A guide to minding your P's, Q's at work

In social circles, improper etiquette can cost you a friend. In the business world, it can cost you a raise, a promotion, or even your job. In their new paperbackBarbara Pachter with Ellen Schneid Coleman offer a guide to how to behave -- and how not to behave -- in the workplace . Some tips:
No. 1 Which Greeting Should I Use?
"'Hey' is not a corporate greeting. Neither is 'Yo!' ... Not only are there greetings that shouldn't be used in a professional setting, there is a hierarchy of greetings ranging from very informal to formal."
No. 23 Eight Dining Don'ts
Among what not to do: "ask to share food at a business meal," "yell or behave badly to the servers," "take or make phone calls" "ask for a doggy bag" or "make noise when you eat, unless you are in Japan, where it can be a sign of appreciation for the food."
No. 43 Email Manners Matter
Advice includes "no X-rated, offensive or sexist" mail, "Don't say anything you wouldn't say to a person's face," "Don't send an email in anger" and "Remember: email can leave a trail."
No. 63 "How To Handle the Office Dating Game"
"Don't date your boss ... (avoid) romantic displays (and) don't let your relationship interfere with your work."
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