Vote for candidates who will bring our troops home

Vote for candidates who will bring our troops home
As a recent veteran of the war in Iraq, I am urging voters to vote on election day, Nov. 7.
Our approach to the war needs to change and all of us need to join together and speak up. Prior generations spoke up about Vietnam. With 100 soldiers killed in the month of October, why are so few speaking up now? Do not be bullied into keeping quiet because it is the politically correct thing to not speak out in regards to the war on terrorism.
I am a patriotic citizen who loves my country and love that I served in the Army. I have a brother who is deployed to Iraq and another shortly to Afghanistan. Knowing first hand what the Middle East is like, I am quite fearful. So, please, go out and vote for those who support our soldiers and those who will do what they can to bring them home.
Vote against the school levy
I cannot believe that I have not heard any negative remarks concerning the proposed new city school levy for 9.5 mills that is on the Nov. 7 ballot.
If the people of Youngstown do not wake up and vote no against this outrageous new millage, then we all should be thoroughly ashamed. They are always asking for more money; who doesn't need more money? I sure could use more, being on pension and seeing everything going up. Why doesn't the superintendent and other supervisory personnel take a substantial cut in their pay? You would never see that, I am sure.
The real estate tax to pay for schools has been declared unconstitutional already, so why don't they try another method of paying for these schools? Wake up, city people, and vote no on this issue.
JEDDs are bad news
Water blackmail disguised as Joint Economic Development Districts, JEDD, is contemplated for our area. When city administrations decide their government actions are detrimental to business growth, JEDDs are heavy handed mechanics employed to extract confiscatory taxes from suburbs and adjoining townships supplied with municipal water.
By withholding water services to surrounding communities in exchange for JEDDS, city governments hope to secure economic cooperation with their neighbors. If suburbs and townships do not voluntarily embrace JEDDs, those areas are water blackmailed. First, by denying water service to new residential construction and additional business locating outside city limits prevents development. Second, is predatory water service surcharges levied against residents of non-cooperation.
Some noncity locales already suffer discriminatory surcharges. Why not 100 percent, why not 300 percent? Victimized residents include retirees and those living on fixed incomes. Most troubling is the JEDD tax impact on suburban infrastructure and noncity school districts. Affected areas pay 100 percent of infrastructure costs to accommodate locating new business, while the JEDD takes away tax income from suburbs and townships.
There are no winners when JEDD is applied. Cities providing water service to outlying communities lose all motivation to improve their failed business environment. Suburban and township growth potential is abated or those entities suffer punishing taxation increases without voter approval. School districts starve. Cities resorting to JEDD decline along with the withering suburban and township economics. Water blackmail fails all participants.