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The oval is considered the most versatile face shape. Many other face shapes seek hairstyles to make them more oval:
Hair dos: Looks great with almost any cut -- short or long, one length or layered.
Hair don'ts: Don't spike hair too much, as it makes the face look longer.
What is considered a square face is marked by a very strong, wide jawline and a square hairline:
Hair dos: Flattering styles include longer lengths and hair that comes forward onto the face at the sides. Curls soften angular edges. If you want to go shorter, stick to the classic bob.
Hair don'ts: No geometric styles or wedge cuts.
People, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, with oblong slender face shapes may also have a slender neck:
Hair dos: Best hairstyles for this shape often have width through the jaw line. Add fringe or bangs.
Hair don'ts: Too-long hair or very short cuts can accentuate the oblong shape. So can wearing hair pulled back.
The heart shape is wide at the hairline and cheekbone and comes to a slender or pointed chin. People with this face shape often have a widow's peak:
Hair dos: Best styles for the heart-shaped face are ones that bring the hair forward onto the forehead. Side parts, and wispy bangs are flattering.
Hair don'ts: Blunt-cut bangs, center parts.
The round face style is wide through the center and has a rounded chin:
Hair dos: Create some height at the top and length in the back. Feather for a sleek look. For curly hair, keep it all one length and longer if possible. High ponytails with loose strands around the face suit this face shape.
Hair don'ts: Avoid chin-length bobs, as they draw attention to full cheeks.
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