Check before tossing magazines and catalogs

Dear Heloise: My husband and I are great fans and readers of your column. Your personal advice and ideas are so very valuable to all of us out here. I love the fact that you not only share your own ideas, but you also include your entire reading and writing audience and their clever ideas. I always say that you should learn something new every day of your life and always be optimistic!
Concerning your published article about the check hidden in the mail, I, too, had a similar experience. A long-expected check from our insurance plan was found in the middle of a car magazine my husband subscribes to. What a relief to finally find the reimbursement check. However, I would like to add to the wise advice of your reader and writer ... that as you go through your mail, magazines and especially catalogs, cut out or tear off not only your name and address, but also the bar codes, and not only on the back, but in the middle and the front. Some catalogs provide your name, account number and amount they allow you to charge on the front. Shred everything that has your name, etc., on it. Sadly, this has to do with identity theft!
Another great hint: My husband and I make homemade pizza every Saturday. We bought a small, glass spice jar and filled it with flour. The sprinkle top works great when we have to prepare the pastry board. Kathy and Rich, San Diego
Kathy and Rich, we have received numerous letters commenting on the "lost in the mail" letter. If you receive magazines or brochures, it's a good idea to leaf through them before tossing them out. And Gerald Dornan, via e-mail, sent in this pizza hint: "Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove. Set the heat to med-low and heat until warm. This keeps the crust crispy!" Heloise
Dear Heloise: I have found that my toddler's medication dosage might vary greatly from those listed on various bottles, because children are dosed by weight instead of age. To avoid confusion with caregivers (and myself), I write the correct dosage in large print above the product label with a permanent marker. I also include any other instructions, such as if the medicine should be shaken well or refrigerated. This is much larger and easier to read, but also keeps the safety information on the bottle intact.
I have also found that the plastic trays from frozen entrees are ideal to wash and save for toddler meals on the go. They are great for little craft projects as well! Ginger Little, Kingsport, Tenn.
Dear Heloise: I read that a reader said she used scented strips from magazines as bookmarks. Please ask your readers not to use these in library books. The scent will transfer to the books and make them unusable to those of us with allergies. Nancy Peltier, via e-mail
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