usual materials.
One piece, titled "Tac Suicide Vest With Matching Thong," by Cheryl Yun, is lingerie made out of fragile Japanese rice paper. A close examination shows images of weapons of mass destruction superimposed in the patterns.
"It speaks of intimacy and war," said Clark.
It's a good example of the conversation-starter mentality of the show.
House of Souls
Adrienne Heinrich, a native of Indiana who lives in Pittsburgh, has a large installation that embodies that approach.
Titled "House of Souls," it shows a field of wheat inside a translucent house. Newspaper clippings are superimposed on the walls of the house.
Wheat, of course, is a staple crop in America, and an icon of farm country.
"But what is unusual," said Heinrich, "is putting it inside the house, which represents home, family, love."
As for the clippings, Heinrich said, "The newspaper is a record of one day. We read it and then throw it away."

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