Tad reluctantly became the main witness against Zach and Dixie. Not wanting to testify, Tad prepared to go into hiding, but instead was knocked unconscious as he packed, and was held in a stone crypt. While Jamie and JR were concerned that Tad never showed up at the Chandler jet, Tad tried talking sense into Del and Di. With Ryan insisting to Kendall that Zach really killed Greg, Zach couldn't tell Kendall what he knows, and she insisted their marriage is over. Dixie was prepared to make a huge sacrifice in order to spare those she loves. Lily fell into Terry's trap. Jack and Erica were at odds when he refused to kick Sean out.
As the slasher created mayhem at the lake, killing several of the teens, suspicion once again fell on Maddie, who denied everything. Maddie fought back when Louis grabbed her and tried to tell her something -- only for him to become another victim of the slasher. Kevin called Luke horrible names after Luke revealed that he's gay, but later apologized for how he behaved after Luke saved his life following a boating accident. After Paul told Meg his plan to buy the paper for Emily and get her out of their lives, Meg finally accepted his marriage proposal. Carly and Jack agreed to divorce, though neither really wanted to.
Hector blamed himself for the explosion from the fire that left him blind, and was comforted by Taylor. Encouraged by Stephanie, Thorne decided to drop the investigation into Darla's death, and ended up kissing Taylor. Learning of the kiss, Stephanie nudged Thorne into pursuing something with Taylor. When Donna was interviewed on a TV talk show, Ridge declared on air that it's not just rumors between him and Donna, and kissed her passionately, crushing Brooke. However, Ridge later told Brooke that he wants her back and they kissed, horrifying Nick. Harry and Phoebe got off to a flirtatious start.
Warned by a sinister phone call not to go through with the wedding, Sami was horrified to see Lexie enter the church, and fled, telling Austin she can't live up to his high standards. With EJ along for support, Sami accused Lexie of destroying her wedding and vowed revenge. After Sami got another note demanding she give full custody of Will to Lucas, EJ's comforting turned into something else. Lucas convinced Austin to fight for the woman he loves, which Austin realized he's now prepared to do. The corrupt Officer Eve was found murdered. Roman asked Abe to investigate his own wife by dating her.
Edward was prepared to take legal action to stop Lulu from having an abortion, while Tracy, concerned for Lulu, became determined to find Luke. Sonny's psychiatric files were stolen from Lainey's office and turned up in an unlikely place. Jax was thrilled to see Carly, but her reaction to him wasn't so accepting, as he set out to win her back. Alexis prepared to undergo surgery, and asked Sam to promise to stay away from Jason, even as Sonny encouraged Jason to reconcile with Sam. Lucky took more pills and didn't give Maxie what she wants.
When Beth and Alan had Lizzie served with papers charging she's an unfit mother, Jonathan managed to take a picture of Rick and Beth together. Showing the shot to Beth, he warned her to make sure Alan loses the case. Beth gave Jonathan proof of how Alan's been setting her up, which was used in court, only to have Tammy called to testify that she knew Lizzie deliberately shot Alan. Reva was finally prepared to tell Josh about her illness but instead decided to give him the gift of being with Cassie after seeing his closeness with Cassie and RJ. Olivia blamed Ava for Emma drinking her perfume. Dinah took Jeffrey's file after she made love with Mallet.
At long last, John arrested Spencer, who realized he's facing grave charges. Todd found it impossible to get past Blair's betrayal even though he knows why she did it. Jessica accepted a bittersweet goodbye kiss from Nash and then went under hypnosis, where she confronted her and Tess' painful past. Admitting to Rex that Adriana has been kidnapped but denying her involvement, Dorian convinced Rex not to contact the police. Dorian made her own demands on Bruce, which may have backfired. Kevin located Kelly in Arizona and gave her much needed support.
Ethan gave Theresa a passionate kiss but couldn't promise her the commitment she wants. When Ethan later saw Theresa and Jared making love, he agreed to take the case of a former employee suing Crane Industries. Kay tried to seduce Miguel, hoping that Fox would catch them together and get mad enough to break Siren's curse, but Fox's early arrival spoiled her scheme. Spike ordered Chris to get a job at Crane and steal money for himself, then demanded that he kill Luis, who is running a background check on Chris. Roberto returned to town, and to Paloma.
Michael was devastated when a new will surfaced that cut Gloria completely out of John's estate, and the judge upheld it. Jack, who had coerced his father into writing the will, was haunted by angry visions of John. Gloria was locked out of the Abbott home and left with nothing. Sharon became frightened when she saw Victor fall into a trance at the gym. Sharon and Dru shared confidences and agreed they have a mutual dislike of Phyllis, blaming her for their domestic problems. Nick told a surprisingly calm Noah that he and Phyllis are expecting a baby and plan to get married, causing Sharon to erupt at Nick after she learned the news from Noah.
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