New water bowl solves cat's problem

Dear Heloise: We have a 15-year-old cat that had gotten into the habit of only drinking out of the bathtub faucet (when it was leaking). She never would drink out of a bowl, and when she was thirsty, she would jump into the bathtub and meow insistently until we came to turn on the faucet for her.
A friend suggested the following things: 1. Try a different shape/depth of drinking bowl. 2. Put the bowl in a different place (cats may not like the drinking water next to their food). Well, I got a shallow, clear-plastic container, and not knowing where else to put it, I stuck it on the windowsill where she likes to sit and look out for hours. She immediately came over to it, and miracle of miracles, she began to drink from it! Now, she never meows in the bathtub, and she enjoys looking out the window and drinking from this new bowl. You can teach an old cat new tricks ... sometimes! Nancy S., Seattle
Dear Heloise: I read the suggestion to use a plastic glove for removing cat hair from furniture, and I want to send a great big thank-you! I immediately tested the idea and found it to be a fantastic solution for the hair that is delightful on my very fluffy cat, but less than attractive on my furniture. What a great solution for this vexing problem! S. Gilbert, Minneapolis
Dear Readers: John and Carolyn Schwebel of Leonardo, N.J., sent in a photo of their cat Magic tucked into a box, nice and neat. Carolyn says: "Magic makes himself fit in any box, from big to tiny. His big magic trick is disappearing by closing those headlamp eyes, so all one sees is black."
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Dear Heloise: Recently, a bird flew into my patio window. I ran outside to see if the bird was alive or dead. It was alive, so I got an old colander and placed it over the bird so that nothing could get to it. When it started to flap around, I removed the colander and it flew away. Doris Campton, Colorado
Dear Readers: Did you know that many over-the-counter and prescription medications can be fatal to household pets? So, be sure to keep medications out of reach. In the event that your pet ingests some, take it to the vet immediately. Heloise
Dear Heloise: My 8-year-old miniature pinscher, Daisy, loves to go in and out of her doggy door, but she always tracks in so much dirt when she comes in. To cut down on the dirt, I have placed a bathmat in front of the door, so when she comes in from outside, all the dirt stays on the mat. She also loves to lie on the mat to sunbathe. Amanda Vickers, via e-mail
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