Dog owner pleads innocent

STRUTHERS -- Catherine J. Majetic, the owner of a large dog that killed a neighbor's miniature poodle Wednesday, pleaded innocent Friday in municipal court to misdemeanor charges of having dogs at large, failure to confine her dogs, and having dogs without licenses and required vaccinations.
The trial for Majetic, 40, of Perry Street, is scheduled for 9:45 a.m. Sept. 27, a court official said. She was arraigned on charges stemming from two occurrences involving the dog.
In the latest matter, police reports say, Majetic's dog, which a Mahoning County deputy dog warden said is an Akita, broke its leash about 7 p.m. and ran across the street and attacked the poodle, owned by Rick Naples, city tax commissioner.
Naples said the Akita grabbed his poodle, named Shaggie, in his mouth and yanked the animal so hard that the force pulled out a 3-inch eyebolt that anchored Shaggie's leash to the porch.
Naples was harshly critical of county Dog Warden Mike Fox's office, saying if it had responded to any of his numerous calls made over the past month about Majetic's dogs, his poodle might still be alive. Fox said he would investigate the situation.
As of Friday, Majetic agreed to let the dog warden take custody of the Akita and have it euthanized, said John Sveda, safety-service director.

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