Defense questions woman's inconsistencies

A defense attorney tried to paint an accomplice as being less than truthful.
WARREN -- Did Keyatta Riley Hines do more than help Jermaine McKinney dispose of evidence in Wanda Rollyson's Newton Township house on Dec. 21?
Defense attorney Donald Malarcik asked Riley Hines many questions today about inconsistent statements she's made, her ability to live off of money from boyfriends and older men, her criminal history -- and a tattoo that implies she's willing to do many things for money.
McKinney is on trial in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court for the grisly slayings of Rollyson and her daughter, Rebecca Cliburn, in a Newton Township home last December.
Riley Hines, 21, of Coit Street, Warren, testified that she has one of McKinney's nicknames, "Main," tattooed on her shoulder -- and a tattoo that says "[expletive] you, pay me" on her torso.
Malarcik first attacked Riley Hines' contention that she had only met McKinney during summer 2005, and been with him only two times before Dec. 19-21, when she planned and carried out a robbery at Rollyson's house.
Riley Hines admitted she had named McKinney as godfather of the daughter she gave birth to Nov. 29, 2005, after only spending time with him twice before.
Several questions
Malarcik also asked numerous questions about the number of times Riley Hines had lied to police, including authorities in Oakland, Calif., while she once lived, including:
* Giving a false name (five to 10).
* Owning different types of guns (four).
* Giving a false name of a co-defendant in the current case during questioning by police (31).
* Using a knife while fighting "on the streets" (eight or nine).
* Times she took money from the woman who raised her (three).
* Number of boyfriends who give her financial support (three).
Malarcik repeatedly asked Riley Hines to explain why she told investigators back in December different things than what she had testified to Friday.
For example, asked today whether she and Jazzmine McIver had any discussion of what they'd do with money they were hoping to get from the Rollyson house robbery, Riley Hines said no.
Later, when Malarcik read back transcripts of her interview with investigators in December, Riley Hines admitted that she and McIver had discussed money.
Malarcik asked Riley Hines questions about the amount of time spent in the Rollyson house. Though she told investigators it was only 10 minutes, she testified Friday it was 20 minutes. McIver has said it was more like an hour.
Riley Hines insisted time spent in the house was no more than 20 minutes.
Malarcik ended his cross examination by saying that the bed covering that Riley Hines had gathered up at McKinney's direction was put on Cliburn while she was still alive.

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