Battle of the Bands: Another Found Self wins

Another Found Self wins; Kellys take 2nd
CLEVELAND -- Youngstown-based pop rock act Another Found Self added another trophy to its mantel by winning Guitar Center's Project Rock Star Battle of the Bands finals event Wednesday night at the House of Blues.
With the win, the quintet -- Julian Smith (vocals), Mark Catalano (guitar), Nicholas Sainato (drums), Dom Devin (guitar) and Aric Allen (bass) -- takes home the prize package that included $500 cash, a $1,500 shopping spree at Guitar Center, recording time at Lava Room Recording Studios, a meeting with a major record label and various opening gigs (Blossom Music Center, the House of Blues and an upcoming WXRK-FM 92.3 show).
Another Found Self was one of four bands that performed at the finals event. Warren alternative band The Kellys, who was also in the competition, finished second.
"If I ever was getting any arrogance about being in movies, I've been swiftly brought down to reality. It may be karma for making fun of the Dell guy." -- Justin Long ("Accepted," "The Break-Up"), on playing a Mac in Apple Computer's ads, in Entertainment Weekly.
"I had an 'E.T.' T-shirt that my mom used to have to wait for me to go to sleep to take it off." -- R & amp;B star Kelis, on her childhood fashion choices, in Entertainment Weekly.
"Nobody really wants to be single. Everyone's looking for the right thing. I'd be willing to give up anything, anytime for that." -- Singer John Mayer, in People magazine.
Video game review
'Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting': (Capcom) for Xbox Live Arcade. Rating: Teen
There's a reason one of the hottest games of the summer is more than 15 years old. More than any other game, "Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting" puts the "Arcade" in Xbox Live Arcade, and the chance to recreate the original experience with one of arcadium's most legendary games is more than a little enticing to more than a few gamers from back in the day.
It goes almost without saying that Xbox Live support is what makes "SF2HF" tick. The game features quick play options, custom match support and, in the best nod yet to its roots, a Quarter Match mode in which the winner stays on until a challenger can unseat him. It's not the same as staking claim as king of the arcade, since there's no crowd of admirers cheering you on, but combining this mode with all of XBL's features -- gamertags, friends lists, voice chat, leaderboards -- makes for a most worthy substitute.
The competition on Live is fierce -- players have had a long time to practice, after all -- but "SF2HF" didn't skimp on the offline game. Training, arcade and versus modes are available, and the game offers a crash course for newbies. Eight levels of difficulty are offered, with even the zero-star difficulty putting up a decent fight.
It's important to take "SF2HF" for what it is, though -- indisputably legendary, but far from the best fighting game in rotation today.
Certain fighters still have an unbalanced advantage over others, and it's possible to win (and lose) matches online due both to the occasional bout of lag and the more-than-occasional occurrence of a button-mashing opponent exploiting the game's imbalances for all they're worth.
--Billy O'Keefe, McClatchy News Service
Wacky facts
Interesting items from the World Almanac for Kids:
More U.S. presidents were born in Virginia than in any other -- a total of eight, starting with George Washington.
Sept. 5 is Be Late for Something Day.
September comes from "septem," the Latin word for seven. (The Roman year began in March.)
Next week's CDs
Due in stores Tuesday:
Audioslave, "Revelations" (Sony).
Beyonce, "B'day" (Sony).
Blind Guardian, "Twist in the Myth" (Nuclear Blast).
Hem, "Funnel Cloud" (Nettwerk).
Iron Maiden, "A Matter of Life and Death" (Sanctuary).
Jars of Clay, "Good Monsters" (Essential).

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