Schools chief clarifies new rules on newspapers

BROOKFIELD -- A school official said what should have been a small change in school regulations has been blown far out of proportion.
Brookfield Schools Superintendent Michael Notar said reports leading some to believe newspaper use had been banned from schools are misleading. He said newspapers will still be a part of the schools.
"I have no problem with our staff bringing newspapers into the school for our students to do research and keep up on current events," he said.
According to Notar, the only new regulations fall on teachers who will no longer be allowed to read newspapers during study halls -- when they are assigned to watch pupils.
He said school officials want to make sure teachers are properly supervising pupils and not focused on reading the newspaper.
Notar said teachers will still be permitted to read the newspaper during scheduled lunch breaks and as instructional tools in the classroom.
The school district will also continue its subscriptions with three newspapers.

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