Written by local man, ‘Unfaithful’ to debut

Though the play has a Christian theme, the
playwright says it doesn’t preach.



Youngstown area native David Anthony will make his debut as a playwright this weekend.

Anthony’s play, “Unfaithful,” which he’s also directing, will be performed Saturday at Stambaugh Auditorium. “I’m both excited and nervous,” he said.

“Unfaithful” is actually a play about faithfulness. Its message is one of fidelity in all relationships — with friends, lovers and God. It tells the story of a man who overcomes obstacles to grow spiritually and find what he has been missing and needing in his life.

Though the play has an underlying Christian theme, Anthony says it is not meant to preach. He stresses that he does not want to offend anyone and believes that everyone will find relevance in the play, whether they are Christian or not.

According to Anthony, “Unfaithful” is a mixture of ministry, comedy and drama. And although he does not consider it a musical, it is also full of original music. “There is something for everyone,” he said.

Although this is Anthony’s first attempt at playwriting, he has been active in his religious community’s theater productions in the past. At the Spanish Evangelical Church, Anthony played the lead role in the musical “Bow the Knee” and was an understudy in the play “Murder on the Mount.”

When he decided to write the play, Anthony took it upon himself to learn the craft, and spent many hours at the library, researching and studying the arts of writing and directing. He aspires to take his plays on tour and pursue drama as a full-time career.


Anthony found inspiration for his play all around him. Many of the situations in the play were inspired by events in his own life and those of his friends. And, he says, he was truly inspired by God.

The cast of “Unfaithful” comprises local talent. The actors are all active in their communities, in theater and other venues, and many are also members of the Spanish Evangelical Church.

The main character is played by Jason D. Rosendary, a Wilson High graduate. He was a member of the Youngstown Connection and Woodrow Wilson’s Vocal Ensemble. Rosendary is also the church keyboardist at Manifested Promises, a Living Word Church on the East Side of Youngstown.

The female lead is played by Tiffany McMillan, herself a playwright and actress. McMillan has been involved in theater since childhood, appearing in productions of “The Sound of Music,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “Oliver” and many others. She has also been involved in 34 West Theatre Co., performing in various cities in Ohio.

Anthony also acts in his play, in a small role.

“Unfaithful” was first performed at the Spanish Evangelical Church. It received so much praise and support from the community that the church encouraged Anthony to present it on a larger scale.

The church offered to produce the play, a major undertaking, and arranged to rent Stambaugh Auditorium to bring the play, and its message, to a larger audience.

Anthony says the public has already shown a great interest in the play, and he is looking forward to playing to a large audience.

Along with “Unfaithful,” there will be a performance by Youngstown based gospel hip-hop group Carnival.

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