History shows city residents should fear state oversight

History shows city residents should fear state oversight
In response to your Aug. 26 editorial, "Youngstown schools official should not use scare tactics," I would first like to apologize to the residents of the city of Youngstown if anyone took my partially printed statements as a "scare tactic." I do not believe taxpayers are stupid and I am not trying to handle anyone.
If you had reported responsibly yourselves, you would have included the fact that we are in the process of putting together an accountability audit committee to review the cuts that have been made and give an unbiased opinion as to whether or not there are more cuts that can be made. If you also remember, as printed in an article in your paper, I was quoted saying I would vote to take the levy off the ballot should the committee find additional cuts that can be made.
As for not being responsible in my research, I made my decision based on conversations with credible individuals who were around when the district was taken over in the 1990s. They will tell you that cuts were made for the sake of cutting. Does any reasonable person out there think the state would tell you anything else? I chose to go with the information from people who have been through it and have seen the effects first hand. Before I vote on anything, I think of the children who attend the city schools, two of which are my own.
SHELLY MURRAY, board member
Youngstown City School District
Judge should tighten his belt
Girard Judge Michael Bernard should be removed from office. His spending is irresponsible and there is no reason for the city and its citizens to put up with this for the remainder of his term.
He is disrespectful to the citizens of Girard by demanding extra money simply because it was too much for his people to wait for the anticipated end of the fiscal emergency. What about the laid off city employees not drawing any paycheck? What about the single parent families on public assistance? Should they simply write a check and expect the city to cover it because waiting for an increase is not acceptable for them and their children?
And by the way, the court that upheld his last overspending spree also apparently failed to take a detailed look into how he was spending the citizens' money. If the separation of powers were true; why in the world is it the city's responsibility to prop up his budget? Separate means no connection and no connection means no dipping into the city's pocket to support his every whim and whine.
Maybe the judge should re-evaluate his income and expenditures and, like everyone else, start living within his means. No other branch of government, private business, or individual has the authority of a court to set prices like a court.
Tobacco is still a killer
Over the past few weeks, I have been reading many articles in The Vindicator and other publications concerning the tobacco industry and the effects of tobacco on our nation's health.
One of the most frightening was the column stating that one billion people would die from tobacco related diseases in this century. This figure should make anyone quit -- or not start smoking. The effects of smoking and second-hand smoke are well documented and yet the tobacco companies continue to cover up and lie about the facts. These companies have attempted to improve their image by entering the food industry and becoming involved in anti-smoking campaigns. How pitiful
It puzzles me how the surgeon general can give his statement on the evils of smoking and yet our government continues to subsidize the tobacco farmers. Come on, tobacco company stockholders, get rid of that stock and put the death merchants out of business.