Aunt talks about 16-year-old's death

The case of a teenage girl's stabbing death goes before the grand jury Tuesday.
WARREN - A flag will fly for three days to draw attention to Trumbull County's latest violent juvenile death.
The flag was hoisted today, for the fifth time since September 2005, by the Trumbull County chapter of Parents of Murdered Children and the county prosecutor's office.
It marks the Monday morning death of 16-year-old Brittany Fuller, of 2443 Swallow St. S.W., who was stabbed to death outside the apartment of her cousin, Shieanne Slusher, at 2184 Peace Ave. N.W.
Ciera Limbeck, 18, of Elm Road Northeast is being held without bond in the Trumbull County Jail on a murder charge.
Warren police Detective Jeffrey Hoolihan said the case will be directly presented Tuesday to the Trumbull County grand jury.
The flag will fly for three days in front of the sheriff's office and at Trumbull County Children Services.
Miriam Fife, victim-witness advocate for the prosecutor, told Fuller's relatives at the raising that the flag pictures children in a circle, and one child in the middle represents the "missing" one.
"We care about the violence that has happened to your children," Fife said.
Victim's aunt speaks
One of those attending the ceremony was Fuller's aunt, Sue Click of Warren. She is able to shed some light on the relationship between Fuller and Limbeck and what happened during the stabbing.
Click described Fuller, a sophomore at Warren G. Harding High School, as a fun-loving girl who hung around with her cousins.
"She really didn't care for school," Click said of Fuller, but she was attending classes. She was also a hard worker, her last job being at Burger King on Main Street. Before that, she worked at a McDonald's restaurant.
Fuller had her driver's permit and was looking forward to getting her license. She had known Ciera Limbeck's cousin, Michael Limbeck of Warren, for five or six years and dated him steadily for the past two years, Click explained.
She noted that Fuller and Ciera Limbeck had known each other for years -- but they weren't friends.
The morning of the stabbing, Fuller was staying with Slusher. Slusher's child was also in the apartment.
About the situation
Click explained what Slusher told her about what happened:
* Ciera Limbeck had been "pranking" Fuller -- calling on her cell phone and hanging up before Fuller could answer. Limbeck called to say she was going to Slusher's apartment to fight Fuller.
* When Limbeck showed up at the back door with her boyfriend, Aaron Staggars of Cleveland, Fuller wanted to confront her because she believed Limbeck was "disrespecting" Slusher's home. Slusher attempted to persuade Fuller to remain inside.
* Limbeck had a knife and Fuller told her to put it away, and she apparently did. Slusher got between Fuller and Limbeck, telling Fuller not to fight Limbeck, and also telling Limbeck that she had an infant in her home.
* Limbeck and Fuller began fighting. They fell to the ground and Fuller was stabbed in the neck. Fuller got up, saying she wasn't hurt except for some blood by her nose. Limbeck fled the scene.
* Not realizing she was hurt, Fuller told Slusher she would probably have bruises because of the fight. She told her cousin that she was dizzy and going to bed. But Fuller collapsed at the door and fell onto the living room floor. She was dead on arrival at St. Joseph Health Center.
Limbeck was arrested later in the day in Cleveland along with Staggars. He is in the Solon jail on unrelated charges. Hoolihan said that Staggars will eventually be charged with obstruction of justice for attempting to hide Limbeck.
Hoolihan said the best he can put together is the slaying was because of the telephone calls and a discussion about a male. He hasn't determined the identity of the male.
Click said she didn't believe the slaying was over a man, because both Fuller and Limbeck had boyfriends.

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