Marriage licenses
Adam D. Balzer, 24, of 5264 state Route 82 N.W., Newton Falls, and Michelle A. Garito, 30, of same.
Carl W. Reinke III, 50, Oakland, Mich., and Shirley A. Campany, 50, of 662 Wyoming Ave., Niles.
Jason J. Hovis, 31, of 7057 White Oak Drive, Hubbard, and Jessyca E. Anderson, 26, of 246 Indianola Road, Boardman.
Jack D. O'Rourke Jr., 25, of 753 Greenville Road, Bristolville, and Sara S. Ellis, 25, of same.
John W. Svoboda, 34, Brunswick, Ohio, and Renee M. Nardella, 30, of 991 Powers Way, Youngstown.
Matthew B. Bolin, 23, Waltham, Mass., and Sheri L. Copanic, 24, of same.
Peter Miller 20, of 17775 Reeves Road, Middlefield, and Betty M. Miller, 21, of 5127 Donley Road, Middlefield.
Herbert N. Kay IV, 32, of 1995 Oriel Rodgers Road, Girard, and Heather L. Lilley, 32, of same.
Joseph L. Johnston, 26, of 3850 Forest Ridge Court, Mineral Ridge, and Alisa A. Wagner, 21, of same.
Karl J. Schehl I, 23, of 207 Church Hill-Hubbard Road, Girard, and Carmel R. Mallon, 23, of 50 Abbey, Girard.
Bryant G. Lee, 27, of 990 Commerce Ave. N.W., Warren, and Lakeya L. McGahee, 25, of 1070 Harvard Drive S. E., Warren.
Joshua D. Browning, 22, of 530 Indiana Ave., McDonald, and Lynn A. Fortune, 26, of same.
Charles E. Shearer, 48, of 7916 Bedford Road, Hubbard, and Beatrice A. Roch, 35, of 26 First St., Hubbard.
Albert R. Pierson Jr., 41, of 381 Glendola Ave. N.W., Warren, and Barbara S. Hammer, 41, of same.
Matthew S. Murdock, 29, of 6101 Youngstown-Hubbard Road, Hubbard, and Pam R. Massullo, 29, Hilliard, Ohio.
Roger A. Hildack, 35, of 3732 Oakview Drive, Girard, and Heather M. Serotko, 31, of 1935 Pritchard-Ohltown Road, Warren.
Giorgio J. Vescera, 30, of 401 Turnberry Court N.E., Howland, and Melissa R. Frank, 25, of 184 Fairmeadow Drive, Austintown.
Christopher D. Bishop, 28, of 8395 Anderson Ave., Warren, and Nicolette R. Gilmore, 25, of same.
Lyle L. Hefner, 57, of 212 Hillman Drive, Cortland, and Susette B. Liddle, 55, of 6669 Mines Road, Warren.
Timothy R. Arbogast, 35, of 17 E. River Road, Newton Falls, and Mary A. Cox, 41, of same.
Julius J. Balog Jr., 54, of 1504 Kenilworth Ave., Warren, and Lisa K. Pritchard, 45, Seville, Ohio.
David M. Guarino, 34, of 6289 Klines Drive, Girard, and Gina M. Quarrick, 27, of 1284 Cranbrook Creek N.E., Warren.
Robert M. Krapenko, 33, of 650 Hazel St., Girard, and Tommimarie L. Yauger, 20, of same.
Ernest E. Cunningham III, 22, of 6167 Jacqueline Drive, Brookfield, and Dawn M. McGhee, 24, of 6028 Stewart-Sharon Road, Hubbard.
Brian R. Bill, 29, Atlanta, and Jamie A. Kessler, 26, of same.
Tommy R. Raymond, 37, of 33 Smithsonian Ave., Girard, and Michele L. Parisi, 37, of 329 Hazel St., Girard.
Paul J. Stein, 63, of 831 Taylor Ave., Girard, and Jonetta J. Oslavic, 34, of same.
Kevin G. Chisek, 25, Apex, N.C., and Nicole J. Padgett, 24, of same.
Charles M. Sexton, 31, of 417 Ravenna Road, Newton Falls, and Renee A. Irons, 25, of same.
Gregory D. Lutz, 35, of 3244 Deer Trail, Cortland, and Stacey R. Reakes, 25, of same.
Michael A. O'Donnell, 45, of 2907 Bushnell-Campbell Road, Fowler, and Wendy N. Ballesteros, 39, of same.
Brian D. Johnson, 32, Lyndhurst, Ohio, and Heather L. Aubel, 29, of same.
David C. Settle, 38, of 958 Dana St., N.E., Warren, and Janie M. Littleton, 34, of same.
Robert D. Cunningham, 35, of 3200 Hoagland-Blackstub Road, Cortland, and Diana L. Carducci, 34, of same.
Robert M. Prasky, 32, of 9799 Bryant Road, Garrettsville, and Jamie L. Petten, 29, of 1117 Rosewood Drive, Warren.
Robert J. Hicks, 40, of 920 Warren Ave., Niles, and Allison S. Cornfield, 30, of same.
New complaints
Deutscshe Bank v. Andre Roane, foreclosure.
Chase Home Finance v. Gary W. Bercheni, foreclosure.
Sky Bank v. Stanely J. Strickland, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank v. Mark Chrestay, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis v. Dale Ross, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis v. Dale R. Addicott III, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis v. Victor M. Maggio, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis v. Joshua J. Pastore, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank v. John R. Banks, foreclosure.
Greenpoint Mortgage v. Lisa A. Crites, foreclosure.
US Bank v. Keith Corley, foreclosure.
The Cortland Savings v. Thunderplex Inc., foreclosure.
US Bank v. Deborah Lewis, foreclosure.
Monument Street v. Annette L. Beebe, foreclosure.
Resurgent Capital Services v. Ralph Goett, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank National v. George D. Six, foreclosure.
Nationscredit Financial v. Fannie M. Scott, foreclosure.
Sky Bank v. Shane V. Woods, foreclosure.
CIT Group/Consumer v. Donna M. Rudolph, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National v. Cheryl L. Labbe, foreclosure.
Homecomings Financial v. Jacqueline K.Warren, foreclosure.
Sky Bank v. Paul Housel, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National v. Dyan E. Dowling, foreclosure.
Wachovia Bank v. Leonard J. Drenski Jr., foreclosure.
Bank of New York v. Robert Hicks et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National v. Debra Graves, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans v. Buddy Harvey, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank v. Richard Bardol, foreclosure.
Everbank v. James C. Moore, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis v. Brian T. Fox, foreclosure.
Christ Michealkis v. Mary Alice Herrmann, foreclosure.
EMC Mortgage v. Andrew Young, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Clester Dean, foreclosure.
United States v. George E. Gordon Jr., foreclosure.
HSBC Bank USA National v. Patricia A. Daniels, foreclosure.
Plibrico Sales v. 1603995 Ontario Ltd., foreclosure.
Midfirst Bank v. Sammie L. Johnson, foreclosure.
US Bank v. William E. Lambert Jr., foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank v. Sarah Dregich, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Bank v. Amy J. Tewell, other civil.
Retail Recovery Service v. Sue E. Gurd, other civil.
James Getz v. Ray Krygowski, other civil.
Kenneth Stafford v. Karen Infante Allen, other civil.
Robert Holland v. Dane Cavender, other civil.
Hudson and Keyse LLC v. Kimberly M. Porter, other civil.
Anthony Grego v. Hubbard Exempted, other civil.
Mary Souther v. Violet M. Hall, other torts.
Patricia A. Murphy v. Robert Dunewood Jr., other torts.
Marshall McFarland v. McGill Septic Tank, workers' compensation.
Daniel Merwin v. Girard, worker' compensation.
Brittany Quay v. Mitchell G. Gough, other civil.
Palisades Collection v. Elizabeth Dellick, other civil.
Patricia E. Phillips v. Grange Insurance, other civil.
City of Niles v. Ohio Central Railroad, other civil.
Frank P. Vargo M.D. v. Medical Associates, other civil.
CitiBank v. Virginia McIlwain, other civil.
Portfolio Recovery v. James A. Wilson Jr., other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Barbara Roper, other civil.
State Automobile Mutual v. James P.Galano, other civil.
State of Ohio ex rel v. Trumbull County Board, other civil.
Firstmerit Bank v. Hope M. Mayeros, other civil.
Asset Acceptance v. Michael Hirtz, other civil.
Ryan Todd Hickey v. Mark Biamonte, other civil.
William Beck Billie v. Troutman Enterprises, other civil.
State Farm Mutual v. James A. Riebe, other civil.
Arrow Financial v.Ian Weddell, other civil.
Midland Funding LLC v. Matthew Kaster, other civil.
Linda Minich v. City of Warren, other torts.
Sandra K. Lariccia v. Laurie Baldwin, other torts.
Todd J. Henry v. Helene A. Ashburn, other torts.
Denise M. Iannucci v. Shirley A. Gabriele, other torts.
Monrey Bell v. Lisa Paisely, other torts.
Terry D. Round v. Bryan A. Melvin, other torts.
Champs Enterprises v. Kenneth M. Overholt, other torts.
Lacy Wood v. Michael Richard, other torts.
Amadi D. Morris v. Ryan J. Kuppler, other torts.
Sandra Al-Deen v. Deraile T. Barron, other torts.
Dissolutions filed
Kelly A. Reese and Michael A. Reese.
Frank L. Cornell and Stacey R. Cornell.
Michelle L. Rihel and Ernest D. Rihel.
Stacey M. Patrick and Thomas M. Patrick Jr.
Leah Bayus and Brian Bayus.
Rebecca Villers and Lee Villers.
Heather R. Linebaugh and James M. Linebaugh.
Edith Garrett and Douglas Garrett.
Jeffrey C. DePoy and Kimberly DePoy.
Timothy Bruner and Annette L. Bruner.
Maureen Kartchinski and Alexndre I. Kartchinski.
Melissa Scott and Brian R. Scott.

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