Company offers tips on learning how to study

YOUNGSTOWN --With most schools now back in session, children and their parents should prepare to get the edge they need to earn the best grades possible.
In reality, the challenge is many students for the most part don't have the study skills they need to succeed in the classroom.
Schools teach subjects, but most don't teach how to study those subjects, and most parents don't think to teach their children how to study. Those who see the necessity frequently aren't sure where to start.
"Having good study habits is a skill that is learned," explains Cari Diaz of Club Z! Tutoring, an education company with locations across the nation. "Children aren't born knowing how to study anymore than they are born knowing how to read. They need to be taught the most effective way to study in order to excel."
Here are several studying tips from Club Z!:
Choose an ideal study location in the house that offers plenty of space for books, has good lighting and is free from distractions such as the television.
Keep school materials organized in a planner and use a calendar to mark important exams and project due dates.
Make sure the child is well prepared with all the necessary resources they need, such as pencils, paper and a dictionary.
Take breaks when frustrated. As much as parents may want to do the work for them, it's better if the student completes the work on their own.

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