Refusing to abandon Dixie, Zach walked out on Kendall. Kendall's lack of faith in Zach led to him kissing Dixie. To protect J.R. and Jamie, Tad agreed to testify against Dixie and Zach. When Dixie turned down Zach's offer to flee, he made a bold move, intending to keep her out of jail. Babe resisted her desire to be with Josh and went home, where she and J.R. made love. Julia reached out to Jamie and they became intimate. However, when Jamie told Julia he's not going to medical school, she didn't want to leave Pine Valley and travel with him.
After Louis' body was discovered, the slasher was revealed -- and it's Eve. Eve then blamed Maddie for "seducing" Louis and ruining her home. Eve lashed out at Henry and told Maddie that she is the one who brought about all the deaths. Casey's future was uncertain as he was taken to surgery. Mike wasn't pleased when Katie shared with Simon their plans to start a family. Carly accepted Simon's offer to fly her to Santo Domingo to finalize her divorce. Meg reluctantly agreed to keep her and Paul's engagement a secret for now in order to maintain Emily's calm, unaware that Emily thinks that running the newspaper will get her close to Paul.
Convinced that Brooke was going back to Ridge, Nick accepted Bridget's comfort, which turned into passion. Harry saw Nick and Bridget in bed but kept it to himself. However, Brooke and Nick agreed to make a fresh start, news that devastated Bridget. Nick never did tell Brooke that he and Bridget made love. Taylor assured Thorne that she doesn't have feelings for Hector, and Thorne shared with Taylor his readiness to move on to having a relationship with her.
Marlena accepted a job offer to start a network of women's self-help groups in New Jersey, unaware that her new boss was discussing her with the mysterious gloved figure. Carrie finally agreed to share her future with Austin, and they made love. Sami became terrified when Will went missing and called her father for help. Jack and Jennifer were stunned to see a familiar name on a list of people who own the type of gun used to kill Officer Eve. Interrogated by Bo, Chelsea admitted putting the file near Shawn's bedside.
Edward pressured Lulu to sign a legal document giving Dillon custody of the baby. Fortunately, Luke made a timely return home and stopped her from signing anything. Elizabeth got confirmation that she's pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. Sam tried going along with Alexis' wish that she stay away from Jason, but instead went to see him and they reconciled. They kept the news from Alexis, who was intent on pushing Sam and Ric together, without regard for unwanted consequences. A guilt-ridden Lucky manipulated Maxie to achieve his desire.
After Tammy testified that Lizzie deliberately shot Alan, Jonathan declared his commitment to raise his child with Lizzie and proposed to her, which she immediately accepted. Tammy fled as Jonathan and Lizzie tied the knot, complete with an intense kiss. Later, as Jonathan tried to leave the honeymoon suite to be with Tammy, Alan had his henchman block the way, while Tammy waited in vain for her true love to arrive. Josh and Cassie realized they can't be together, while Reva, thinking that she's about to die, decided that Cassie should be with Josh, and lied to him that she and Billy are having an affair.
Jessica's loved ones were thrilled when her personality remained after the integration, but Nash was crushed over losing Tess. A shootout ensued when Rex and Dorian faced Bruce in order to rescue Adriana. As Rex's life hung in the balance, Ariana wanted Dorian to pay for what she's done. Paige delivered shocking news to Hugh. Kelly received good news about the baby and had a change of mind about going home. Blair was jealous of Todd and Evangeline's apparent closeness, and told Cristian to keep Evangeline away from him.
When a blackout occurred at the Inn, Ethan and Theresa made love, thinking they were with Gwen and Jared, and were horrified when they learned what they had done. Theresa was attacked during the blackout. Ethan arrived and, thinking it was Jared, punched out his rival. Luis admitted to Fancy that he had used her to forget Sheridan, but does have real feelings for her and wants a fresh start. Paloma and Roberto rescued Jessica from being assaulted by one of Spike's goons.
Neil lashed out at Dru for implying to Lily that he's been cheating with Carmen, warning if she ever involves Lily in their business again, he'll leave her. Carmen and Neil admitted their mutual feelings but agreed not to act on them. Meanwhile, Dru met an attractive new business associate named Edward and invited him to the NVP Retreats opening gala. Gloria's interest was piqued to hear that Will Bardwell just inherited a lot of money. Lily decided to move back in with Daniel. Nick saw Jack kissing Sharon and then told her that he and Phyllis are moving into the tack house to be near Noah, who is taking the split very badly. Jack tried to use Victor's strange mood to have NVP buy Jabot, but a suspicious Kay refused to sell her company.
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