CUTTING REMARKS A few extra tips

When its time to get a haircut, it is best to give the process some extra thought and take the advice of hairstylists who want you to look your best.
Beware the pink hair? Nope. Just because your stylist has a funky style doesn't mean you'll end up with something wild. Their personal style won't be reflected in your haircut -- unless you want it to be.
Give it time. Don't walk into a salon right before closing time and expect to get exactly what you want. Allow plenty of time to discuss what you want and to make sure the cut turns out well.
Get the whole story. Ask lots of questions about how to take care of your new do. Figure out what products and tools you'll need to achieve the look at home.
Step outside the box. Don't be afraid to try a new stylist if you feel that your cut is in a rut. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to whip your hair back into shape.
Hair care, not day care. Leave the kids at home. Use your trip to the salon as time to relax and unwind. You and your stylist also will be able to focus on giving you the style you want, rather than keeping the kids in line.

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