Residents hear details about improvements

All work will be done within the city's right-of-way on South Broad Street, officials said.
CANFIELD -- Construction on South Broad Street from the village green to Fairgrounds Boulevard will improve storm-water runoff and street lighting, but will not include any additional traffic lanes.
Residents of South Broad Street attended a public meeting Wednesday on the city's nearly $1 million project to replace many of the storm sewer pipes, add catch basins, curbs and streetlights. They were concerned about drainage and if they would lose any property in their front yards.
Engineer Gary Diorio said about 50 property owners will be affected on the east and west sides of South Broad Street. He said all work will be done within the city's right-of-way on each side of the street, widening the street by about one foot on each side.
He said the street will look much like East and West Main streets in the city, except -- and he emphasized the point -- there are no plans to add a center turn lane on South Broad Street.
Addressing concerns
Diorio addressed specific concerns of property owners and said he would make arrangements to look at properties before work starts and once the contract is awarded, notify contractors of property owners' individual concerns.
City Manager Charles Tieche said the city will advertise for bids in late September and work will likely start in late October. He estimates the total price tag is nearly $1 million. He said $660,000 will be paid with Ohio Public Works Commission grants.
Diorio said improvements will include new streetlights similar to the ones on Main Street, and electrical wiring will be underground. He explained how contractors will install new storm sewer pipes, crossing driveways with one or two days notice to the land owners.
Time line
He said the replacement of the pipes will be done over the winter, but installation of curbs and any repairs to driveways, paving with asphalt or concrete, won't be done until spring.
Diorio said 12- to 15-inch pipes will be replaced with 18-inch pipes on the east side and 15-inch pipes in most areas on the west side. The larger pipe is needed on the east side because much of the storm water from both sides of the street flows there, he said.
Diorio told residents some water will be diverted to Sawmill Run, the south side of the fairgrounds, and into a branch of Indian Run.
Council members said any property owners with questions or concerns about the project should contact city hall.

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