Teen helps out purse-snatching victim

Taking advice from a church speaker, the young man made a difference.



WARREN — It was like a scene straight out of the movies.

An elderly woman dropped her grocery bags, a young man asked if she needed help and she said no.

The next thing she knew she was struggling with the man trying to take her purse and the man won and fled.

She started shouting, and other men heard her and chased the purse snatcher.

This all happened Saturday afternoon at the Giant Eagle on Mahoning Avenue in Warren.

Treva Fabel, 81 years old, said “[The purse snatcher] walked in front of [the] buggy, but I never gave it a thought, that this would happen to me.”

She said she knows things like this happen, but she thought she would never have to experience it.

Ryan O’Renic, 18, one of the men who followed the purse snatcher, said he was walking to his car from Giant Eagle when he saw the man run off and heard Fabel screaming.

He said he ran after him and “pretty much caught up to him,” and the culprit dropped the purse and ran off.

“I wasn’t scared. I just like to help out,” he said.

According to the police report, police spotted the suspect in Warren Heights, where he jumped off a bike and ran in a wooded area.

O’Renic’s mom, Jennifer Taylor, said that a church speaker last week really touched O’Renic.

“The speaker caught my son’s attention,” she said.

The speaker wanted people not just to be a figure in the world but to always do more than needed.

That’s what O’Renic did that afternoon.

“I am so happy he got some of her stuff back,” Taylor said.

Missing items

Fabel looked through her purse, and her change purse was not inside but she thought she may have left it at home. When she went home she could not find it.

Later on someone called her and told her that all her credit cards were thrown in the caller’s front lawn.

She went to pick it up, and the only thing that was missing was a Wal-Mart card, so she called and canceled that right away, she said.

Police are looking for the suspect.

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