 307 Glenview Drive, Canfield.

Daryn C. Tallman, 32, of Boardman, and Jennifer E. Flick, 29, of Boardman.

Matthew E. Davies, 36, of 2610 Vollmer Drive, Youngstown, and Cynthia M. Schuller, 30, of 98 State St., Struthers.

Divorces asked

Stanley Ciapala, 911 Franklin Ave., Youngstown, v. Jane Ciapala, 605 Chestnut Lane.

Abigail Dewberry, 2319 Goleta Ave., Youngstown v. Ryan J. Dewberry, 486 Madera Ave., Youngstown.

Dissolutions asked

Sandra R. Anderson, 14844 state Route 534, P.O. Box 47, Damascus, and Gary L. Anderson, 1928-3 S, Lincoln, Salem.

Charles Hutchinson Brown, 474 S. Raccoon Road, #D27, Austintown, and Raquel A. Brown, 4617 Deer Creek, #8, Austintown.

Tiffany Steele, 42 Crescent Drive, Struthers, and Michael Steele, 147 Sheilds Road, Apt. 3, Boardman.

Tracy A. Roman, 462 S. Briarcliff Drive, Canfield, and George N. Roman IV, 60-4 Stratford Green Drive, Canfield.

Domestic relations

Jennie Purdie v. David Bistranskin, magistrate’s decision adopted by the court.

Cynthia Pazel v. Steven J. Poots, dismissed.

Marilynn Ray Barnes v Brian Barnes, dismissed.

Ashley Croley v. James Thompson, dismissed.

Christopher McCoy v. Kristie McCoy, dismissed.

Elmer Gregory v. Judy Williams, dismissed.

Megan Kooyman v. Jason G. Kooyman, dismissed.

Elizabeth Evans v. Gerald Wyche, dismissed.

Sarah G. Martin v. Russell S. Harroff, dismissed.

Mark Daily v. Tori Hugel, dismissed.

Christine Starr v. Daniel Ditullio, dismissed.

Amanda Bullen v John R. Franklin Jr., dismissed.

Vicki Drummond v. Michael Drummond Sr., dismissed.

Denella Stanford v. Todd Stanford, dismissed.

Josephine Perry v. Charles A. Perry, dismissed.

New complaints

Clara D. Williams v. Interstate Distributors Co. et al, workers’ compensation.

Brent E. Collett v. Cassens Transport Co. et al, workers’ compensation.

Ronald Rich et al v. Mark W. Coler et al, tort.

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Co. et al v. October C. Seals, money.

New Relations Inc. v. Brian Ivory et al, foreclosure.

Option One Mortgage Corp. v. Gregory L. Phillips et al, foreclosure.

GMAC Mortgage LLC v. Lena Franklin et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York as successor in interest to JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee v. Jack Potkanowicz et al, foreclosure.

Laura S. Sodeman et al v. Mary C. DeGenova et al, money.

Wells Fargo Bank as trustee v. James Thomas et al, foreclosure.

La Salle Bank National Assoc. as trustee v. Brian D. Linden et al, foreclosure.

The Huntington National Bank v. Angela S. Steed et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc. as trustee v. Sean F. O’Toole et al, foreclosure.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Gordon McDevitt et al, foreclosure.

Deniro Cheese Inc. v. A. Cruz Inc. et al, other civil.

Triad Financial Services Inc. v. Tara Garmier, recovery of mobile home.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v. Shirley M. Snyder et al, foreclosure.

Kenneth J. Jones v. Robert M. Petrushka et al, other torts.

Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church v. L. F. Wold Contracting Inc. et al money.

David D. Turner et al v. Shelly L. Francis et al, money.

Citimortgage Inc. v. Brian Dickens et al, foreclosure.

US Bank National Association. v. Billie Jo Thomas e al, foreclosure.

US Bank National Association v. Danielle Winphrie e al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Donald Francis Correia et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee v. Delilah Shamp et al, foreclosure.

GMAC Mortgage LLLC v. Vladimir Yarmolinsky, foreclosure.

LaSalle Bank National Assoc. v. Yoland A. Guarnieri et al, foreclosure.

Tishana Wright et al v. Richard P. Degenova, money.

American Express Centurian Bank v. Raymond J. Colonna, money.

Northway McGuffey College Ltd. v. 4-D Family Properties Ltd., money.

Zel E. Bush exec. of the estate of Zane H. Johns, dec. et al v. Angelillie Builders, money.

Zel E. Bush exec. of the estate Zane H. Johns, dec. et al v. TC Quality Homes, money.

Zel E. Bush exec. of the estate Zane H. Johns, dec. et al v. CTW Development Corp., money.

Zel E. Bush exec. of the estate Zane H. Johns, dec. et al v. Ohlin Land Co., money.

The Home Savings & Loan Co. of Youngstown v. Estate of Thomas Hassey et al, foreclosure.

Mysha Mukaagay et al v. P & M Investment Realty Co. et al, request for documents.

Wells Fargo Bank as trustee v. Anthony Williams et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas as trustee, foreclosure.

U.S. Bank NA v. Justin M. Tammaro v. Justin M. Tammaro. foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Melicia D. White et al, foreclosure.

Gheorghe Calin et al v Gheorghe Nemes et al, other civil.

SunTrust Mortgage Inc. v. Lucille B. Antonini et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank as trustee v. Robert J. Judy et al, foreclosure.

Monument Street Funding LLC v. Martha Washington (dec’d.) et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee v. Richard Lorin Hedrick et al, money/foreclosure.

U.S. Bank National Assoc. as Trustee v. Jessica E. Savarise et al, money.

Maria L. Croal v. Source Providers Inc. et al, money.

Robin Naples et al v. Gregory Woehl et al, money.

Real estate

Lucieanne Merlo to Patricia Properties LLC, Walden Court, Youngstown, $24,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee to Nicole Woodall, South Ave,. $78,000.

Fannie Mae to Nikitas G. Grillis, Lowellville Road, Lowellville, $7,900.

Fannie Mae to Prime Holdings LLC, Parkliffe Ave., Youngstown, $6,000.

John W. Ray et al to John Lichney et al, Green Park Road, Youngstown, $102,000.

Bank of New York as trustee to Prime Holding LLC, Cambridge Ave,. Youngstown, $10,500.


Bankruptcies/Chapter 13

James T. Russell, 485 W. Oregon Ave., Sebring.

Joseph Brothang Sr., 12890 Western Reserve Road, Salem.

Brian Gries, 5362 W. Webb Road, Youngstown.

Robert W. Boyd Jr., 8142 Tod Ave., Youngstown.

Jill Elaine Grant, 11176 Silica Road, North Jackson.

Jack C. Wolfgang, 830 Beech Ave., Boardman.

Susan M. Gura, 5738 Millcreek Blvd., Youngstown.

Henry M. Zimmerman, 146 Wakefield, Youngstown.

Ayesha An-Noor Norris, 2 Trumbull Court, Apt. 2, Youngstown.

John E. Slanina, 207 Poland Ave., Struthers.

Renee Renshaw, 2701 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown.

Addam K. Prendergast aka Annielee Hall, , 346 Vermont Ave., Sebring.

Jennifer L. Anderson , 625 Heacock Road, Sebring.

Christine H. McWilliams, 580 Westgate Blvd., Youngstown.

Lori K. Kenney, 6738 W. South Range Road, Salem.

Joan E. Goodin, 3943 Dobbins Road, Poland.

Paul Corinthian Mosely Sr., 32 Chicago Ave., Youngstown.

Daniel J. Zupko, 10525 Carrie Drive, New Middletown.

Vincent O. Natal, 1517 Thalia Ave., Youngstown.

Genevieve Riley, 4603 Deer Creek Court, Apt. 9, Youngstown.

Geoffrey S. Wasson et al, 6615 West Calla Road, Canfield.

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