FALL FAILURES Trends are downgraded

Shooting stars just a year ago, these looks are now falling stars that you might want to eliminate from this year's back-to-school wardrobe. That is, if you want to look fresh and funky.
Low-rise jeans. Finally! Higher waists are back in slimmer fits that look more chic and wholesome. And they look better with the new crop of chunky, loose-slung belts.
Argyl. Stiff geek is out and urban edge -- a la camouflage -- is back. Hip colors are grays for guys and pinks for girls.
Anything Western. Country kitsch was a blip that's now gone off the style screen, so get rid of the cowboy boots and turquoise-accented silver belts and jewelry.
Camisoles. Skimpy's day is done as more layered looks with higher necklines come on strong.
Long skirts.They've been kicked to the curb by the mini, the new skirt queen. And her consort is a pair of tights for a mod look.
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