1st--Trotting Sensation6.004.002.40
Mario's Lumpy (Irvine)44.6010.60
American Challenge (Merriman)2.80
Exacta (9-8) Pd $143.60, Trif. (9-8-3) Pd $513.60.
2nd--Mackenzie Hershey9.204.203.20
Cheval (Merriman)2.802.40
Dix's Jet (Grismore)6.80
Exacta (7-9) Paid $20.20, Trifecta (7-9-8) Paid $167.60, Daily Double (9-7) Paid $23.20.
3rd--Seminole Spur4.803.202.20
Connie Corleone (Mc Kirgan)4.803.80
Emkco Maria (Boring)7.60
Exacta (1-2) Paid $16.00, Trif. (1-2-5) Pd $203.60.
Pompeii Connection (Mrrmn)3.402.60
Rich Man Poor Man (Irvine)3.40
Exacta (5-2) Paid $25.60, Trifecta (5-2-1) Paid $78.60, Superfecta (5-2-1-8) Paid $345.40.
5th--Country Pride5.404.003.20
Bikini Kinda Guy (Jones)9.406.00
Kb's Big Jim (Irvine)9.20
Exacta (9-2) Paid $36.60,, Trifecta (9-2-3) Paid $257.00, Pick Three (1/5/9 3 OF 3) Paid $82.80.
6th--Cinderella's Arn9.803.202.40
Fessup Fred (Boring)2.402.20
Ratehike (Popio)4.20
Exacta (4-2) Paid $26.00, Trif. (4-2-1) Pd $123.40.
Hoosier Tiger (Merriman)4.202.80
Our New Jet (Grismore)2.20
Exacta (2-1) Paid $109.40, Trifecta (2-1-3) Paid $287.80, Superfecta (2-1-3-9) Paid $1,882.80.
8th--Sand Jake3.802.602.80
First Fantasy (Fisher Jr)4.604.00
Defoe Blue Chip (Hershberger)8.40
Exacta (4-9) Paid $19.60, Trifecta (4-9-1) Paid $130.00, Pick Three (4/2/4 3 OF 3) Pd $515.00.
9th--R U A Looker (Sugg)5.403.202.40
Conductors Timeout (Merrmn)3.602.80
Chust Chudy (Smith)4.40
Exacta (2-4) Paid $15.20, Trif. (2-4-6) Pd $92.00.
10th--Briar's Return9.004.403.20
Silent Dex (Merriman)3.802.60
Troubled Flight N (Angus)3.00
Exacta (2-5) Paid $40.80, Trifecta (2-5-9) Paid $189.00, Superfecta (2-5-9-1) Paid $334.40.
11th--Presidential Brat5.203.802.80
Laag Ness Monster (Wengerd)8.404.20
Our Stormy Flight (Merriman)4.00
Exacta (9-2) Paid $32.60, Trifecta (9-2-1) Paid $130.20, Pick Three (2/2/9 3 OF 3) Paid $197.80,Pick Four (4/2/2/9 4 OF 4) Pd $684.40.
12th--Big Charmer3.602.802.20
R Cowboy (Merriman)5.402.40
Night Shade (Conger)7.80
Exacta (4-5) Paid $13.80, Trifecta (4-5-6) Paid $192.20.
FRIDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--TROT, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Itzasweetdeal,J Wengrd; Country Dion,H Rickert; I Like Claudette,A Mrrimn; Eden Roc,J Thmpsn; Bonnie's Crown,M Purdy; Cuteasabutton,C Wyrs; Secret Dancer,D Guptill; Honey Rose,W Irvine; Beautiful Illusion,C Umhltz.
2nd--PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Lost Connections,F Harris; Power Pinch,R Angus; Party Favor,A Merriman; Miss Matilda,R Stahl; Ohiosky,C Wyers; Masquerade's Model,J Mapes; Blackwell,J Wengerd; Gypsy Doe,W Irvine; Silly N Sassy,K Kash.
3rd--PACE, FM3000CLCD, $2,200, 1 MI
Princess Regal N,R Eidens; Toni Bell,T Boring; Rinestone Coddie,J Thompson; Ms Shady Laag,R Angus; Shady Malady,R Stahl; Eda Finn,A Merriman; Epona of Lodi,J Wengerd.
4th--PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Sheza Hoosier,J Wengerd; Matty Alou,J Green; Lady Astray,J Mapes; Unique Mazie,R Stahl; Lady Truthful,C Wyers; Barewithme,R Fisher Jr; Tell-Me-Patty,A Merriman; Towners Sally,W Irvine; Jumpstart Annie,T Jones.
5th--TROT, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Beat The Mob,W Irvine; Prize Parable,D Guptill; Rockabye,A Merriman; Fortune N Glory,J Thompson; O Minnie Go,D Mc Kirgan; Jo Nan Sco,K Sugg; Isn't She Precious,F Harris; Acadia Sis,T Boring; Sweet Sweep,M Robinson.
6th--PACE, FMNW250PS, $2,500, 1 MI
Breezy Knoll Sadie,T Boring; Chocolate E Clair,J Wengerd; Ms Perfecta,R Angus; Honeymoon Hudson,A Merriman; Miss Cash N Thee,R Fisher Jr; Coluptuous,R Stahl; Rollover,T Jones; Slick-As-Sleet,F Harris; Lizzytish,K Koch.
7th--PACE, FMNW300PS, $3,000, 1 MI
My Sweet Lorelei,T Boring; Ally Mcbunny,R Stahl; Hidden Affair,F Harris; Dream Dragon,C Brown; Odessa Angus,R Fisher Jr; Stellar Bon,R Angus; Game Hannah,A Merriman; Josephine Lee,J Wengerd; Call Box,T Jones.
8th--PACE, FMNW2PMCD, $3,000, 1 MI
Girly Power,R Angus; Back Home Again,R Stahl; Softly Glow,R Fisher Jr; Takemetotiffanys,T Boring; My Rising Star,A Merriman; B B Big Girl,D Ross; Magical Punkin,W Irvine; Doinit Dragonstyle,T Jones; Sand Cache',J Thompson.
9th--PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Western Samantha,T Boring; Game Marion,R Fisher Jr; Town Toots,A Merriman; Big Ransom,B Sturgeon; Mizz Oak,W Irvine; Noble Delight,R Angus; Sophia,R Stahl; Ali's Little Bunny,J Mapes; Dazzlingdownandout,T Jones.
10th--PACE, FMNW255PS, $2,550, 1 MI
Miss Coalie,T Jones; Lead With Marilyn,J Wengerd; High Performance,J Mapes; Katy's Finale,R Fisher Jr; Flaming Trick,T Boring; Third Image,R Stahl; Screaming Towner,A Mrrmn; Majestic Oak,W Irvine; Bom Bay B B,J Thompson.
11th--TROT, FMNW300PS, $3,000, 1 MI
Mysty Mountain Hop,F Harris; Roseofshannon,C Hershberger; Baba S,J Conger; Mary My King,R Stahl; Proxie Promised,T Boring; Julia,A Merriman; Mz Shenanigans,J Wengerd; Mevagissey,W Irvine; Lonehill Ariosa,R Eidens.
12th--PACE, FMNW400PS, $4,000, 1 MI
Sweet Little Gal,R Stahl; Sharon's Future,J Mapes; Look To Book,T Boring; Cristal Daddy Girl,C Brwn; Tickle-Me-Patty,T Jones; Bacon Hill Dannie,A Mrrmn; Cloverallover,R Fisher; Fully Committed,J Wengrd; Ccashleydash,R Angus.
13th--PACE, FMNW250PS, $2,500, 1 MI
Ferrari Carnao,J Thompson; Sam's Desire,K Kash; Peachfuzz,A Merriman; Conviction,C Myrick; Armbro Wonder,R Stahl; T C Shadow,F Harris; Twixt N Tween,R Angus; Easy Sahbra,R Fisher Jr; Southseas Hanover,T Jones.
14th--PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Ge's Sunsplash,W Irvine; Mystical Smile,C Hershberger; Strawberyshortcake,K Cross; Carly Lee,K Kash; Lonehill Valvette,R Eidens; Cl Cricket,J Thompson; Fox Valley Jolee,R Fisher Jr; Talented Samantha,T Boring; She's Elegant,A Merriman.
FRIDAY -- 1:08 PM
1st--Purse $6,200, Maiden Claiming $3,500, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M, Six Furlongs.
Princess Joelene, A. Sanguinetti, 120; Sheisatomcat, C. Lewis, 122; Prominent Cause, S. Fedora, 115; Tempting Natasha, E. Oro, 120; Lady Sandi, S. Banda, 120; Stagedoor Blonde, R. Sarmiento, 120; Judith's Beach, C. Pilares, 120; Oval Star, H. Ramos, 120; Issi, J. Skerrett, 120; Clev Er Belle, L. Hernandez, 117; Stage Door Penny, L. Martinez, Jr., 122; Hexham, J. Byrne, 122; Princess Kiri, D. Hemsley, 120.
2nd--Purse $6,200, Claiming $3,500, 3 yo's & amp; up, Six Furlongs.
Offhand, C. Magera, 122; Check Station, L. Martinez, Jr., 122; Big Lord Nelson, V. Urieta-Moran, 122; Dj's Bucky Buster, A. Ortiz, 117; Mountain Top (GB), E. Oro, 122; Gato Montanes, A. Sanguinetti, 122; Asp, H. Ramos, 122; Nautical Allegro, L. Gonzalez, 122; Some Bold Style, S. Banda, 122.
3rd--Purse $13,900, Maiden special weight, 2 yo, F (fillies), Six Furlongs.
Eyes a Jazz Dancer, S. Spieth, 118; Sister's Reward, F. Munaylla, 118; Montfort Lane, J. Skerrett, 118; In Light Of, I. Rosendo, 118; Gypsy Trader, J. Felix, 118; Formal But Pink, L. Martinez, Jr., 118; Political Hussy, P. Mailhot, 118; Sun Spirit, A. Ortiz, 113; Half Shell, L. Gonzalez, 118; Triple A Double U, C. Pilares, 118; Slew Slammed Sue, R. Sarmiento, 118.
4th--Purse $6,600, Claiming $3,500, 3 yo's & amp; up, Six Furlongs.
My Pop J. T. Sr, C. Pilares, 119; Torke, J. Magrell, 116; Catch Bullets, H. Ramos, 116; Nice N Nasty, L. Martinez, Jr., 119; Toll Bandit, J. Skerrett, 116; Doug's Lad, S. Deveaux, 116; Mindsweeper, I. Rosendo, 119; Irish Milligan, C. Magera, 116; Musical Vision, L. Gonzalez, 116; Glad Tidings, S. Spieth, 116.
5th--Purse $9,200, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile Seventy Yards.
Mainly Henry, S. Spieth, 116; Late Survivor, F. Munaylla, 116; Bumkin McGruder, C. Magera, 119; Thinksheshot, R. Sarmiento, 116; Halory Hunted, L. Gonzalez, 116; Liberty Nation, L. Martinez, Jr., 116; Call Leader, I. Rosendo, 116.
6th--Purse $7,000, Claiming $3,500, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five And A Half Furlongs.
Fair Enough, A. Sanguinetti, 116; Stolen Groom, A. Sanguinetti, 116; Never Take Risk, J. Collazo, Sr., 119; Tunnel Vision, I. Rosendo, 119; Casmon, L. Hernandez, 111; Dragon the Pot, E. Oro, 116; Diamond Ballroom, S. Spieth, 116; Vacation Fun, L. Martinez, Jr., 117.
7th--Purse $11,500, Allowance, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), One Mile.
Ra Ra Raquel, F. Munaylla, 115; Olympic Experience, A. Sanguinetti, 116; She's Our Favorite, A. Ortiz, 111; Madame Lil, J. Skerrett, 119; Foxwood Annie, S. Spieth, 116; Last Dance Lady, L. Martinez, Jr., 116.
8th--Purse $6,500, Claiming $3,500, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
Sir Perfection, S. Banda, 119; Lentil Soup, O. Hernandez, 114; Capote's Frost, C. Pilares, 116; Swingin Claud, J. Skerrett, 114; Simply So Prized, A. Sanguinetti, 114; Tour With Wells, P. Mailhot, 116; Book of the Month, H. Ramos, 116; Magical Halo, L. Martinez, Jr., 114; Secretsofthenight, A. Cabassa, Jr., 114; Clever N Tough, S. Spieth, 116; Fast Flight, F. Munaylla, 116; Roarar, A. Dailey, 116; Empowerment, L. Gonzalez, 116; Color Me Free, E. Oro, 116.
FRIDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Fillies Age: 2 Yr. Olds Maiden Sp. Wt. Purse $24,200.
Versary, Davila, 118; Ashley's Pick, Stokes, 118; Teenie Queenie, Felix, 118; Mystery's First, Spieth, 118; Rachel's Joy Belle, Villa-Gomez, 118; Majestic Modena, Whitney, 118; Little Lady Sway, Andrews, 118; Emy's Poem, Munaylla, 118; Returning Favors, Ganpath, 118.
2nd--5 1/2 Furs. Dirt F & amp; M. 3 Year Olds And Up Clmg 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $12,100.
Smoothmovinangel, Oro, 115; Squaw Spirit, Williams, 115; Society Senorita, Davila, 115; Trendy Angel, Felix, 115; Expectant, Nguyen, 118; Michel With One L, Whitney, 115; Boublitchky, Sarmiento, 118; She's No Bo, Stokes, 115; Ice Pellet, Barria, 118.
3rd--1 1/16 Miles Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 & amp; Up Clmg. 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $10,800.
Really Close Shave, Garcia, 115; Zoodles, McFadden, 115; Youthful Comment, Rivera, 115; Sefas Gold, Spieth, 113; Another Sunset, Stokes, 115; Preach by Day, Parker, 115; Sightseeing (UAE), Pereira, 115; Jordy's Pride, Barria, 115.
4th--5 Furs. Dirt F & amp; M. 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $10,900.
Harpist, Felix, 121; Crafty Leader, Parker, 121; M J in the Morning, Rivera, 121; Dancin Kaity, Villa-Gomez, 121; Jet's Bonus, Wilson, 121; Ms. Mac N Cheese, Marcial, 121; A Bag On Top, Barria, 121; A Shortt Tour, Stokes, 121.
5th--5 1/2 Furs. Dirt Open. 3 Yr. Olds & amp; Up Clmg. 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $11,200.
Fluent Edge, Garcia, 115; Double Spark, Marcial, 115; Sleetwood Mac, Stokes, 115; Arctic Roar, Glenn, 115; Mighty Fortress, Parker, 121; Frank Headley, Villa-Gomez, 115; Son of a Lue, Judice, 115; Roberto Royale, Whitney, 115; Cool Falstaff, Pereira, 118.
6th--1M.70 Yds. Dirt. F & amp;M. 3 & amp; Up Mdn. Clmg. 13,000-15,000. Purse $14,500.
Chaperon Rouge, Pereira, 114; Lil Miss Nemo, Whitney, 116; In Full Command, Parker, 116; Sefas Angel, Spieth, 116; Melissa's Star, Barria, 121; Bewareofthekitty, Oro, 116; Xena Princess, Garcia, 117; Icy Route, Ganpath, 121.
7th--1 Mile: Dirt Open.3 & amp; Up. Clmg. 8,000 - 10,000 Purse $20,700.
Hunforgun, Rivera, 115; Lac Grape, Sarmiento, 115; White Flame, Pereira, 115; Captain Prudent, Whitney, 111; Equi Power, Garcia, 115; Smart Tale, Perez, 115; Deputy Director, Parker, 115; West Park, Judice, 115; Chasing the Fox, Stokes, 111.
8th--1 Mile 70 Yards Surface: Dirt F & amp; M. 3 Yr. Olds & amp; Up Allowance Purse $31,500.
Wakki Gold, Stokes, 110; Shezarealquietlady, Parker, 110; Running Tour, Perez, 115; My Sister Norman, Garcia, 113; Chic Cat, Judice, 110; Gazelda, Villa-Gomez, 115; Sea Dove, Spieth, 115.
9th--1 Mile 70 Yds. Dirt F & amp; M. 3 Yr. & amp; Up Clmg. 20,000 - 30,000 Purse $30,000.
All Platinum, McFadden, 115; Fancy Empire, Marcial, 115; Monument Valley, Villa-Gomez, 113; Unusual Syndrome, Stokes, 115; Tall Walkin Cat, Whitney, 115; Blazing Countess, Ramgeet, 115; Quebelick, Parker, 115; Princess Grandslam, Perez, 115.
10th--6 Furs. Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 & amp; Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $11,900.
Mr. Lump, Quinones, 118; Vault, Stokes, 115; Jaclini, Barria, 115; Ludovicus, Feliciano, 118; Handsome Darby, Marcial, 118; Cheddar, Magrell, 115; Tiger Slew, Whitney, 121; Mr. Presley, Marcial, 115; Senor Gran Day, Judice, 115.

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