thistledown results

1st--That's All Right (Spieth)5.403.002.40
Awesome Eve (Rosendo I.)3.002.10
Next Birdie (Sanguinetti A.)3.80
Also Ran: Patricia Rs Winner, Gringa Vaya, Quick Verdict, Pyrite Lisa. Race Time: 1:06.12. Exacta (2-3), $15.80; Superfecta (2-3-7-5), $164.40; Trifecta (2-3-7), $69.40.
2nd--Shiree Amour (Ortiz)7.604.202.80
Fax Poetic (Munaylla F.)3.402.10
Leavin' Steven (Spieth S.)3.00
Also Ran: Level Bid, Dashing Rita, Land Corrupter, I'm Just Sayin, Hergun. Late Scratches: Time Again, Race Time: 1:46.94. Daily Double (2-6), $29.20; Exacta (6-7), $18.40; Superfecta (6-7-4-2), $154.30; Trifecta (6-7-4), $65.40.
3rd--Streex (Pilares)
Skippadylulu (Rosendo I.)2.602.10
I Am the Jet (Urieta-Moran V.)8.20
Also Ran: Untie That Kimono, Flaming Ember, Reggies Gran Queen, Pedalonthemetal, Hey Suzy Q, Prissy Sis. Race Time: 1:08.30. Exacta (9-1), $36.40; Superfecta (9-1-6-2), $1,467.80; Trifecta (9-1-6), $352.00; Pic 3 (2-6-9), $328.60.
4th--Sonny's Trouble (Spieth)5.203.603.40
Vanity Reigns (Sarmiento)30.009.40
Cursive (Munaylla F.)3.00
Also Ran: Victory Vision, Northern Scepter, Majestic Pioneer, Synhawk, Spirit of Winning. Race Time: 1:07.46. Exacta (6-5), $131.40; Superfecta (6-5-1-7), $1,227.90; Trifecta (6-5-1), $523.00; Pic 3 (6-9-6), $195.80.
5th--El Ciesto (Munaylla)12.004.803.20
Augustinus (Luna R.)2.402.40
Ravens Cry (Skerrett J.)3.60
Also Ran: Karen Ad Vance, Auburn Boy, Chad's Best, Alladins Cloud. Late Scratches: Here Come's Luther, F J R Onetwothree. Race Time: 1:13.64. Exacta (4-2), $33.00; Superfecta (4-2-5-1), $257.90; Trifecta (4-2-5), $122.60; Pic 3 (9-6-4), $495.60.
6th--Whataventure (Ortiz)11.806.404.40
Storm Believer (Martinez, Jr. L.)16.6011.60
Downtown Event (Pilares C.)13.00
Also Ran: Alittlebitofthis, Bluezar, Mambos Dandee, Ashley Wednesday, Maddy Bell, April Spring, Still Mine, Copy Zone. Late Scratches: Sparkles Bluebell, Tarp Rocks. Race Time: 1:00.92. Exacta (1-9), $179.60; Superfecta (1-9-11-7), $9,077.30; Trifecta (1-9-11), $4,055.00; Pic 3 (6-4-1), $272.20.
7th--Heart Be (Hernandez)
Case of the Heart (Munaylla)26.8013.80
Perfect Diamond (Dailey A.)7.40
Also Ran: Hs Suave Dancer, Lil Bit O Fastness, Antique Crystal, Pumpkin Pie to Go, Answer the Storm, Quiet Dinner, All This 'n Change, Eilunebs Dream. Late Scratches: On the Defensive, Modus Viblairski. Race Time: 1:01.60. Exacta (4-1), $516.20; Superfecta (4-1-10-12), $12,871.40; Trifecta (4-1-10), $6,095.00; Pic 3 (4-1-4), $711.40.
8th--Cafe Noir (Spieth)10.004.603.40
Slewrenity (Hernandez)4.203.80
Western Hawk (Oro E.)6.80
Also Ran: Daring Habit, Old Forest, Kinetic Rush, Hail Lively One, Sir Enchantment, Proper Direction, Exposer, Mister Four. Late Scratches: Gee Tee O, We Two, Exclusive Kid. Race Time: 1:13.24. Daily Double (4-9), $96.80; Exacta (9-1), $50.00; Superfecta (9-1-5-13), $2,699.90; Trifecta (9-1-5), $410.40; Pic 3 (1-4-9), $874.60; Pic 4 (4-1-4-9), $242.60; Parlay (9-1-5-13-7), $1,708.70. Attendance: 0. Handle: $0.
1st--Darn That Molly(Stokes)7.403.602.60
Ocean Dancer (Garcia)5.202.80
Debbie Dome (Whitney)2.20
Claimed: Debbie Dome by Boyd Renee M. (Coler BrendaS.), Unplaced horses listed in order of finish. Also ran: Dominant Creekster, Cloud Dancer, Christina Balina, Waterkress, Lil Joker, Green Leaf and Count On My Feet. Winning Trainer: Bacon Paula - Owner: Englander Richard A. $2 Perfecta (10-2) Paid $54.40. $2 Trifecta (10-2-6) Paid $143.40.
2nd--Sweet Ferdie (Judice)7.405.404.00
Fine Twining (Gonzalez)19.6010.80
Love Them Peepers(Villa-Gomez)4.40
Also ran: Flirt, Wild Amber, We Did It My Way, Wild Day, Fernie Honey, Professional and Unbridled Diva. Winning Trainer: Allen Ronald D - Owner: Volar Corporation. $2 Daily Double (10-9) Paid $38.20 Daily Double Pool $22,757. $2 Perfecta (9-10) Paid $101.20. $2 Trifecta (9-10-3) Paid $829.00.
3rd--Enchanted Quest(Stokes)5.803.402.60
Martizza (Barria)6.203.80
Manhandler (Parker)2.60
Scratched: Rafter's Cart. Also ran: Maria's Reprized, Amy's Runaway, Clever Rose and Brevard. Winning Trainer: Gonzalez Silvano - Owner: Gonzalez Silvano. $2 Perfecta (5-4) Paid $25.40. $2 Trifecta (5-4-1) Paid $90.80.
4th--Catmansdr (Brinkley)49.0019.008.80
Mr. Arther (Judice)20.8010.00
Tisasolitaryman (Perez)9.80
Claimed: Calmbeforethestorm by Moyers Rodney D. (Moyers RodneyD.), Also ran: Punk, Calmbeforethestorm, Balmoral Lad, Simply the Law, Cedar Top, Cart's Alone and El Diablo's Halo. Winning Trainer: Buhrow Jamie D - Owner: Buhrow Dean G. $2 Perfecta (5-7) Paid $578.60. $2 Trifecta (5-7-4) Paid $4,244.80.
5th--Flight Path (Whitney)13.006.604.40
Gold Charade (Andrews)16.407.20
Curt's First Bid (Perez)2.80
Finish Time: 1:49.02. Scratched: Harpers Crown. Also ran: Canyon Crook, Soup, Eye Pea Oh, Noadiah, Tenfortynine and Happy Coyote. Winning Trainer: Englehart Chris - Owner: Acqua Nova Stable. $2 Perfecta (2-10) Paid $199.80. $2 Superfecta (2-10-1-6) Paid $2,379.00. $2 Trifecta (2-10-1) Paid $969.00. $2 Pick 3 (5,7-5-2) 3 Correct Paid $1,230.60 Pick 3 Pool $9,765.
6th--Golden Line (Sarmiento)5.403.002.80
Sir Luke (Murphy)2.802.60
Leaders' Lane (Pereira)12.00
Also ran: Ephesian Knight, Ozzie, I Plan to Go, Devil's Pet, My Rik'n'dan, Master Moon and Here Comes a Homer. Winning Trainer: Inirio Olivo - Owner: Inirio Olivo I. $2 Perfecta (5-8) Paid $14.20. $2 Trifecta (5-8-7) Paid $189.20.
7th--Intriguingp (Villa-Gomez)8.604.203.20
Broadway Starlet (Parker)3.802.60
Wooden You (Quinones)8.80
Also ran: Political Gray Fox, Double Truth, Karens Sham, Siphon Draw, Sliced Bannanas, Mi Leona and Perfect Lil Lady. Winning Trainer: Pappada Michael C -Owner: Starting Gate Training Center, Inc. $2 Perfecta (5-10) Paid $31.60. $2 Trifecta (5-10-8) Paid $462.60.
8th--Yasow Kerri (Pereira)8.805.003.20
Halo's Wildcat (Villa-Gomez)5.203.00
Herpotofgold (Garcia)11.00
Finish Time: 1:06.93. Claimed: Top This Ruby by Melton Christopher W. (Kerr Randy), Also ran: La Roverina, Gonnabeapartofit, Piersixer, Ms. Deandra, Good as Silver, Top This Ruby and Dot the Page. Winning Trainer: Johnson Douglas L - Owner: Ostrager Barry R. $2 Perfecta (8-5) Paid $35.20. $2 Trifecta (8-5-4) Paid $591.20. $2 Pick 3 (5-5-8) 3Correct Paid $147.40 Pick 3 Pool.
9th--Noble Gesture (Whitney)7.403.602.40
Aunt Dot Dot (Nguyen)3.403.20
Ripe (Judice)4.40
Finish Time: 1:44.32. Also ran: Life's Great, Happy Endings Too, Marketable and Slew's Sparkle. Winning Trainer: Flint Bernard S - Owner: Gainesway Stable. $2 Perfecta (5-7) Paid $23.00. $2 Trifecta (5-7-6) Paid $134.20.
10th--Visions (Ramgeet)5.804.604.00
Five Horns (Magrell)42.8019.80
Global Event (Garcia)8.00
Finish Time: 1:06.69. Also ran: Big Brown Cat, Preacher's Prize, Sirr Purr, Greatest Creation, Red Hot Copy, Dixie Scoundrel and Randolph Leader. Winning Trainer: Cronk James - Owner: Klinghoffer Leonard. $2 Perfecta (5-8) Paid $197.60. $2 Superfecta (5-8-2-ALL) Paid $2,130.60. $2 Daily Double (5-5) Paid $21.80 Daily Double Pool $17,384. $2 Trifecta (5-8-2) Paid $1,409.00. Attendance: 5,422. Mutuel Pool:$44,574.
13th--Townline P (Sturgeon)10.604.603.60
Zack Mack (Schillaci)3.403.40
Swilken Bridge (Mapes)11.80
Also--Foreveranever, R Majestic, Silver Duck, Armbro Versailles, Razer. Blade, Red Heads Star. Exacta (6-9) Paid $35.40. Trifecta (6-9-4) Paid $676.20.
14th--Bratwurst (Hershberger)5.803.002.20
Second Agenda (Wengerd)4.002.40
Magical Wiz (Angus)3.00
Also--Kansascitykillean, Mr Punch, Major Cadet, Racketeer Man A, Cr. Tabasco, Arizona Attack. Exacta (2-1) Paid $17.00. Trifecta (2-1-4) Paid $75.80. Superfecta (2-1-4-3) Paid $146.60. Daily Double (6-2) Paid $37.00. Pick Three (4/6/2 3 OF 3) Paid $2,541.10. A-2,781. Handle-$1,115,829.

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